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  1. I love this design! It would be great if everyone could get his own banner, even outside of PH. As for printing, I couldn't find anything cheap around here, but I am able to invest and have my own banner printed, if group printing would be too complicated.
  2. I thought so. You are right. It is best not to do that, even "just in case". I wouldn't want to offend anyone. We want to show our support for Yuzu, not to start international war. This is amazing! I totaly want to use this. And the more people have these, the more visible it would be.
  3. Did anyone say anything about that idea I posted posted before (which is not really mine, but I really don't remember who suggested it)? It would probably go like this (sorry about this picture, I grabbed the first one I found for time purposes ): simply a Japanese flag with our flag inside + something written over that And this is probably a question for Japanese fans here. I know, that the flag is much respected. Would this be okay, or is it inappropriate to paste another flag inside like this? I like it from the design point of view and it would save some space, instead of sewing two flags together... Anyway, if it is a bad idea, two flags are okay with me as well.
  4. Someone actually suggested a Japanese flag with our country flag pasted instead of the red centre. Plus the "We love Yuzuru from around the world" printed on that. I am really sorry, I don't remember who that was but it was discussed in Torino thread I think. I love this idea. Would it be rude to mess with Japanese flag this way?
  5. I forgot the non-asian actors! Sorry guys! Oh yes, Colin Firth (my favorite J.Austen guy and all his other roles... ). Viggo Mortensen - because Aragorn was cool! Sean Bean - he is simply exquisite And I have to mention Heath Ledger. He was my high-school favorite actor. Charming and sweet and I think his acting was great. It is sad he died so young.
  6. I approve! These goats look as graceful as the G.O.A.T himself. The length of the legs and the wise look... good job! (I've never before said about a plushie, that it looks wise. I hope it is not weird. )
  7. Yeah, my list is a bit too long. I watch a lot of asian drama, as you see.
  8. Sooo.... is he going to go for wild ToshI look with hair gelled all the way up, revealing shortly cut hair underneath the mushroom....?
  9. Aaawwww..... that feeling when ACI appears among PH Upcoming Events...
  10. ...sure is... ... next thing we know... Yuzu announces he is switching to pair competitions now ...
  11. Imagine... this autumn, free skate starts, Origin pose, hands up........ and all fanyus in the audience take out their dispensers... and click....
  12. Okay. The situation is critical. I made a sound when I saw these. I made a loud sound. Or to be specific, the sound made itself. I don't even know, what that was - surprise, shock, laughter, hiccup, joy, beginning nosebleed..... At least I am not in the office right now.
  13. It's unbelievable, that we have only two weeks until a totally new psychosis begins...
  14. And what about this... It is psychedelic, right?
  15. Come on! Why would you want to unsee this beautiful pink onesie?
  16. In such case, everyone would be dead dead. Including the judges. And Raf would have another speech about psychological warfare. No! No, thank you!
  17. OMG! What did I just see?! Lotte is always giving us something to discuss, but this......? HOW COULD YOU!!!! I demand this to be erased from the Earth surface!!!!
  18. I would love to see an improved version of Otonal costume. Very much. However, I think the theme should stay the same. I don't know, if it was originally composed as the icy northern autumn music (I have a feeling I've read somewhere, that Di Blasio composed it as Russian autumn, but I don't know, if I remember it correctly...), but the music sure does have this feel. I am hearing the ice specks and all in the music. So no yellow leaves for me. Anyway, if Yuzu brings it back, I will be thrilled to see it live in Torino! Please, all the ankles, hold out until then!
  19. OMG! What did they do to him? WHO did this to him? He always looks gorgeous, but this... this is soooo much more!
  20. Honestly, Yuzu is THE genius in this game. He has the ability to get even the most salty judges in a situation, when they don't have another option but to press that +points button. I have faith! (Edit: And this statement seems to be appropriate for my 2000th post. Amen.)
  21. Honestly, I think there are plenty of people that love them, because they are nothing less then salty about Yuzu. And how many so-called "professionals" are talking trash about Yuzuru? It is rare and sadly, some people just need others to reassure them that Yuzu is not the GOAT and the vast number of his fans are just blind, manipulated fangirls... So even, if it is sad and infuriating, those drama queens are going to have their regular audience and because they are so "popular", new FS fans are still going to watch them, thinking they are actual FS experts. I know I did that once. (Never again! I really can't stomach their comments anymore...)
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