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On 19/11/2017 at 10:34 PM, yuzuangel said:

I have a dog :biggrin: 



What a cutey! and he loves Yuzu as well:2thumbsup:

On 19/11/2017 at 11:17 PM, sallycinnamon said:

I had a black puli but sadly he died a couple of years ago.

He looked like this:





I don't have any pets now but there are some visitors in our garden...squirrels jumping and running on the rooftop almost every morning, and sometimes I find martens, hedgehogs and in the summer, bats too!

Sad to hear he passed away.

Do you plan to have another dog?

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Ahh a pets thread!


I have two dogs. They're both complete jerks. I adore them both, and I confuse them terribly during Yuzu's competition times because they cannot handle it when I'm stressed. During ACI, their toilet training went out the window, they were so confused and stressed out because I was so obviously worried. They handled CoR better and they were my great comfort during NHK. They just stole most of my bacon. But I still love them.

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Because I can't shut up once I start about my dogs, much like how I can't stop once I start about Yuzu...


I have two stupid rescues. We fostered them, they had no takers, and we kept them both. One had a kidney infection when we brought her home. The other had a broken butt and needed to be crated for six weeks while she healed because broken butts cannot be put in a cast and they need to be kept as still as possible. They're both happy (they should be, they got bacon today) and healthy now. They're both black and white mutts of completely mixed up heritage, but they are so different! They hated each other at first but cottage cheese turned out to be the magic thing that got them to get along. I cannot recommend adopting rescues highly enough. The way they just blossom into such distinctive personalities once they feel all safe and secure, it's amazing. But they will steal bacon. And socks, I have a whole bunch of socks with holes in them.

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It's been almost 4 years since someone last posted here so I'm going to ignore my embarrassment for the sake of displaying my beautiful, absolutely stunning little firefly that illuminates my life since the 18th of July - I called her Yuki and now I understand how proud mammas are of their babies :68468287:





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I have two kitties, they are very good boys (mostly).  Here is a link to a picture because I can't figure out how to embed it.  They were both barn cats I adopted as kittens. 


Fjord (laying down) - Likes: hugs, feather toys, playing rough; Dislikes: doorbells 

Hector (sitting) - Likes: laser pointers, frozen peas, yelling; Dislikes: playing rough 

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