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  1. If anyone wants to watch the whole thing, I uploaded the entire show here! Both of Yuzu's performances were absolutely incredible, I really hope he keeps one of them for his ex next season!
  2. This has more clips of Rika's new free skate, it looks really good! Hopefully we get to see it at FAOI.
  3. 1. H&L's biellman spin OR Chopin's backcounter 3A 2. Seimei's one leg entry into a camel spin OR The Swan's combination sit spins 3. First person to land 4A in competition OR Win perfect streak in a season 4. 3Peat Olym Champion OR WR holder in SP, FS, and Total under the new system for another 5 years (this means even after another successive Olympic season) 5. Haru Yo Koi and Requiem of Heaven and Earth OR The Swan and White Legend 6. Sexiness: PW 2.0's running-through-hair OR Chopin 3.0's Ina Bauer 7. Costume and hair: LGC or Seimei 8. First person to land a 4T-4T combo in competition OR first person to land a Quintuple Toe in competition 9. Change coach and compete for another 4 years (this but stay with TCC!) OR Retire before the 19/20 season and go on a hiatus before returning as a coach in 2022 10. Skate clean to LGC in competition or land a Quad Flip in competition 11. Yuzu's program choreo: Jeffrey Buttle OR Shae-Lynn Bourne (can't choose they're both amazing!) 12. Favorite rawness/passion: RJ 2012 World or Seimei NHK 13. Chopin's ending pose and reaction: NHK/GPF/World/ACI/Pyeongchang 14. Yuzu's struggling with English moments OR Yuzu's laughing sound 15. ITA commentaries OR No commentary 16. Yuzu guest starring in a new movie OR Yuzu guest starring in Tokyo Ghoul 17. New hair color OR Stage make up 18. Drama: Skate to YOI's EROS for an exhibition OR Get an IG account 19. earphones OR pooh 20. If YUZU were not a figure skater: would you want him to be a baseball player OR soccer player bonus: Music choice: Shoma's Moonlight or Alina's POTO (PLEASE let Alina's FS be better....)
  4. I’m so happy for her! I’m super proud of the way she handled this whole situation, I hope she comes back next season strong and healthy and better than ever!
  5. I literally gasped when I opened the site, the theme looks so beautiful! I can't believe the Olys are so close, there's less than 2 weeks before we get to see him perform again if he's doing the team event.
  6. Ah it's really hard to choose, they're all really good!
  7. Wow, these are so good! I especially like the second and third ones!
  8. I love the new layout, the banner is beautiful! And I love all these emojis!
  9. These are so good! :goe: I think Chopin is my favorite.
  10. novana

    Music talk

    If he skates to a movie soundtrack, I would like it to be a Japanese movie. But somehow I started to wonder could he go for Schindler´s list? It is a warhorse but still very beautiful and touching music. His interpretation of it would bring people in big tears for sure. Schindler's List sounds like a great idea, I'm sure he could bring the entire crowd to tears if he did a program to music like that!
  11. That's so cool! :omg: What did you say?
  12. I would recommend the Memrise app, it's helped me out a lot. I only use the free version of it, but you can pay to unlock the premium version which gives you more features. The HiNative app is also really good, you can ask native speakers questions, though I'd say it's more useful if you're looking to speak or get conversational.
  13. Wow that's awesome, I hope you have a lot of fun!
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