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  1. [2018] Olympic Games Men Free Skating

  2. [2018] Olympic Games Men Short Program

  3. General Yuzuru chat

    Sorry to hear about your grandpa Hydro, hope he gets better soon! Meanwhile i hope this can get you on other thoughts for a while
  4. General Yuzuru chat

    I'm a bit late to the party but Happy new year everyone! I wanna start off with saying that I'm so thankful to have discovered Yuzu and figure skating this year, although very late.... I never thought that this one sport (aka yuzu) would bring me all this sort of emotions, but it's still the best thing that has happened to me this year. I'm so happy i found this planet, you guys are so funny and awesome! I can't believe i even got to see yuzu only within a few months after getting to know about him, and also even meeting some of you guys! I was really happy during these days and it felt like we were one big family And it still feels unreal!??? I feel like it's really a privilege to get know yuzu and being able to watch him live :') May 2018 be a year fillled with happiness for Yuzu and everyone here! (Wow this is the longest post i've ever made xD)
  5. It seems like this one stopped streaming so i was wondering if they started a new one? Where are you guys watching?
  6. General Yuzuru chat

    Okay i'm trying not to freak out right now, but who's the first one??? Could this be him????
  7. General Yuzuru chat

    I don't post very often but the birth of our king is something to celebrate!!! Happy birthday Yuzu!!! May all your wishes and dreams come true! I wish nothing but hapiness and good health for you. You deserve all the good things in the world! I love you so much and can't wait to see you skate again!
  8. General Yuzuru chat

    I can definitely see him do 'we will rock you' Just look at that rockstar
  9. There's a following button at the end of page where you can choose how often you want to be notified!
  10. Oh so all the practices won't be on the main rink?? There's none as of now but i believe they should go on sale as there were practice tickets for helsinki??
  11. Do you think yuzu's gonna be at all the practices from the 19th-24th?? I'm don't know if i should buy practice tickets for all days?? And how difficult do you think it is to resell tickets for ice dance??
  12. Omg knowing that the tickets could be released anytime makes me so anxious Been waiting for an announcement so i could be prepared, but i guess not... Oh that's great to hear, i was afraid they'd been all sold out!! Now it'd be great if they only could let us know the prices... xD
  13. Does anyone know if we'll be given a date and time for the release of the tickets (like they did with aci), or will they just release it without any notice?? Also does all the grey seats mean they're sold out already?? Omg this is so stressful