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  1. Hi guys! It has been such a long time since I last post due to work but also because of that I just realized most of the FS videos on youtube has been taken down especially all those hard work sub put on by Yuzuru's fans. So I just wanted to inform I did save some of the videos in case those who subbed on youtube need it. I screen record it with the sub on to save as my collection like this one for World 2017. So anyone need one can just ask and I can send them if I have it.
  2. To be honest I never watch Yuzuru's first GP performance when it was aired because I don't feel it will be what it supposed to be like, the first GP of R&J 1.0 did not look anything like R&J 1.0 performance at NICE 2012 and Seimei first performance at SC or ACI did not look anything like Seimei at NHK or GPF, it's that pattern with Yuzu because he seems to need a competition or two to get the hang of his program which is why I am so surprised with the quality of Otonal and Origin at GP Helsinki because this level did not usually come this early for Yuzu, I supposed due to his maturity now that he is calm and less aggressive in pursuing his usually perfectionist self and it is scary to think how much better he can improve his program and that is what echoed by most commentators I think. Usually his first GP or perf are bland but this level of blandness this season has up its ante a bit from previous seasons outings XD As for the story of Origin, I don't get any mythical vibe at all from it but instead felt like its more straightforward like I'm watching Yuzuru telling his story of his growth in FS using his idols music, why he started and why he is willing to endured the hardship that came with his passion and the people that inspire him that help him go through past that challenges. He first got interested to do FS seriously after watching Plushenko, and refine his style of skating after watching Weir hence translate into SP and FS. Especially when he bring back that signature illusion spin that he last did in Etude in 2012. As others said the stoicness could also came from him being cautious with the ice. So that's another testing water(ice? XD) for him. A lot of thing he can improve on definitely but I think I understand the perspective if commentators who praised him to the moon and back, its not always you get a two time olympic champion who wanted to compete again and see what else he wanted to bring to the table and that thoughts itself is an exciting thing to see and that could have been a factor to overlook the flaws in the program. The benefit of having low expectation but was given more XD
  3. I feel like this is what they were talking about LOL but so cute the way Yuzuru shook Cha's shoulder I haven't been able to post here during the competition because of nerve LOL but certainly enjoyed reading every single of you guys discussion XD
  4. So... it could be 4A, 3A, 4S-3T or 4A, 3A, 4T-3T? I felt shivers just typing that....
  5. So it's evening here already and I only managed to watch Yuzuru's performance only now after just taking a peek at the update this morning because the competition happened at 2am my time and I have work, so anyway, I felt like this is the first time that I can let go of the score part and focus on the quality of his performance... it's just so beautifully subtle to me, I think it will grow stronger definitely, after Yuzuru get rid of his early season (long hiatus) jitters. I actually avoid to see the protocol in an attempt to keep this perceptive. I'm very excited where this new Yuzu will go from here, and of course very excited to see origin today... it will be 2am again but hey it's sunday tomorrow.
  6. HAHAHAHAHAHA So the list of weird things Yuzuru did this season 1. Short program is 5 seconds shorter 2. Long program is 10 seconds longer 3. 4T+3A SEQ 4. All jumps in short program is in first half If he gets a world record with this, this will be the biggest troll we ever seen
  7. So I read on twitter that Yuzuru's SP is 5 seconds shorter than requirement but his long is 10 seconds longer than requirement... can someone clarify this
  8. Commentator for JGP who has been working harder than anyone to promote FS by making it more accessible and always positive when commenting about skaters even while commenting their weakneses in program.
  9. Jason looks like in a really good form during practice just now... his jumps look so smooth
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