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[2022] Grand Prix Espoo

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I really enjoyed Mai's and Jenni's performance - Jenni seemed a little disappointed with her points (so am I).


Audience is very sparse, but quite supportive. 


Also, I'd like to blame ISU for my smashed phone screen, but I guess that's on me...:weeping: I hope they'll still be able to read the ticket on my phone


Edit: also, I think I spotted a Japanese fanyu (she had Yuzu merch) :heart:


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Just watching the men's second group from home! I hope all you satellites in the rink have fun watching these guys - I think I've seen all of them except the Estonian skate live and they're all very exciiting sksters.

Fingers crossed that good Camden is here today, not inconsistent heartbreaker Camden.


And nobody blink while watching Keegan - he moves sooo fast!


Crowds looks very sparse but at least the queues will be short for food and washrooms.



Beautiful costume on Levandi!

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The attendance today looked really weak. Friday can't be an excuse because it was already evening so if anyone wanted to go to the competition they made sure they were there. Figure skating in Europe is in serious trouble (elsewhere too but Europe is worse than others). I don't know what's the situation in other countries where the ISU Youtube stream is geoblocked but the GP series is not streamed anymore on the website of our sports channel and Eurosport TV doesn't broadcast it either. Football World Cup can't be an excuse either because it was already the case 3-4 weeks ago too. It is the first time this happens because in previous years it was either on TV and/or it was also streamed live. So the TV ratings and the live stream views were probably so bad that they decided not to stream/broadcast the second half of the GP Series. 


Ilia's 41+ PCS is of course grossly overscored. If he came from a smaller and less powerful federation and he'd have less quads he'd get around 35 for this skate (and that'd be the score he's deserve for a skate like that).

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2 hours ago, YuDai said:

Xinyu came to sit in front of me 



Edit: hes kind of blocking my view though since he's so tall :68468287:


How tall is he?   Do you know.  We were wondering that earlier.  He looks way taller than the other male skaters.  

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