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Notte Stellata Moomin costume.



Butterfly edit (Thursday morning) : it is still well, explores the bedroom in the morning to find new "caves" and sleeps most of the time. I didn't see it have dinner yesterday, but it always has at least a breakfast. And loves blueberries too, which puts three fruits on its diet, with pear and grape. I suppose it is enough. I cannot give it flower nectar anyway.

And butterflies have their tasting buds "under their feet", which explains why it holds so firmly on pieces of fruit even when it is not having them. :tumblr_inline_mto5i7Wpxr1qid2nw:

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5 hours ago, TallyT said:

Is there a festival at the minute? Or some other reason for these beauties... and someone needs to create a book/anime/film about the ice prince and his white dragon.




The thing is, in the anime, Yuzuru Hanyu would rather be Haku/Kohaku himself (and, while not finding Disney princes very enthusiasting, I do find Haku/Kohaku is, both in his dragon and in his human shape).

But the pictures are so beautiful.

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A busy father! And let's not forget the two newborn whom we don't know yet, but which must be his main preoccupation!



And another Yuzuru-doll maker :



EDIT : butterfly update.

The butterfly died yesterday (Friday) evening. :crybaby:

Nothing unexpected though...

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I wish so much his heart to feel warm!

In fact, thirsty cactus as I am, I am really happy that he's about to have been 7 months in a row with all his family and this must be the most heart-warming thing possible. With Pooh too, but he always has its company. :dancingpooh:


And it seems we've missed ToshI's birthday :



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