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  1. I am watching Angel's Last Mission now. Why do I have a feeling Kim Myung-soo (L) looks a lot like Shoma? Like a LOT....
  2. When I said, he is trying to un-ninja himself some time ago, I had no idea... He must really love the fans to do this. And I love his skating "beauty" routines!
  3. For me, Fanyu is an entirely positive term, as I am quite new to all this and I haven't heard about the origin of this word. I am proud to use it and I hope we can turn it into positive as @Nighticeswan said. It would be nice if we could one day show to all the people that Fanyus are better then the term originally suggested. Anyway, if it is something uncomfortable to a number of fans, in such case it would be better to use a different term.
  4. He should consider playing some PC games. I don't want to buy Nintendo just because of Yuzu. Or do I...?
  5. You are amazing! This is so beautiful and really informative! And you have done great things with the design. You have my admiration.
  6. Sooo, who else is watching the famous Evangelion on Netflix? I started today and I have to say, after three episodes I already understand Yuzu's performance investment. On the other hand, it makes the contrast between him and joyfully-hand-waving Jeff or brightly/stiffly smiling Tessa and Akiko even greater. Did they really not get any info about the anime?
  7. Until they stop performing altogether and just focus on jumping to catch him. I hope that doesn't happen. I want to watch figure skating with jumps, not figure jumping.
  8. Did he just answer a beauty routine question attempt with a skating answer?
  9. However... Maybe... Could we hope for TWO podiums with "Roman and The Waist" content?
  10. So... nothing I could get to... Now I am hoping for a reasonable ticket price for finals
  11. And this: Netflix should thank Yuzu. Really. Because I am for sure going to watch that anime and I believe I am not alone... Hanyuconomy is coming to Netflix, people!
  12. Well, it's still possible to be true, given the time zone change. Weren't the practices like super early and the show in the afternoon? That would make it 23rd for us... Edit: Seems you were right. They practiced probably in the afternoon 23rd. Another explanation is, he meant "performed" as in practice. Whatever, he is simply cool.
  13. While waiting for the assignments, this thread is pretty amazing. I didn't know all that:
  14. Also @KatjaThera, hope you are safe and okay.
  15. This article is somewhat helpful. Nice map and tsunami estimates. It seems the epicenter was on the west coast this time, so Sendai should be safe. Still... https://earthquake-report.com/2019/06/18/very-strong-earthquake-near-west-coast-of-honshu-japan-june-18-2019/3
  16. Heh, Youtube knows about the upcoming drought and gives me content I haven't seen before. And this is I knew he was filming this, but I have seen only short snippets before.
  17. Thank you! I had to save this for future reference.
  18. Guys, with the end of FaOI marathon, I find myself very much inspired. And as I wanted to give our FaOI twins a proper goodbye, I had to write again... Only a little...
  19. Please, after FaOI, I have a strong need for something like this:
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