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  1. It's a Google Drive video. Can you try to view on chrome or sign into your Google acct?
  2. The GoFundMe should work again! Thanks so much for everyone who donated
  3. yeah of course you can, does the tool not work? you can send me a photo to and ican try if it doesn't work for you
  4. omg amazing thanks for finding these! i'll replace the links!
  5. Unfortunately I don't have a copy, It was deleted by the user __pino_____ on twitter if anyone is able to DM them, can you do so? I can't seem to DM them. Sorry about that.
  6. Please post on this thread if you see any that don't play!
  7. @Wintek @Lynn487 thank you all
  8. Is someone able to download Days 1 & 2 (we have day 3 thanks to @Wintek and @Lynn487 )?
  9. Check "Part 2" of all of these -- streamable version should still be available
  10. do you know when it was broadcast on what channel?
  11. Statement of Determination (Turning Professional) Date Title Video (Eng Sub) Video (Raw) Translation / Credit 2022.07/19 Press Conference 'Statement of Determination' (short ver.) NHK English interpreter 2022.07/19 Press Conference 'Statement of Determination' (full ver.) NHK English interpreter ANN News PH PH (JSF) yuuki (twitter) livetweet Tsukiyomi (twitter) opening part 2022.07/19 (FujiTV) α Live Interview PH Marika (twitter) snippets Sarah SS (twitter) (part 1, 2, 3, 4) 2022.07/19 (TV Asahi) Hodo Station Live Interview (w/ Shuzo Matsuoka) PH lae (twitter) snippet Sarah SS (twitter) (part 1, 2) Tsukiyomi (twitter) 2022.07/19 (NHK) News 9 Live Interview PH Sarah SS (twitter) (part 1) 2022.07/19 (NHK) News 23 Live Interview PH Marika (twitter) snippets 2022.07/19 (NihonTV) Zero News Live Interview (w/ Yumiko Udo) PH Tsukiyomi (twitter) Marika (twitter) Sarah SS (twitter) (part 1, 2, 3) 2022.07/19 (Nihon TV) NTV News Live YT Press Conference and Documentaries Digest YT / PH 2022.07/19 Message on ANA Official Twitter ANA twitter ANA twitter 2022.07/20 Audio Message on Sekkisei Official IG #みやびやかなひと / Bright Moment Sekkisei IG Tsukiyomi (twitter) 2022.07/20 Message on Team Japan Twitter (1) 'Message to young skaters' Team Japan twt Tsukiyomi (twitter) LGeorgin (twitter) Marika (twitter) 2022.07/21 Message on Team Japan Twitter (2) 'Message to juniors in Team Japan' Team Japan twt Tsukiyomi (twitter) Sarah SS (twitter) 2022.07/21 Message on Team Japan Twitter (3) 'Message to myself when I started Figure Skating' Team Japan twt Tsukiyomi (twitter) Marika (twitter) 2022.07/22 Message on Team Japan Twitter (4) 'One kanji to express my determination for the future' Team Japan twt Marika (twitter) Tsukiyomi (twitter) 2022.07/23 (TBS) Birth Day Special Program PH Sarah SS (twitter) (part 1, 2, 3) 2022.07/23 (TBS) '7 Days' News segment PH 2022.07/23 (TV Asahi) Saturday Station* News segment PH 2022.07/23 (TV Asahi) Yuzuru Hanyu Special (w/ Nobunari Oda, Shuzo Matsuoka, Shizuka Arakawa) PH lae (twitter) livetweet Tsukiyomi (twitter) Sarah SS (twitter) (snippets 1, 2, 3, 4) LGeorgin (twitter) (snippets 1, 2, 3) Japan Reporter (YT) snippet Yuzu_jia (twitter) 2022.07/23 (Tokyo TV) Sports for All / Minna no Sport (MinSpo) (interview conducted on July 19) PH Sarah SS (twitter) (part 1, 2) Tsukiyomi (twitter) Marika (twitter) (snippets 1, 2) 2022.07/23 (NihonTV) Going! Sport & News segment PH, PH (2) 2022.07/23 (TV Asahi) Nakai Masahiro Talk* segment YT 2022.07/23 (TV Asahi) News Leader segment YT 2022.07/23 (NihonTV) Zoom In! Saturday* segment YT 2022.07/23 (FujiTV) Mezamashi* segment YT 2022.07/24 (NHK) Morning News segment PH 2022.07/24 (TBS) Sunday Morning segment PH 2022.07/24 (NHK) Weekly Children Sign Language News PH 2022.07/24 (FujiTV) Mr. Sunday 'Expressiveness on Ice Shows' PH 2022.07/24 (FujiTV) S-Park News segment PH Marika (twitter) 2022.07/24 (TV Asahi) Sunday LIVE News segment YT 2022.07/24 (NihonTV) Shuuichi News 3* segment YT 2022.07/25 (TV Asahi) Get Sports News segment PH, PH (2) 2022.07/25 (NihonTV) Going! Sport & News segment YT 2022.07/27 News One (Yuzuru Hanyu Exhibition) (YT) 2022.07/30 (FujiTV) α News segment YT Marika (twitter) 2022.08/06 (TV Tokyo) Sports for All / Minna no Sport (MinSpo) (Uncut version. Interview conducted on July 19) PH Marika (twitter) (part 1) Tsukiyomi (twitter) Sarah SS (twitter) (part 1, 2, 3)
  12. Direct Link to Thesis https://waseda.repo.nii.ac.jp/index.php?action=repository_view_main_item_detail&item_id=64787&item_no=1&page_id=13&block_id=21 Translations and Partial Translations Partial translation by Axel with Wings https://axelwithwings.com/2021/07/31/eng-translation-a-feasibility-study-on-utilization-in-figure-skating-by-a-wireless-inertia-sensor-motion-capture-system-yuzuru-hanyu-20210318/#more-561 A tweet thread summarizing Yuzu's research. Thread Translation of the Departmental Bulletin Paper, Waseda Journal of Human Sciences (67 tweets + 1 reply at the 19th tweet) An article in an academic journal which summarizes the first part of his thesis. Thread Translation of the abstract. Thread Thread Another translation compilation: A video talking about his thesis [TW: NHK '17 photo]: A tweet thread translating Yuzu's interview with Professor Nishimura News Articles Thanks @sweetwater! Reports on 24h TV in 2020 羽生結弦“動いたこと”は卒論完成 24時間テレビにリモート出演 Published by Sponichi, on August 23, 2020 https://www.sponichi.co.jp/sports/news/2020/08/23/kiji/20200823s00079000319000c.html Article: Translation (by DeepL): 羽生結弦が卒業論文を公開 24時間テレビに出演 Published by Nikkan Sports, on August 23, 2020 https://www.nikkansports.com/entertainment/news/202008230000333.html Article: Translation (by DeepL): Reports on his graduation from Waseda 羽生結弦、9月に早大卒業 自粛期間中に卒論完成 Published by Sponichi, on November 9, 2020 https://www.sponichi.co.jp/sports/news/2020/11/09/kiji/20201109s00079000128000c.html Article: Translation by DeepL: Interview with Yuzu done by Waseda SPECIAL INTERVIEW 羽生結弦さん Published in Waseda's PR magazine "CAMPUS NOW" No.237 in October 2020, shared on their official website on November 9, 2020 https://www.waseda.jp/top/news/71168 Article: Translation (by DeepL): Translation by shinjistarxx: An article focused on the thesis based on an interview with Prof. Shoji Nishimura, who supervised Yuzu's graduation thesis 「ジャンプの成功と失敗にどんな違いがあるのか?」羽生結弦が早稲田大学で書いた“3万字卒論”の中身 Published in Sports Graphic Number Vol.1019 released on January 21, 2021, shared on Number Web on April 15, 2021 https://number.bunshun.jp/articles/-/846727 Article: Translation (by @Tsukiyomi) Translation (by DeepL):
  13. Original thread by @kaeryth. 2020-2021 Season Date Title Video (Eng Sub) Video (Raw) Translation / Credit 2020.07/19 Yuzuru Hanyu Visits Naraha - Unaired Scenes YT 2020.07/24 Lotte Gum For the Game CM YT (CM) YT (BTS) excite MaiDigiTV modelpress MyNavi Oricon TNS TNS (BTS) 2020.08 Yuzuru Hanyu Citizen Q & A YT 2020.08/24 Yuzuru Hanyu Feature on 24H TV 2020 DM Vimeo 2020.08/25 Yuzuru Hanyu - News Every Behind The Scene YT 2020.12/23-24 Yuzuru Hanyu competes at the 2020 Japanese Nationals (News Clips) α FujiTV Live News Mezamashi 2020.12/24 Yuzuru Hanyu 1st day of Practice at the 2020Japanese Nationals (News Clips) α イット every Hodo Station JChan NW9 ウォッチャー Official Practice FS zero 2020.12/24 2020 Japanese Nationals #connect with skaters FujiTV 2020.12/24 2020 Japanese Nationals - Men's Participants Comments before Competition FujiTV 2020.12/24 2020 Japanese Nationals Interview post SP FujiTV 2020.12/26 Japanese Nationals 2020 Top 3 Mens Singles Press Conference YT PH AWW 2020.12/26 2020 Japanese Nationals Interview Post FP PH 2020.12/27 Yuzuru Hanyu [It] Interview YT 2020.12/27 Japanese Nationals Free Skate Commentary Self-commentary YT S-PARK 2020.12/27 Japanese World Team Press Conference YT 2021.03/07 FS TV Japanese Nationals Interview Clip YT 2021.03/23-28 Worlds 2021 Interview Compilation Interview after Official Practice (0:00) Interview post SP (02:14) ISU Official Interview post SP (05:35) Interview post FP (06:43) Interview after Presscon (FujiTV) (10:19) Interview after Presscon (joint media) (12:52) Message post competition (14:08) PH 2021.03/23 Worlds 2021 FNN Live News α/FNN 2021.03/25 Worlds 2021 Press Conference: Men's Short Program PH 2021.03/25 Worlds 2021 Interview post SP PH 2021.03/27 Worlds 2021 Press Conference: Men's Free Program PH 2021.03/28 FujiTV Special Message after Worlds 2021 FujiTV 2021.03/28 Worlds 2021 Interview after Gala PH 2021.04/04 FujiTV Interview after Worlds 2021 FuijTV 2021.04/12 Yuzuru Hanyu / Matsuoka Shuzo pre-WTT Interview 2021 YT PH AWW 2021.04/15 WTT 2021 Interview post SP PH Sarah_Sohma 2021.04/19 Hodo Station Yuzuru Hanyu x 4A YT
  14. Original thread by @kaeryth. 2018-2019 SEASON Date Title Video (Eng Sub) Video (Raw) Translation / Credit 2018.07/02 羽生結弦 国民栄誉賞表彰式 Hanyu Yuzuru People's Honor Award ceremony X , X tadakiXD 2018.07/19 Japan, Canada and Me - Japanese Figure Skater Yuzuru Hanyu, Olympic Gold Medalist YT 2018.08/05 羽生結弦 24時間テレビ・試写 Hanyu Yuzuru 24HTV・Preview YT DM 2018.08/24 Visiting a school in Naraha, Fukushima YT 2018.08/25 羽生結弦 24時間テレビ・ふるさと仙台から復興への想いを込めて 2018.08/27 24 HTV・PON Cut YT 2018.08/27 24時間テレビ・Notte Stellata 会場音 24 HTV・Notte Stellata performance YT 2018.08/31 羽生結弦・新プログラム公開・公開練習 Hanyu Yuzuru・New Programs Announcement・Public Practice 1 , 2 , 3, 4, 5 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 11 , 12 , 13 , 14 2018.09/01-02 羽生結弦・新プログラム公開・公開練習 Hanyu Yuzuru・New Programs Announcement・Public Practice 15 , 16 , 17 2018.09/02 S-PARK 新たな挑戦  S-PARK A new challenge YT 2018.09/08 FSTV 公開練習 FSTV Public practice YT 2018.09/14 NW9 新シーズンへ初心で挑む YT (Dub) YT (Sub) YT 2018./09/21 Skate Canada Autumn Classic 2018 Practice Every NW9 2018.09/22 今シーズン初戦に挑む Challenge the first competition of the season YT 2018.09/24 心境一転「強くなりたい」 Feelings reversal "I want to become stronger." YT 2018.10/20 Shuzo Matsuoka talks about Yuzuru, Satoko & Marin YT 2018.11/01 Hanyu Yuzuru x Shuzo Matsuoka P&G CM Behind the scenes YT Clips 1 2 3 4 2018.11/02 進化を続けるプログラム Evolving Program YT 2018.11/05 羽生結弦 レジェンド Hanyu Yuzuru The Legend Music Box, Kendama, Relationship with Uno Shoma DM 2018.11/14 【羽生結弦出演】ロッテ ガーナCM "Hanyu Yuzuru's appearance" Lotte Ghana CM Making Chocolate X , X , X Making Chocolate Interview Behind The Scenes 2018.11/15 Rostelecom Cup of Russia 2018 Practice (News Clips) YT Clips 1 2 3 2018.11/16 友野さんと羽生さん Tomono Kazuki & Hanyu Yuzuru YT 2018.11/16 Rostelecom Cup of Russia 2018 Short Program (News Clips) YT Clips 1 2 3 4 5 6 2018.12/11 絶対王者の秘密 The Secret of the absolute champion DM axelsandwich 2018.12/22 Compare the two gold medals... YT 2018.12/28 Behind the Gold Medal YT 2019.01/08 Ito Satomi "7 Rules" DM 2019.01/29 Another Stories, at the crossroads of fate Multi Links 2019.02/18 Hanyu Yuzuru Olympics interview - Weibo Multi Links 2019.03/08 Hanyu Yuzuru LINE stamps on ZIP! YT 2019.03/11 Hanyu Yuzuru on Every - 8th anniversary of the 2011 Great East Japan earthquake YT 2019.03/11 KOSE Sekkisei X Hanyu Yuzuru YT Clips 1 2 3 4 5 6 2019.03/21 Hanyu Yuzuru Special Documentary before Worlds 2019 Part 1 2 3 2019.03/24 Hanyu Yuzuru commentates: Origin, Banquet, Gala interview and more [S-Park] YT 2019.03/24 Hanyu Yuzuru Fuji TV special after Worlds YT 2019.03/25 Hodo Station Interview After World Championship YT 2019.03/24 平成名場面スポーツ羽生結弦 S-Park Heisei Era sports scenes - Hanyu Yuzuru YT YT 2019.04/05 Hanyu Yuzuru's reflection after 18-19 season - FS TV YT 2019.04/20 Design unveiling ceremony for the new Hanyu Yuzuru monument YT YT 2019.04/20 発表式後の記者会 Press conference after the (monument) announcement ceremony YT 2019.04/23 羽生結弦背後的女人 The Woman behind Hanyu Yuzuru YT 2019.06/22 SEKKISEI PREMIUM TALK SHOW Ans JP KOSE Taiwan GOING S-PARK Sekkisei Weibo Weibo (highlights)
  15. 2017-2018 SEASON Date Title Video (Eng Sub) Video (Raw) Translation / Credit 2017.08/9-10 Pyeongchang Olympic season FS program announcement "SEIMEI" MASTERPOST @gladi 2017.08/13 トロントで直撃・新プログラムに込めた思い Fuji HERO’S Exclusive: Thoughts toward new programs YT wherespacepooh 2017.08/16 スケート教室・子供たちの夏の思い出 Skating lessons・Children's summer memory X , X 2017.08/26 羽生結弦x郷ひろみ 24時間テレビで共演 Hanyu Yuzuru x Go Hiromi Collaborates for 24H TV DM tadakiXD 2017.09/24 「神に選ばれた試合」羽生結弦が独占告白!! 世界最高得点 2015年グランプリファイナルの新事実 「Games Chosen by the Gods」Hanyu Yuzuru's exclusive confession!! The world's highest score New facts on the 2015 Grand Prix Final Vimeo wherespacepooh 2017.10/16 羽生結弦×松田華音 スペシャル対談動画 Hanyu Yuzuru x Matsuda Kanon: A conversation YT wherespacepooh 2017.10/16 羽生結弦×松岡修造 「圧倒的に勝ちたい」 Hanyu Yuzuru x Matsuoka Shuzo "I want to win overwhelmingly" YT wherespacepooh 2017.10/23 羽生結弦 四回転ルッツ成功の舞台裏  Behind the scenes of Hanyu Yuzuru's quad lutz success YT (HODO) YT (NTV) DM jardinaquatique 2017.10/31 お母さん、ありがとう。~Behind The Scenes~ Mother, Thank You. ~Behind The Scenes~ YT tadakiXD 2017.11/05 挑戦を続けてこそ-連覇を目指すシーズンに密着 Continue to challenge - closely aiming for successive season DM Iron_Klaus 2017.11/07 羽生結弦 赤エプロンでホットチョコレート作り Make hot chocolate with Hanyu Yuzuru in a red apron X , X , X X , X 2017.11/08 P&G CM Behind the scenes YT 2018.01/04 羽生結弦 絶対に勝ってやる!自分への挑戦  I’ll definitely win! Yuzuru Hanyu’s challenge to himself YT wherespacepooh 2018.01/27 Yuzuru Hanyu's 2 'Weapons' Explained by Suzuki Akiko YT 2018.02/07 金メダルへの道~連覇への苦闘 Road to the Gold medal ~Struggle for successive victories DM 2018.02/14 ANA x Hanyu Yuzuru: Hello Blue, Hello Future Twitter YT 2018.02/17 Hanyu Yuzuru & Uno Shoma Interviewed by Matsukoka Shuzo & Oda Nobunari after medal ceremony YT 2018.02/17 Hanyu Yuzuru on CCTV YT 2018.02/19 Hanyu Yuzuru Interview with Matsuoka Shuzo YT 2018.02/18 Hanyu Yuzuru Interview with Nakai YT 2018.02/21 News ZERO Sho Sakurai and Hanyu Yuzuru YT 2018.02/23 Hanyu Yuzuru on HERO'S YT 1 , 2 2018.02/26 金メダルへの道 Road to the Gold medal DM 2018.02/27 羽生結弦 外国特派員協会で会見 Hanyu Yuzuru Press conference at the Foreign Correspondents' Club YT with translator 2018.02/27 羽生結弦 日本記者クラブで会見 Hanyu Yuzuru Press conference at the Japan National Press Club YT YT wherespacepooh & tadakiXD 2018.02/27 羽生結弦 所属先のANAに「ただいま!」 YT 2018.03/05 Hanyu Yuzuru - Aera photoshoot behind the scenes YT 2018.03/11 The starry sky 7 years ago DM 2018.04/01 New Plate & Bee Lover YT 2018.04/11 羽生結弦の大規模展が開幕 日本橋高島屋 Hanyu Yuzuru large scale exhibition opens in Takashimaya Nihombashi store X , X , X 2018.04/22 羽生結弦 凱旋パレード Hanyu Yuzuru's victory parade YT 2018.04/22 羽生結弦 凱旋パレード後に会見 Hanyu Yuzuru's interview post victory parade YT YT tadakiXD 2018.04/25 羽生結弦 春の園遊会に出席 Hanyu Yuzuru attended the spring garden party YT 2018.04/26 スケート連盟祝賀会&総理大臣感謝状授与式 Skating Federation Celebration & Prime Minister Award of Certificate of Appreciation YT Clips 1 2 2018.06/04 Yuzuru Hanyu and Shohei Ohtani similarities YT 2018.06/08 JOCスポーツ賞 表彰式 JOC Sports Awards ceremony X , X , X YT * NEWS ON COMPETITIONS
  16. Original thread by @kaeryth. 2015 WORLD TEAM TROPHY / 2014-2015 OFF SEASON Date Title Video (Eng Sub) Video (Raw) Translation / Credit 2015.04/11 日本のエース羽生結弦 「国別対抗戦」への決意 Japan’s Ace, Hanyu Yuzuru, His determination heading towards the “WTT” DM hanyuedits 2015.04/12 羽生結弦が語る町田樹「突然の引退」  Hanyu Yuzuru on Machida Tatsuki's sudden retirement DM tadaki 2015.04/12 羽生結弦・激動のシーズン最終戦 & 宮原知子17歳・躍進のヒミツ Hanyu Yuzuru ・The final competition of the season of terrible shock & 17 Year Old Miyahara Satoko・The secret of her rapid progress DM 2015.04/15 羽生結弦&宮原知子 前日公式練習 2015国別対抗戦 Hanyu Yuzuru & Miyahara Satoko Official practice the day before the 2015 WTT DM 2015.04/16 羽生結弦&宮原知子 前日練習 2015国別対抗戦 Hanyu Yuzuru & Miyahara Satoko The day before practice 2015 World Team Trophy DM 2015.04/16 日本は2位スタート・エース羽生結弦の責任感 Japan starts from second place ・ Ace Hanyu Yuzuru's sense of responsibility DM 2015.04/17 羽生結弦 フリーも1位・日本は現在2位 Hanyu Yuzuru First in the free as well・Japan currently second DM 2015.04/19 4大会連続メダルの日本 激闘の舞台裏秘話 Japan's 4th consecutive medal in the competition The secret episodes behind the scenes of the fierce fight DM hanyuedits 2015.04/19 羽生結弦の魅力 名言に迫る! Hanyu Yuzuru's charm Approaching famous sayings! DM 2015.04/19 1カメ密着・羽生結弦 舞台裏で見せたエースの覚悟 1 camera close coverage ・ Hanyu Yuzuru The resolution of the ace shown behind the scenes DM 2015.05/31 Yuzuru Hanyu Sports Scoop YT 2015.06/01 羽生結弦 「献血の大切さ」語る Hanyu Yuzuru talks about "The Importance of Blood Donation" MaiDiGi 1 2 3 4 Kyodo 2015.06/05 羽生結弦 & 安藤美姫 & 織田信成 & 鈴木明子 が静岡に!とびっきり! Hanyu Yuzuru & Ando Miki & Nobunari Oda & Suzuki Akiko in Shizuoka! YT yuzuland 2015.06/08 名古屋 中日体育賞 会見 Nagoya Chunichi Sports Award Press Conference DM hanyuedits 2015.06/12 羽生結弦 新プログラム披露・自身初の「和」に挑戦 Hanyu Yuzuru New program unveiling・Challenging “Wa” for the first time DM 2015.06/14 「 ゴン中山&ザキヤマのキリトルTV」 GON Takayama & Zakiyama's Kiritoru TV Kiritoru Coverage of Yuzuru Hanyu at WTT YT Clips 1 2 2015.06/15 自分自身を喰らう DM hanyuedits 2015.06/15 彼が語る新プロへの想い He talks about his feelings towards his new program Video has dual audio DM hanyuedits 1 | 2 2015.06/16 彼が語る新シーズンへの決意 He talks about his determination towards the new season DM hanyuedits 2015.06/23 羽生結弦 ボクサー姿に IOCの動画に起用  Hanyu Yuzuru IOC video promotion in the guise of a boxer YT 2015.06/27 Fantasy on Ice 2015 in Kanazawa YT DM hanyuedits 2015.06/28 羽生結弦が語る 「花は咲く」に込めた思い Hanyu Yuzuru talks about the feelings put into “Hana wa Saku” YT 2015-2016 SEASON [NOT RELATED TO COMPETITIONS] Date Title Video (Eng Sub) Video (Raw) Translation / Credit 2015.07/04 Fantasy on Ice 2015 Kobe Kansai Local Interview DM hanyuedits 2015.07/17 羽生結弦に喜多アナが直撃 ファンタジー・オン・アイス2015神戸公演  Announcer Kita’s direct hit on Hanyu Yuzuru Fantasy on Ice 2015 Kobe Performance DM yuzuland 2015.07/18 金メダリスト羽生結弦・笑顔マークでつなぐチャリTシャツ Gold Medalist Hanyu Yuzuru・Charity t-shirts connected by a smiley DM yuzusorbet hanyuedits 2015.07/18 織田信成&羽生結弦&宇野昌磨 ぶっちあけ男子会 Oda Nobunari & Hanyu Yuzuru & Uno Shoma Guys Talk DM 2015.07/20 羽生結弦 レジェンド Hanyu Yuzuru The Legend Fans, Childhood Nicknames, Wax Museum, Earphones DM 2015.08/03 羽生結弦 レジェンド Hanyu Yuzuru The Legend Hanyu Yuzuru's routines YT 2015.08/22 『24時間テレビ』想いをつなぐアイスショー “24 Hour TV” An Ice Show Connected to Feelings DM yuzusorbet 2015.08/22 羽生結弦 被災地の想いをつなぐアイスショー Hanyu Yuzuru An Ice Show Connected to Thoughts of the Disaster Area DM 2015.08/26 ゴジてれ 24hTVアイスショー舞台裏 Gojitere 24 Hour TV Ice Show Behind the Scenes DM 2015.08/27 羽生結弦 ロッテガーナチョコびらきセレモニーに出席 Hanyu Yuzuru Attended the Lotte Ghana Chocolate Wreath Ceremony TNS MaiDigi 1 2 3 4 TNS yuzusorbet 2015.08/28 羽生結弦 あさイチに出演 Hanyu Yuzuru Asaichi Appearance GD DM (Part 2) Part 2 @kaerb 2015.08/30 羽生結弦 ジャンプと縄跳びの意外なつながり Hanyu Yuzuru The unexpected connection between jumps and skipping ropes DM 2015.09 賢二の部屋 Kenji no Heya / Kenji's Room Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 @¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 2015.09/06 松岡修造が熱血Presents 羽生結弦・一流アスリートの作り方 Hot-blooded Matsuoka Shuzo presents Hanyu Yuzuru・How to make a first class athlete DM 2015.09/07 ロッテガーナCM「2人の羽生結弦」篇インタビュー Lotte Ghana CM The story of “The Two Hanyu Yuzurus” interview YT yuzusorbet 2015.09/07 羽生結弦選手 ロッテガーナ 360°SKATING FOR YOU Hanyu Yuzuru Lotte Ghana 360 ° SKATING FOR YOU YT 2015.09/07 「ガーナミルクチョコレート」新CMメーキング&インタビュー映像 「Ghana Milk Chocolate」Making of the new CM & Interview MaiDiGi 1 2 2015.09/22 羽生結弦x野村萬斎 能舞台で念願の対談 Hanyu Yuzuru x Nomura Mansai A wishful dialogue on the Noh stage Youku yuzusorbet 2015.09/27 羽生結弦 最強!ゆづスマイル伝説  Hanyu Yuzuru is the strongest! Yuzu smile legend DM tsukihoshi14 2015.10/04 NHK杯に向け浅田真央・宮原知子・羽生結弦が意気込み Heading towards the NHK Trophy Asada Mao・Miyahara Satoko・Hanyu Yuzuru are enthusiastic DM 2015.10/04 「 ゴン中山&ザキヤマのキリトルTV」 GON Takayama & Zakiyama's Kiritoru TV Hanyu Yuzuru Tsundere Quotes YT DM 2015.11/03 Sports Gogai Scoop Neraimasu - Yuzuru Cut (Headphones) YT 2015.11/09 羽生結弦 レジェンド Hanyu Yuzuru The Legend The Ice, Pilates, Favourite Food DM 2015.11/22 「 ゴン中山&ザキヤマのキリトルTV」GON Takayama & Zakiyama's Kiritoru TV Hanyu Yuzuru behind the stage YT DM 2015.12/04 羽生結弦 「存在感アップ」グラビア、新聖地、人気の秘密、超異次元 Hanyu Yuzuru "Presence UP" Gravure, A New Holy Land, The Secret of His Popularity, An Extraordinary Dimension Youku yuzusorbet 2015.12/09 素顔の羽生結弦 雑誌撮影現場!神ショット連発 Hanyu Yuzuru's True Face On the scene of a magazine shoot! Consecutive godly shots! DM 2015.12/15 報道ステーション Hodo Station DM PH @¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 2015.12/22 羽生結弦 アップで真剣なまなざし披露 「はたちの献血キャンペーン」CM Oricon MaiDiGi TokyoPop 2015.12/22 Yuzuru Hanyu is Particular About... YT 2015.12/30 羽生結弦x野村萬斎 表現の極意を語る Hanyu Yuzuru x Nomura Mansai Talks about the meaning of expressions YT 2015.12/31 第66回NHK紅白歌合戦 The 66th NHK Kōhaku Uta Gassen DM GD 2016.01/07 羽生結弦 被災地で交流 Hanyu Yuzuru Interactions in the disaster area yuzusorbet 2016.01/09 Hanyu Yuzuru & Asada Mao & Evgeny Plushenko NHK Cup Special Exhibition Interview DM yuzusorbet 2016.01/16 羽生結弦&大谷翔平 が夢の共演 21歳同士「はじめまして」も Hanyu Yuzuru & Ohtani Shohei YT 2016.01/17 Hanyu Yuzuru New Year on Ice 2016 bilibili yuzusorbet 2016.01/17 Hanyu Yuzuru Prayers on Ice ~NHK Cup Special Exhibition Off-stage DM yuzusorbet 2016.02/07 スポーツ酒場「語り亭」 Sports Bar "Kataritei" bilibili yuzusorbet 2016.02/07 「 ゴン中山&ザキヤマのキリトルTV」GON Takayama & Zakiyama's Kiritoru TV Necktie Trouble and Air Guitar YT DM YT tadaki 2016.02/09 羽生結弦 「 バレンタイン直前企画」に参加 Hanyu Yuzuru Participation in "Last minute Valentine plans" MaiDiGi YT 2016.02/14 羽生結弦 殿役で映画初出演 Hanyu Yuzuru's first film appearance Hayadoki 1 2 Asa-chan Various 2016.02/29 荒川静香 Friends+α Arakawa Shizuka's Friends PLUS α YT yuzusorbet 2016.03/28 羽生の流儀 The Style of Hanyu YT 2016.04/10 情熱大陸 Jounetsu Tairiku DM 2016.04/29 The Making of “Tono Risoku de Gozaru” DM yuzusorbet 2016.05/02 羽生結弦 レジェンド Hanyu Yuzuru The Legend Press, Movie Appearance, Seimei Breath, Special Talent with Ears DM 2015-2016 SEASON [COMPETITIONS] Date Title Video (Eng Sub) Video (Raw) Translation / Credit 2015.10/15 Skate Canada Autumn Classic 2015 Oda-kun best commentary DM 2015.10/15 Skate Canada Autumn Classic 2015 Short Program results X , X, X, X 2015.10/16 Skate Canada Autumn Classic 2015 Short Program Akiko Suzuki Comments DM yuzuland 2015.10/16 Skate Canada Autumn Classic 2015 Free Program results X, X, X, X X, X, X, X 2015.10/20 今シーズン初戦を徹底分析! Analyze the first battle of this season thoroughly! YT yuzuland 2015.10/22 グランプリシリーズ今日開幕! 第2戦で羽生結弦vsパトリック・チャン  Grand Prix Series Opens Today! Hanyu Yuzuru vs Patrick Chan in the 2nd Series DM 2015.10/25 完全解析 羽生結弦 新境地へ今季のキーワードは「和」 Complete analysis Hanyu Yuzuru To the new frontier The key word of this season is "Wa" DM yuzusorbet 2015.11/15 羽生結弦 半年間の独占密着・究極のプログラム作成の舞台裏 Hanyu Yuzuru Half a year of exclusive total coverage・ Behind the scenes of creating the ultimate program YT DM yuzusorbet 2015.11/27 浅田真央と羽生結弦 トリプルアクセル秘話 Asada Mao and Hanyu Yuzuru Triple Axel secret story DM tsukihoshi14 2015.11/29 Hanyu Yuzuru & Miyahara Satoko won the NHK2015! DM 2015.11/30 羽生結弦x松岡修造 異次元の322.40 世界最高得点のきっかけ Hanyu Yuzuru x Matsuoka Shuzo DM yuzusorbet 2015.11/30 異次元の舞ー強さの秘密 Dance of a different dimension DM yuzusorbet 2015.11/30 強くなるために Becoming Stronger DM yuzusorbet 2015.12/09 羽生結弦 決戦の地バルセロナに到着 Hanyu Yuzuru Arrival in Barcelona, the place of the decisive battle DM 1 DM 2 2015.12/10 Official Practice & Happy Birthday DM 2015.12/10 開幕迫る!現地より最新情報 The raising of the curtain draws near! The latest information from the scene. DM 2015.12/13 羽生結弦x二世 野村 萬斎 Hanyu Yuzuru x Second Generation Nomura Mansai DM yuzusorbet 2015.12/14 羽生結弦x松岡修造 再び世界最高・なぜ更新できたのか? Hanyu Yuzuru x Matsuoka Shuzo DM yuzusorbet 2015.12/15 羽生結弦 凱旋に熱狂・雄姿を一目…ファン殺到  Hanyu Yuzuru Wild enthusiasm at his triumphal return・ A glimpse of the gallant figure... fans flood in DM 2015.12/17 羽生結弦 自分超え、再び世界最高!異次元の舞でグランプリファイナル3連覇  Hanyu Yuzuru  Surpassing himself, once again the top of the world! 3rd consecutive Grand Prix Final with a dance from another dimension  YT 2015.12/25 羽生結弦 また自分超えへ!「羽生語録」に見る強さ Hanyu Yuzuru Towards surpassing himself once again! The strength of observing "Hanyu Sayings" DM 2015.12/27 World Championships Representatives Announcement DM yuzuland 2015.12/27 World Championships 2016 Representatives LIVE Appearance DM 2015.12/28 羽生結弦 全日本4連覇・”絶対王者”苦悩の舞台裏 Hanyu Yuzuru 4th Consecutive Japanese Nationals・ Behind the scenes of the suffering of the "Absolute Champion" DM 2015.12/29 Yuzuru Hanyu and Shoma Uno’s friendly talk DM nanoka12 2016.03/22 羽生結弦&ハビエル・フェルナンデス&パトリック・チャン 3人の王者異次元の戦い Hanyu Yuzuru & Javier Fernandez & Patrick Chan DM 2016.04/10 情熱大陸 Jounetsu Tairiku DM 2016.05/21 羽生結弦 中国でウィンタースポーツ部門最優秀外国人に選ばれる Hanyu Yuzuru is Chosen as the Best Foreign Winter Sports Athlete in China YT 2016.6/28 The Style of Hanyu YT
  17. Original thread by @kaeryth. 2016-2017 SEASON [NOT RELATED TO COMPETITIONS] Date Title Video (Eng Sub) Video (Raw) Translation / Credit 2016.08/22 羽生結弦 フィギュア3つの世界最高得点でギネス認定 Figure Skater Hanyu Yuzuru sets three Guinness World Records YT yuzusorbet 2016.08/27 ゴジてれ 24hTV-被災地へ愛を込めて(まとめ) Gojitere 24hTV- With Love to the Afflicted Area DM Clip1 DM Clip 2 DM Clip 2 yuzusorbet 2016.08/29 24hTV舞台裏 被災地への"特別演技"-秘めた思い 24hTV Behind the Scenes "Special Performance" to the Disaster Area - Hidden Feelings DM yuzusorbet 2016.08/29 ガーナ新CM・インタビュー・メイキング Ghana New CM・Interview・Making YT yuzusorbet 2016.10/19 羽生君の無邪気な笑顔がとても可愛い ガーナ新CM・インタビュー・メイキング Hanyu-kun's innocent smile is very cute Ghana New CM・Interview・Making YT yuzusorbet 2016.11/07 羽生結弦 レジェンド Hanyu Yuzuru The Legend Obsession with earphones DM YT 2017.02/05 「 ゴン中山&ザキヤマのキリトルTV」 GON Takayama & Zakiyama's Kiritoru TV Hanyu Generation & GPF Wedding Ceremony DM 2017.02/14 羽生結弦 バレンタインの手作りチョコレートに初挑戦 Hanyu Yuzuru First time making Valentine's hand-made Chocolates YT 2017.04/16 本日お披露目!杜の都の新たな宝!! Unveiled today! A new treasure of the City of Trees! ! DM 2017.04/23 サンデーステーション Sunday Station interview YT 2017.04/27 JSF 表彰祝賀会 JSF Commendation celebration DM 2017.06/05 羽生結弦 レジェンド Hanyu Yuzuru The Legend Yuzuru's popularity & his habits (ft. Oda Nobunari) DM 2016-2017 SEASON [COMPETITIONS] Date Title Video (Eng Sub) Video (Raw) Translation / Credit 2016.09/14 羽生結弦 新プログラム初公開 新4回転ジャンプ挑戦 Hanyu Yuzuru premieres new program New quad jump challenge YT 2016.10/03 密着 偉業達成までの舞台裏 Behind the first successful quad loop in (competition) history DM yuzusorbet 2016.11/27 明子の部屋 (Suzuki) Akiko's Room DM hanyuedits 2016.11/27 織田信成 羽生結弦&宮原知子&田中刑事へインタビュー Oda Nobunari interviews Hanyu Yuzuru & Miyahara Satoko & Tanaka Keiji DM yuzusorbet hanyuedits 2016.11/28 羽生結弦x松岡修造 「出来る 出来る 出来る」 Hanyu Yuzuru x Matsuoka Shuzo 「Dekiru Dekiru Dekiru」"I can do it" DM yuzusorbet hanyuedits 1 2 3 2016.12/11 羽生結弦&宮原知子&宇野昌磨 グランプリファイナル2016秘話  Hanyu Yuzuru & Miyahara Satoko & Uno Shoma Grand Prix Final 2016 secret story DM 2016.12/13 4連覇達成「続くように」 フィギュア羽生が帰国 Four Consecutive Victories "To be Continued" Figure Skater Hanyu returned home X, X, X, X 2016.12/18 羽生結弦x長野智子 世界を制した自己暗示力 Hanyu Yuzuru x Nagano Tomoko The power of self-suggestion that commanded the world DM 2017.01/08 羽生結弦 2017年門出への思い Hanyu Yuzuru Thoughts entering into 2017 DM yuzusorbet 2017.02/13 羽生結弦 四大陸選手権2017へ・韓国に到着 Hanyu Yuzuru Four Continents Championship 2017 · Arrival in Korea News clip News clip 2017.02/19 四大陸選手権2017激闘の2位 羽生結弦今の心境 2nd place of the Four Continents Championships 2017 fierce fight Hanyu Yuzuru's curent mental state  YT 2017.02/20 江陵に来た日本のフィギュア王子・羽生結弦のファン The figure skating prince who came to Gangneung・Hanyu Yuzuru's fans YT 2017.03/11 Figureskate TV! 4CCハイライト&ロングインタビュー Figureskate TV! 4CC Highlights and long interview DM yuzusorbet 2017.03/19 情熱大陸 Spirits of the Athletes YT 1 2 3 4 5 2017.04/01 HERO special after World Championship 2017 DM DM 2017.04/02 羽生結弦&宇野昌磨 世界選手権2017金・銀メダルの舞台裏 Hanyu Yuzuru & Uno Shoma World Championship 2017 Gold and Silver medal・Behind the scenes DM 2017.04/04 World Championship 2017 Free Program PON Interview yuzusorbet 2017.04/04 NEWS Oda Nobunaru post World Championship 2017 commentary YT 2017.04/04 羽生結弦&宇野昌磨 スタジオW生出演 Hanyu Yuzuru & Uno Shoma Studio W live appearance DM cantilover (from twitter) 2017.04/04 World Championship 2017 Gold medalist's return conference YT 2017.04/21 羽生結弦 男子シングルフリー後インタビュー Hanyu Yuzuru (WTT) Post FP interview YT yuzusorbet
  18. Please post links to videos in the video box that don't play in this thread.
  19. Original thread by @kaeryth. 2014-2015 SEASON Date Title Video (Eng.Sub) Video (Raw) Translation/ Credit 2014.07/16 両陛下 羽生結弦、ソチ五輪選手ら招き茶会 Their Majesties, the Emperor and Empress Hanyu Yuzuru, Sochi Olympic athletes invitational tea party DM 1 DM 2 YT 2014.07/17 羽生、被災地で決意新たに 葛西らと文科省表彰式出席 Renewed Determination in the Disaster Area Attendance of the MEXT Award Ceremony with Kasai & others YT 2014.08/02 24 Hour TV Advance Show DM 2014.08/08 連覇へ始動・最強プログラム完成 Starting towards consecutive wins ・Completion of the strongest program DM Clips 1 2 3 4 2014.08/25 「上月スポーツ賞」表彰式 まとめ “Kozuki Sports Awards” Award Ceremony Collection DM 2014.08/26 上月スポーツ賞表彰式 大賞の羽生結弦 Kozuki Sports Awards Award Ceremony Grand Prize Winner, Hanyu Yuzuru YT Clip 1 YT Clip 2 PH @¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 2014.08/27 ロッテ「ガーナミルクチョコレート」のイベントに出席 Live appearance at the Lotte “Ghana Milk Chocolate” event MaiDiGi 1 2 3 Oricon TNS yuzusorbet (TNS) 2014.08/29 被災地の小学校へ・・・ 特別な思い To the primary school children of the Disaster Area... Special thoughts DM 2014.08/30 『24時間テレビ』 羽生結弦 被災地への思いを胸に 一夜限りのアイスショー With thoughts towards the Disaster Area in his heart 一One-night only Ice Show 一 DM 2014.08/30 『24時間テレビ』 羽生結弦が生放送で贈る キセキのアイスショー "24 Hour TV" Hanyu Yuzuru gives a Live Performance Miracle Ice Show DM 2014.09/01 「24時間テレビ」 一夜限りのアイスショー舞台裏  "24 Hour TV" One-night only Ice Show Behind the scenes DM hanyuedits 2014.09/06 一夜限りのアイスショー・24時間テレビ 演技後挨拶   一One-night only Ice Show 一 24 Hour TV 's greetings after the performance DM 2014.09/18 「モンスターハンター4G」 羽生結弦からメッセージ  "Monster Hunter 4G" Message from Hanyu Yuzuru YT 2014.09/25 羽生結弦「モンハン」にハマりまくり Hanyu Yuzuru jacked up on "MonHan" YT nonchan 2014.10/11 フィギュアスケート日本~期待の若き星たち Figure Skating Japan ~ Young Stars of Promise DM 2014.10/12 羽生結弦 「栄光の軌跡」 Hanyu Yuzuru  「The Path of Glory」 DM 2014.10/20 【ロッテ】 羽生結弦、精霊役で爽やか笑顔 【Lotte】Hanyu Yuzuru, A refreshing smile playing the role of a sprite Nico 2014.10/25 織田信成 んメレンゲ ドMとドS Oda Nobunari Merengue Do-M Do-S DM hanyuedits 2014.11/04 Yuzuru's new season, life in Toronto, earphones - Good Morning YT 2014.11/ 04-05 羽生結弦 中国到着 Hanyu Yuzuru Arrived in China DM Clips 1 2 3 4 hanyuedits 2014.11/06 グランプリシリーズ中国杯2014 あす開幕・有力選手が集結! Grand Prix Series Cup of China 2014 begins tomorrow・ Major players gather! DM 2014.11/08 中国杯2014ショート2位・佐野解説・・・ 何がダメだったの? 2nd Place in the COC 2014 SP・Sano (Minoru) commentary... What went wrong? DM 2014.11/10 羽生結弦 不屈の4分間・演技に語った思い Hanyu Yuzuru's indomitable 4 minutes YT hanyuedits 2014.11/22 世界一の秘密は超高度なジャンプ The World's Number One's secret is a super high-level jump DM PH @SparkleSalad 2014.11/26 羽生結弦 NHK杯出場へ Hanyu Yuzuru – Towards participation in the NHK Trophy DM 2014.11/27 NHK杯出場の羽生結弦  Hanyu Yuzuru's participation in the NHK Trophy DM 2014.11/27 羽生結弦 復帰後初会見「感謝」を胸に世界一へ DM 2014.11/28 NHK Cup Morning Practice DM 2014.11/30 村上大介&無良崇人&羽生結弦 信成の部屋 Murakami Daisuke & Mura Takahito & Hanyu Yuzuru (Oda) Nobunari's Room DM tsukihoshi14 yuzusorbet 2014.11/30 NHK Cup 2014 "Exhibition" Banquet YT 2014.11/30 「 ゴン中山&ザキヤマのキリトルTV」 GON Takayama & Zakiyama's Kiritoru TV Hanyu Yuzuru & Machida Tatsuki YT tadaki 2014.12/01 恐怖心と闘った舞台裏  Behind the scenes of the fight with fear DM Clip 1 DM Clip 2 2014.12/01 ぎりぎりでグランプリファイナル進出・NHK杯で見えた課題 Just barely made it into the Grand Prix Final・The challenges seen at the NHK Trophy YT tsukihoshi14 2014.12/09 羽生結弦x松岡修造 アクシデントから3週間・葛藤と決断 Hanyu Yuzuru x Matsuoka Shuzo 3 Weeks from the accident・Conflict and decision PH YT a-m-n-o-s hanyuedits: Part 1 2 3 4 nonchan 2014.12/10 グランプリファイナル2014 日本勢「決戦の地」に到着 Grand Prix Final 2014 Arrived from Japan for the "Decisive Battlefield" DM hanyuedits 2014.12/11 Grand Prix Final 2014 Official Practice (Day 1) DM Clips 1 2 DM Clip 2 2014.12/12 Grand Prix Final 2014 Official Practice (Day 2) DM 2014.12/14 Grand Prix Final 2014 Comments after the SP Performance DM hanyuedits 2014.12/14 羽生結弦x松岡修造&織田信成 秘話 Hanyu Yuzuru x Shuzo Matsuoka & Oda Nobunari Untold stories DM hanyuedits 2014.12/14 羽生結弦 グランプリファイナル連覇達成 Hanyu Yuzuru Grand Prix Final Success Streak DM Clip 1 DM Clip 2 2014.12/15 羽生結弦 怪我を乗り越え・完全復活 Hanyu Yuzuru Overcoming injuries・Complete resurrection DM Clip 1 DM Clip 2 2014.12/16 フィギュアGPファイナル連覇の羽生結弦選手、帰国し会見 GP Final successive winner Hanyu Yuzuru returning to Japan YT 2014.12/16 羽生結弦 凱旋帰国・記者会見 Hanyu Yuzuru Returning home・Press Conference DM 2014.12/17 Hanyu Yuzuru Press Conference Cuts DM hanyuedits 2014.12/20 町田樹 全日本選手権開幕へ・リベンジの舞台  Machida Tatsuki To the opening of All-Japan Championships・The stage of revenge DM tatsuki- machida 2014.12/20 羽生結弦の告白 復活までの心の変化・全日本への自信と決意 Hanyu Yuzuzu's confession A change of heart until the revival・ Confidence and determination to the All-Japan Championships DM 2014.12/20 「変わり続ける」全日本選手権3連覇へ! "Continue to Evolve" To the 3rd Successive Title of the All-Japan Championship! DM 2014.12/20 羽生結弦の2014年 逆境こそ強くなれる Hanyu Yuzuru's 2014 Adversity can also make you stronger Youku 2014.12/21 羽生結弦 全部見た!フィギュアと勉強は1番にこだわる DM 2014.12/29 羽生結弦と東北の絆 Hanyu Yuzuru and the Bonds of Tohoku DM Youku 2015.01/08 羽生結弦と名前が激似!? 参拝客が急増中「弓弦羽神社」 The Name is Quite Similar to Hanyu Yuzuru !? "Yuzuruha-jinja" worshipers are increasing rapidly DM 2015.02/14 羽生結弦、広瀬すずら女優3人からのチョコに「恥ずかしい」 Hanyu Yuzuru, chocolate from the actresses together with Hirose Suzu "embarrassing" YT 2015.03/08 「 ゴン中山&ザキヤマのキリトルTV」 GON Takayama & Zakiyama's Kiritoru TV Handling emergenies YT 2015.03/13 巨大・羽生結弦が銀座に出現・全長28.4m Huge・Hanyu Yuzuru appeared in Ginza・Overall length 28.4m DM 2015.03/22 羽生結弦 「オペラ座の怪人と共に」激動の1年に決着 Hanyu Yuzuru Together with "Phantom of the Opera" DM 2015.03/29 羽生結弦と「強さの源」集中力を決める遺伝子? Hanyu Yuzuru "Sources of Strength" Genes that determine concentration? DM 2015.03/30 演技後のリンクにあふれかえる「プーさん」  "Pooh" Overflowing the rink after the performance DM 2015.03/30 世界フィギュア終え帰国 「とにかく悔しい」 Returning home at the end of the World Figure Skating Championships “At any rate, I’m regretful” DM
  20. Unfortunately, I don't think so sorry
  21. Original thread by @kaeryth. 2013-2014 SEASON Date Title Video (Eng Sub) Video (Raw) Translation / Credit 2013.07/01 五輪まで7か月「完成させる演技」18歳の挑戦 7 Months until the Olympics [A complete performance] The 18 year old's challenge. DM 2013.08/22 五輪シーズン新プログラム「ロミオとジュリエット」を披露 Olympic Season new program reveal "Romeo and Juliet" DM 2013.08/30 故郷の仙台で練習を公開・4回転ジャンプ成功! Open practice in my hometown, Sendai ・ Quad Jump Success! DM 2013.10/07 世界最強・日本フィギュア陣 「ソチに向かって・・・」初戦は? The world's strongest・Team Japan "Heading into Sochi..." The first battle? DM 2013.10/12 ソチへ五輪シーズン開幕 Sochi's Olympic Season Starts DM 2013.10/14 勝負のカギは2種類の4回転ジャンプ The Key to the Game is 2 Kinds of Quad Jumps Youku 2013.10/20 迫ル 「4回転」で五輪に挑む It draws near Challenge the Olympics with “Quads” YT DM 2013.12/08 強さの秘密・八木沼純子生解説 Secret of Strength・Yaginuma Junko Commentary YT 2013.12/08 浅田真央&羽生結弦 男女ダブルス金メダル・激闘秘話 Asada Mao & Hanyu Yuzuru Men's and Ladies' Double Gold medals・ The Secret Story of the Fierce Fight DM 2013.12.09 浅田真央&羽生結弦 見えてきた五輪への戦略 Asada Mao & Hanyu Yuzuru Strategy for the Olympic Games YT 2013.12/15 世界王者に勝った「最強の戦略」 “The Strongest Strategy” that won against the World Champion YT 2013.12/18 羽生結弦と二人三脚 「すべてを頼る」匠のワザ Working closely together with Hanyu Yuzuru "Depend on everything" The skills of a craftsman YT DM DM 2013.12/19 初の五輪へ・二つの武器 Towards the first Olympic Games・Two Weapons YT 2013.12/21 羽生結弦 絆が生む「強さ」 "Strength" produced by Hanyu Yuzuru DM 2013.12/24 ソチ代表勢勢ぞろい 大激戦の裏側を語る Sochi Representatives talk about the other side of the great hard-fought battle. DM 2013.12/25 羽生結弦&鈴木明子 苦難乗り越え頂点へ Hanyu Yuzuru & Suzuki Akiko Towards Overcoming Suffering DM 2013.12/30 成功者の原点を探る・成功の遺伝史 Exploring the origin of successful people・ Genetic history of success DM 2014.01/06 ソチ五輪・頂点に挑む Sochi Olympics・Challenge to the Top YT 2014.01/08 氷上のアーティスト羽生結弦 金メダルへの3つの秘策 Hanyu Yuzuru, Artist on Ice. 3 secret plans for the Gold Medal. YT 2014.01/21 19歳若き日本王者 大躍進のに世界王者との3連戦 19 years old Young Japanese Champion 3 battles with the World Champion and a great breakthrough DM YT 2014.02/02 金メダルへの挑戦 世界最高得点をめざせ Challenge to the Gold Medal Aim for the World's Top Score DM 2014.02/04 羽生結弦vsパトリック・ チャン 史上最高レベルの金争い Hanyu Yuzuru vs Patrick Chan・ The Contest for the Gold of the Highest Level in History YT 2014.02/15 ソチオリンピック・金メダリスト会見 Sochi Olympics・ Gold Medalist Conference YT 2014.02/15 羽生結弦&高橋大輔&町田樹 生出演・感動をありがとう! Hanyu Yuzuru & Takahashi Daisuke & Machida Tatsuki Live appearance ・ Thank You for Moving Us! DM 2014.02/15 上田晋也が羽生結弦を直撃! 金メダル秘訣を激白SP Ueda Shinya's direct hit on Hanyu Yuzuru! The secret of the Gold Medal is candidly revealed Special blueflames YT DM PH @¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 2014.02/15 ソチから生出演 Live from Sochi (NHK post Olympic Interview) DM DM 2014.02/15 19年間の金メダルへの旅 The 19 years Journey to the Gold Medal DM 2014.02/16 メダル授与式後 羽生結弦19歳直撃 金メダル秘話を語る・・・ After the Medal Ceremony Direct hit on 19 yr old Yuzuru Hanyu Tell the secret stories of the Gold Medal... DM 2014.02/16 金メダル快挙の裏に「皇帝」との約束 Behind the brilliant achievement of the Gold Medal, the promise with “The Emperor” YT 2014.02/17 金メダルへの道 Road to the Gold Medal DM 2014.02/21 金メダル羽生結弦x桝アナ 快挙を支えたのは? Gold Medalist Hanyu Yuzuru x Masu Taichi YT 2014.02/23 エフゲニー・プルシェンコから羽生結弦へメッセージ Message from Evgeni Plushenko to Hanyu Yuzuru DM hanyuedits 2014.02/24 ソチオリンピック閉会式関連 Sochi Olympics Closing Ceremony YT 2014.02/24 Leaving Sochi with a Gold Medal for Japan CNN 2014.02/25 ソチから凱旋・選手団帰国会見 Triumphant return from Sochi・ Returning athletes conference DM Clip 1 DM Clip 2 2014.02/25 ANAで金メダル報告 ANA Gold Medal Report DM Clip 1 DM Clip 2 2014.02/26 地元・仙台に凱旋 Hometown ・ Triumphant return to Sendai DM Clip 1 DM Clip 2 DM Clip 3 DM Clip 3 2014.02/27 祝勝会で見せた羽生結弦の素顔 The true face of Hanyu Yuzuru shown at the victory celebration DM Clip 1 DM Clip 2 DM Clip 1 2014.02/27 羽生結弦からのメッセージ 文部科学省 Message from Hanyu Yuzuru Ministry of Education YT 2014.03/01 バースデイ Birth Day DM 2014.03/02 金メダリスト羽生結弦 荒川静香との絆 Gold Medalist Hanyu Yuzuru's bond with Arakawa Shizuka YT 2014.03/02 スポーツ酒場語り亭 日本男子初の金メダル・羽生結弦 Sports Sakaba Kataritei Japanese Men's First Gold Medal・Hanyu Yuzuru DM 2014.03/07 しなやかさ 男らしさ The suppleness of masculinity DM 2014.03/11 仙台出身の羽生結弦 震災で生まれた葛藤 Hanyu Yuzuru's hometown, Sendai Troubles born from the earthquake DM 2014.03/17 五輪王者・羽生結弦 ソチを糧に新時代構築 Building a new era with Olympic Champion Hanyu Yuzuru DM 2014.03/25 ニッポン男子いよいよ決戦へ Japanese men, finally to the decisive battle DM 2014.03/21 世界選手権2014日本代表10選手 生出演 10 athletes from the 2014 World Championships Japanese Team Live appearance DM 2014.03/30 浅田真央&羽生結弦 W金メダル 世界フィギュア舞台裏 Asada Mao & Hanyu Yuzuru World Gold Medalists Behind the scenes of the World Figure Skating Championships DM 2014.03/31 安藤美姫生解説 羽生と町田分けた0.33差  Ando Miki Live Commentary Hanyu and Machida separated by a difference of 0.33 DM 2014.03/31 3冠達成・生出演 Triple Crown Achievement・Live Appearance DM tsukihoshi14
  22. Original thread by @kaeryth. 2012-2013 SEASON Date Title Video (Eng. Sub) Video (Raw) Translation / Credit 2012.10/16 新たな挑戦「2種類の4回転」と「課題克服」 New Challenge "2 Kinds of Quads" and "Overcoming Challenges" Youku 2012.11/12 新天地カナダでの挑戦 Canada, Challenges in the new world DM 2012.11/17 NHK杯フィギュア2012・故郷とともに NHK Trophy 2012・ Together with my Hometown DM 2012.11/19 情熱大陸 Spirits of the Athletes YT suberu 2012.11/25 羽生結弦17歳 地元宮城で最高の演技を魅せた Hanyu Yuzuru, 17 years old DM 2012.12/15 羽生結弦 2012全日本前 所信表明 Hanyu Yuzuru 2012 All Japan Championship Representative DM 2012.12/24 高橋大輔&羽生結弦 不動のエースx新星・激闘の裏側 Takahashi Daisuke & Hanyu Yuzuru Immovable Ace x New Star・Behind the fierce fight Youku 2012.12/26 羽生結弦x指田郁也・独占密着!コラボ舞台裏 Hanyu Yuzuru x Sashida Fumiya・ Exclusive Total Coverage! Behind the scenes of their collaboration DM 2013.01/08 英雄達の決断 Hero's Decision DM 2013.01/07 Interview after Japanese Nationals 2012 PH 2013.01/17 2013がむしゃら!18歳 2013 Daredevil! 18 years old DM 2013.02/07 世界との戦いを前に思うこと Thoughts before the battle with the world DM 2013.03/04 あの日から2年被震災の声を、聞く 2 years from that day: Listening to the voices from the earthquake disaster DM 2013.06/30 荒川静香 Friends+α Arakawa Shizuka's Friends PLUS α PH DM Channah
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