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2 minutes ago, getsurenka said:

Looking at the clips, isn't the NHK documentary coming out? Today or soon? I saw someone posted how it was sad maybe?

yeah I checked NHK and the program is still going on, but different athletes' time now.. I'll download all of it when it is finished :laughing: and shoot I missed the youtube press con, luckily it can be playbacked.. aah so many contents today and tomorrow

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Update on the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan's press conference to be held tomorrow:

FCCJ will also provide a live stream.
Their official youtube channel:


ETA: I've added this new link to my last post on this press conference for those who has already bookmarked it.

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39 minutes ago, Xen said:

I spot very familiar faces! The pins, I still have mine from ACI!

The nail art-daaaamn! And those grandmas in the pooh onesies...goals for later!

Though now a days, I think if you get to know him a bit better, you wonder why the heck are there still people confused about why he has the fandom he has? It's pretty obvious to me, and I think the fandom number is lower than it should be. :facepalm:

I hope Yuzu watched these. Or not? He might get scared of his fans. Kidding, he's a good boy. :acceptable:

My 13yo niece and 17yo nephew watched 2017 World's with me, the last group. It was because i watched it in YT on our big-ass TV with a very loud volume and so they had no choice but to watch it too. :biggrin: 

My niece said she understands what i see in Yuzu. She said Yuzu is special and way above the others. My nephew thought he was a girl. :waffle: 

I made him watch Yuzu's other programs for punishment. :hachimaki: 

He liked Chopin, SEIMEI, Requiem, the Swan (and he wisely didn't comment on the costume), Pari-san, and only the music of R&J1. 

My niece watched Yuzu's programs of her own volition, liked everything, especially LGC. 

I'm so so proud they have great taste. :tumblr_inline_n18qr5lPWB1qid2nw: 


Now when should i make them watch Yuzu's off-ice shenanigans. :darklordyuzu:

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1 hour ago, Erin said:

Sorry for interrupting the gloomy thoughts, may i ask if we keep videos like these:




Yuzu's fans are featured. Are there any from this planet? 

And also, is there a better quality of the first one? 


Awww this just made me want to go to at least one competition to see him live :smiley-sad021:

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hace 12 minutos , Erin said:

I was about to go to sleep but of course i have the right priorities, so Yuzu first. :laughing: 

Thank you for this! Gonna watch this before i sleep, hoping to dream of Yuzu. :embSwan: 

I have to wait until I get home :(.


Returning to normal life still is nowhere near :laughing:




I am not sure if it was shared but it seems that the famous AERA issue will be back in stock on March 3 on Amazon.



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