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  1. Hi! I made this thread some time ago on GS. Search for Yuzuru and you'll find some. There's a link for my old compilation there too. Some videos are probably deleted though. Don't remember about any roller skating tribute though. Hopefully you'll find what you're looking for!
  2. I strongly agree with this. He doesn't strike me as someone that will keep competing regardless of his placements. It's either compete for gold or retire and I believe he also said it himself. Some poster above also said that he would likely retire if he wins everything next season but I think that's dubious. He could also think "Why retire now if I'm still having so much success? I could keep this rythm until Beijing". There's just too many variables. The chances of him going to Beijing are getting more real though. Also, Yuzuru does wants to bring back the 4Lz but we also need to consider that Nathan has much more competition experience with his 4Lz (and 4F). And Yuzuru's 4A could be more of a gamble than anything but that depends on how his training is going and we have no idea of it. It may sound a bit pessimistic, but introducing a new jump (I would consider new since he only attempted it once at competition If I remember correctly), specially one where he injured himself, is not an easy task in the slightest and opens the margin for errors. He's of course capable of it and he has the gabage of training it for the 2017-2018 season so he at least has a whole off season of training it in his run throughs besides this one but it's still new scenario. I read it as quiNts. This talk is messing with my head.
  3. Saw this program by the junior skater who wore a replica of Masquerade costume and thought that Yuzuru would murder a song like that. Here's the whole song, it's a cover by Ciara of a Rolling Stones song. Or maybe something by Florence and the Machine. I know the chances of it happening are negative 3298 %. But, well, had to put it out there.
  4. If he doesn't come up with a new competitive program next season (even if I'm hoping for a new short) I hope that he has a new EX. He said that he couldn't skate to Masquerade because it's too draining, but he could explore a different style in a EX without the competitive/technical constraints. Though It's probable that he will use Crystal Memories since It's choreographed by David Wilson and has english lyrics. But It's too similar to the style of EX he has always done and I'm honestly not a big fan of it compared to the others (choreo, song etc).
  5. Amazing (!!!) Does anyone have the video?
  6. Anastasia Gubanova said Yuzuru is one of her idols here. Based on the automatic translation from youtube she says that he's a 'god' of figure skating, both in jumping and skating itself, although naturally she doesn't aim to skate like him. She also mentioned Carolina Kostner and Ashley Wagner. Hopefully the translation is correct. The funniest is when she was asked about idols among russian skaters she said "Hmm... myself" LOL At 22:55
  7. It's cute to see all of this program speculation when it's clear he'll bring back our favourite Notre Dame 2.0 next season coupled with Otonal for more 2 seasons and eventually recycle Origin for Beijing! Saying out loud my fears help me to cope with them. Honestly, I really hope he doesn't recycle anything but you never know when it comes to him. He may want to skate Origin at the GPF because Torino or to keep Otonal since it was a successful program scoring wise to focus more on the free skate like 2015-2016. And there's also the matter of how his past injuries will play into upping the technical content with brand new programs. I liked both (specially Otonal and Origin's costume is a masterpiece) but we're not sure about how many competitive seasons he'll have from now on so I'd like to see him exploring new music and creating more signature programs. But this is just my wish as a powerless fan. It's his call after all. Meanwhile I'm here trying to channel "NEW PROGRAMS!" by telepathy.
  8. That's a lot to process here! You really did a lot of reseach, it was great. And I think I could (maybe) understand it a bit better although these 'functions' still make my head spin. I don't know much about MBTI, just took a test some time ago and found out I apparently fall into INTP but didn't go much further. The description sounded accurate to me though and almost wizardry , but I know that there's no scientific evidence about this thing, just think it is fun. I read briefly about ISFP and I think that it can be a great fit to him. But is it accurate to evaluate people we don't know into these categories even if they never took the test themselves? I chuckled when I took the test and they suggested several celebrities that may or may not fall into the same category as mine. I admit i'm a born skeptic, can't help it. Thought it was funny how they used a 'Cat' in this video. He actually describes himself as a cat. This is the pinnacle of evidence! Just kidding. But I think the description at this video reminded me of him several times. This video is a bit overtly positive though, so I tried to find the 'weaknesses' part and among other things found this: Overly Competitive - Can escalate small things into intense competitions, turning down long-term success in their search for glory in the moment, and are unhappy when they lose. But I also found that they tend to dislike long term plans. This seems quite off for someone who tried to plan all of his career already as a child. But people don't fit into these types perfectly obviously, they're more complex than that. What is your take about that? Thank you for the analysis!
  9. Afterwards I remembered Shoma's Loco. It's a tango though, and it was a bit polarizing since some people thought it was too dramatic. But soft/lyrical vocals is even more rare, can't think of anything else. I can understand if you're portraying a character that already exists, but even with modern music choices it's that way.
  10. Thanks, I didn't know about the origin of the hip rolls Lol Still, I can't with them. If they were at Masquerade I would've burt out laughing. Most 'flirtatious' programs make me cringe, I don't why but specially by men. It was a miracle that I loved LGC and PW the way I did, usually I would watch once then I'm done. I guess Yuzuru can sell me anything! Well, unless he comes up with a Chaplin next,..then I believe even his powers won't be enough My favourite Change is the one at the left here, I think it was Nagoya festival, unfortunately it was deleted from youtube after the purge(s). Though I'm tempted to say the first version just because of the sheer atrocity of the caqui pants plus ugly oversized shirt, barely consistent 3A and the fact that he seems to be going through it and about to die halfway through. A mess, but a lovable one.
  11. Rewatching it the part that I can think of this one at 5:10. But I don't think it's a big deal, choreographers do have almost their 'signature' movements sometimes, as long as it's not on most of the programs and each of them have a clear different vision then I think it's ok. I guess let's wait until we see the full programs she comes up to see if there's a big pattern or not. Like others here I also feel that the reason skaters flocked to her was because of the SPs she did for Nathan. I thought it was great choreography specially Nemesis since I'm not a big fan of the style of Caravan, but Caravan was also successful for most. Everyone wants a formula of success since they managed to find a style he can work with. I wish he could recreate Nemesis in a few years so we could see the full potential of it. Yuzuru's programs with her were successful also, but a lot of the credit somehow ended up going to him more than anything. Only SEIMEI choreo overall was praised to the high heavens, but his involvement also was made clear. H&L is genius in my opinion but the choreo wasn't appreciated as much , neither was Origin. But does anyone know if there's a possible reason why they seem to be going to Benoit?
  12. That's blasphemy! To be honest I honestly wasn't a big fan of Requiem up until Worlds 2016 like many others. Before it also wasn't as controlled as it was at Worlds, there it was light years better and one of his best performances. People also prefer Requiem because of the emotional baggage behind Boston. I'm also a 'Believe' defender! When he hits those overdramatic steps I ascend! But I can't be trusted with my initial opinion on his EXs Even at the first sight of Notte Stelatta I somehow thought it was empty at the Skate Canada gala practice, now I can watch it all day. The ones I loved on first sight were Haru Yo Koi (I'm obsessed), Hana Ni Nare and White Legend. With Masquerade I had to go through my initial denial of yet-again-kind-of-POTO but ended up one of my absolute favourites since I love some dramatic Yuzuru. Crystal memories is fine but there's moments in it that annoy me like how there's a high note and he's just doing a forward glide. Overall not a big fan of the choreo or the song, otherwise good costume and he's gorgeous as always. Wings Of Words is ok, hate the costume, he's gorgeous, don't like the song. Hello I Love You and Vertigo are fun and he can pull off anything, Vertigo still is just funny with those hip rolls, god no. LOVE 'Change' to bits!! The Justin Bieber one is funny in a nostalgic kind of way, he threw it down with that hoodie and white gloves Lol.
  13. I never really cared much for Final Time Traveler because I found the choreography unimpressive back then but I stumbled upon this practice and it's absolutely GORGEOUS. It's the only practice for this program that I could find. Or am I just suddenly in love with this because I'm having an emotional moment at midnight?? Lol Now that I think about it there's not many programs from male skaters set to female vocals. Actually I can't think of any other than this and his EX 'Believe' (the dramatic one with the orange top) off the top of my head. Can someone help me with that? I wonder why? I'm not a good parameter though, I don't watch much male skating anyway k This was probably shared already eons ago, but I don't care (!!) I'm posting again because I'm replaying this non stop.
  14. But the only part that I can think of is the one-foot axel at the Otonal step sequence, which was by Jeffrey not Shae Lynn. Evgenia also enters backwards in hers. Or do you have a moment in Origin that reminded you of this leap by Evgenia?
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