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  1. Thank you!! Oh Yuzu haha. I wish I had his focus
  2. Wow thanks for the responses guys!! I wasn't expecting all these helpful resources I have read through part of the glossary thread and it is suuuper helpful!! I will definitely look into the other sites and videos! And yes, this is absolutely the best random recommendation YouTube has given me haha. I only wish it had introduced me to our dear Yuzu sooner
  3. Sorry I know this is old now, but I can't seem to view the tweet and I am quite intrigued. Does anyone know where I could see the video?
  4. Hello everyone! My story is similar to @Rinnarsev lol. A little over a month-ish ago, YouTube randomly recommended Seimei from the 2018 Olympics. One watch and I was hooked! 😍 I have never followed figure skating before, although I remember looking at my mom's old book of photos of Kristi Yamaguchi when I was little. I'm a little confused sometimes at the skating lingo but I'm super happy to be here!
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