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Yuzuru Hanyu ICE STORY 2nd 'RE_PRAY' TOUR - Saitama


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I thought I was calm about this but I am not😅 and I have no clue about anything Yuzu will do, and igmdk if it makes me more anxious or not 😆

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Moment of blind panic when I couldn't remember which account I used to log in on the beyond site :tumblr_inline_mn41rkfu9v1qz4rgp: and I should have done myself some chamomile instead of tee. I forgot watching Yuzu stuff live had this effect on me:13877886:


Wishing all the satellites and fans in the arena the best Yuzu experience, and to us good viewing and Yuzu to fully enjoy it (and of course stay healthy!)😊😊

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Just now, lynnidolz said:

Hi guys.So excited to watch Yuzuru skating again.Quick question if we missed today show live on Beyond live then we have to wait till 14 November to able to access the archive right?

Is that the first date they have listed? 

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