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  1. should be done! unfortunately i had to revert the chanes i told @turquoiseblue i was going to make but ill make them again later
  3. "I'm very well versed in right ankle sprains" pain
  4. sorry, not sure why the forum is not working well. i'll try to contact more support to try to get them to help. bad timing
  5. good idea! should be done now. it shows the next 10 events let me know if it's too much...
  6. I'm jealous!! Congrats on the tickets! Have fun and wish him lots of luck for us!!
  7. Good luck, Yuzu! Suddenly things got a lot more real Just hoping he's feeling okay and healthy 🙏 and hoping it's not a first pancake even though realistically it might be...
  8. Oh!! I was confused haha. Thanks for the clarification.
  9. Did Evgenia retire? Haven't heard from her in a while, but also didn't hear many others talking about this either!!
  10. 😱😱😱😱 YUZUUU 😳😳😳😳
  11. Thank you @Yuzu_legend @yuzuonice @Wyell @LadyLou and all who sent in messages and helped with streaming! And everyone who joined! That was fun
  12. Thank you all so much!!!
  13. I'll look into it! Thanks for your feedback.
  14. Happy Birthday, dear Yuzuru May 27 be a fulfilling year full of joys and successes and health. Wishing you a much luckier year than the last one that brings you much happiness We love you Yuzu
  15. same, but gpf is small fish. why not cancel all figure skating. lol.
  16. Wow, it happened. When will the world go back to normal? SEems like never tbh.
  17. at the moment i don't have time to make icons, but if anyone is willing to ask for permission from the fan-artist / crop into a circle / ensure that it looks fine even when shrunk to 22 pixel diameter, i'll be glad to change it every month (or whenever there's a new one)!
  18. I second this! It would be a nice detail, also taking into account that satellites have also folded cranes (2017 right?) for Yuzu before! actually we folded swans bc of swanyu, not sure if we can get that into a little icon tho? there's no original meaning hahaa, it's actually just the default. i'll think of something Yuzu related to replace it with
  19. What image would you like to use? I think it's possible to change that image but it would have to be for everyone, I don't think there's a way to do it only for those who opt in, I think.
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