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  1. Announcement! Dear satellites, The last days there have been some changes regarding our video section and the mod & admin team has come together to make some decisions, in particular regarding what can be posted. Times are different since Yuzuru turned pro athlete last year and is producing his own content. We decided on the rule that we won’t be posting or allow posting paid content produced by Yuzuru himself (like GIFT or content reserved to his paid YT Channel members) that hasn’t been TV broadcasted or showed through official channels (snippets of tv news and such). Discussions or posts about how to access this content illegally also won't be allowed on the public forum. This is to respect Yuzuru's copyrights and also to protect our fan forum. We obviously don't dictate what you do privately, we just ask that you don't upload these videos to PH or post such links on PH. That way we can re-open the video section to all members soon. Please DM us with any questions / concerns or post in this thread!
  2. unfortunately we have been reported for copyright infringement and our videos are getting deleted soon we are trying to restore them but that will take some time so we locked down the section for now until then we will hopefully be able to revisit this in the near future but for now we are being cautious
  3. Wow, I leave for a few months and there is drama.
  4. What are those black boxes? Earphones?
  5. Hi! Can you upload it to Google Drive? Then I can help put it on the video section Only if you're comfortable with it, of course!
  6. until
  7. until
  8. until
  9. This will be the main thread for all Yuzuru's show Prologue in HACHINOHE, including news and chatter about Yuzu's arrival, during the shows and fan reports! Hachinohe: Flat Hachinohe December 2nd (Friday), 3th (Saturday), and ✨NEW✨ 5th (Monday) Official site: https://prologue-official.jp/
  10. This will be the main thread for all Yuzuru's show Prologue in YOKOHAMA, including news and chatter about Yuzu's arrival, during the shows and fan reports! Yokohama: Pia Arena MM November 4th (Friday) and 5th (Saturday) Official site: https://prologue-official.jp/
  11. it should be fixed now!! sorry for the delay 👀
  12. Gonna do an upgrade in 2 hrs! ETA: actually will do tomorrow morning as the site is still backing up
  13. It's a Google Drive video. Can you try to view on chrome or sign into your Google acct?
  14. The GoFundMe should work again! Thanks so much for everyone who donated
  15. yeah of course you can, does the tool not work? you can send me a photo to and ican try if it doesn't work for you
  16. omg amazing thanks for finding these! i'll replace the links!
  17. Unfortunately I don't have a copy, It was deleted by the user __pino_____ on twitter if anyone is able to DM them, can you do so? I can't seem to DM them. Sorry about that.
  18. Please post on this thread if you see any that don't play!
  19. @Wintek @Lynn487 thank you all
  20. Is someone able to download Days 1 & 2 (we have day 3 thanks to @Wintek and @Lynn487 )?
  21. Check "Part 2" of all of these -- streamable version should still be available
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