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  1. I am so excited to join the Planet once again after a while to watch YuzuSkatingParty! Thank you for making this happen! See, Yuzu, you bring out the best in people!
  2. Guys, I need to thank you! Really!!! You are amazing! I didn't know about Wanikani before, so I had to check it out after your posts. That website is AMAZING!!! Those crazy mnemonics are the right method for me and after few days I've learned much more than after a year of Japanese classes. I don't have much will to find and learn new vocabulary alone, so I was a bit lost in my progress, but mnemonics are making everything so much easier and so much fun! I am still at the second level, so I know, it will get difficult really quick, but even so I am learning tons of stuff every day. Thanks for the tip.
  3. Yes, count me in as well! I am terrible with names up to the point it is frustrating for the others. Like I hear someone introduce himself and when we shake hands I don't remember the name already. I will probably prefer the PH nickname, because pronouncing my name is a little nightmare for many languages and it is longer than needed in everyday conversation, but I don't mind showing both. I am just happy I can join the Poohrino party.
  4. I can't wait to see actual figure skating for once...
  5. That's adding a whole new level to this world's insanity. I am able to watch your :2 right now on the internet, but not :1. They are blocking probably only some programs, depending on the bought rights, at least for us. No idea, what is ČTV doing with the restrictions. I thought, they would allow you to watch probably the ČT original programs at least, or other that you have rights for... Well, one is learning new things every day.
  6. Are you able to watch the Czech one, or is it restricted? I can watch your TV, it would be odd, if it(our programs, I mean) was restricted for you. Edit: On the other hand, one can never be sure. Recently, I've watched a Czecho-Slovakian movie, that was dubbed in Czech. Shocking experience. Anyway, try to watch on CT Sport, if you don't mind Czech commentary.
  7. Yes, Czech TV. That's the one (in the list provided above), streaming all GPs this season. They usualy don't show GP though, sometimes GPF and Euro + Worlds of course. I guess it's because Uncle Brez is skating and FS is somewhat popular here for decades. Sadly, Czech commentary can be a bit... how to put it... our commentators are usually very neutral, often don't know much about skaters. The only time I've heard someone praising Yuzuru without any "but", was last Worlds Gala. Even with other skaters, I think our commentators are just careful not to praise any "non-Czech" skaters too much. I have no idea, if it is possible to watch without commentary, or if it is blocked, but I guess, since it is Czech TV, it will be accessible only locally.
  8. Ouch, it seems our TV has Skate Canada scheduled. So no Youtube for me. I am dead. But at least, they are streaming live, which is unusual, since men are at 3 am.
  9. Also, is this real? And free? https://mobile.twitter.com/ISU_Figure/status/1184053760332570624
  10. Hilarious! That explains the 'Yuzuru Hanyu from China' incident.
  11. Don't. It is totally not worth it. Each video is a brain cell murder.
  12. I don't know... it is really painful to watch. I don't understand him, but even from his face, I can tell, he was unhappy. Like very unhappy. To the point he has tears in his voice. I think he was very kuyiashi. I am okay with Yuzu messing up his elements and getting less points for that reason, but this... this is just a painful injustice. I am still salty and seeing this is not helping.
  13. Well, check the Czech one here. There are some result charts, but I can't with the "Juzuru Hanjú". Sometimes I really hate the efforts to make everything look like a Czech word. (I guess I have some work to do...)
  14. If he did, I can't even imagine what did Lotte need to promise to get him into this thing. Did they send like half of the value of Japan to a charity?
  15. And he is at least smiling. In blue-green monstrosity his face is more like "please hurry with the photo, I want out of that thing" kind of smile.
  16. Okay, that thing is terrible. But I am sorry... he looks beautiful! source Dory? Beautiful! I love Dory! It has some shape. I know, those wings.... but come on, it is beautiful! But this monstrosity? NOOOOO! That is unfair! What is it supposed to be? IT has no shape. Where is The Waist™? What about those shoulders?
  17. Honestly, this is some weird Disney combo of Prince Charming and Alladin. Put Ken in there too. I wish they would do a commercial with sweaty Yuzu instead.
  18. https://mobile.twitter.com/na_na_bel/status/1179391516298625024 Oh God, I thought the pink pajamas was the worst.
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