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  1. It happened at AO tennis prior to entering bubble. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/sport/2021/jan/14/us-tennis-player-tennys-sandgren-flying-to-australian-open-despite-positive-covid-test IIRC there was another incident with players testing positive as virus shedding but I can't remember whether the outcome was to quarantine or allowed to continue to train https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/australia-news/2021/jan/19/restrictions-may-ease-for-australian-open-players-if-positive-covid-cases-shown-to-be-historical The cases in AO
  2. There's an exemption to enter the country for athletes and support staff. This has been in place since November 2020 https://polisen.se/en/the-swedish-police/the-coronavirus-and-the-swedish-police/travel-to-and-from-sweden/
  3. isakura: you won't need VPN to use or subscribe. Except don't set VPN to Japan as it doesn't allow viewers in Japan to use the service. FOD: you will need VPN to subscribe and use. The enrolment screen is straightforward - email address / password. Subsequent screen requests credit card details. Just remember to cancel within the 14 day trial period and you won't be charged (although a pre-authorisation charge may be taken) There are pros and cons of both: personally I find FOD doesn't lag compared to iSakura, however the setup / cancellation process may be more co
  4. there's more money involved with Worlds - they'll try to hold on to it until the last minute.
  5. I hope not - it would be tone-deaf for any sports to divert initial limited supplies away from HCWs and at risk groups. In my country, it is expected that a vaccination roll-out in Dec/Jan for these sectors would only be completed around Easter. Also it would be unfair for skaters from countries without ready access to vaccine. In the long term, I could see possible compulsory vaccination as participant requirement but not if WC is held in March 2021 as planned.
  6. Can I say that Skate Canada's response to covid has been great since the farce of Montreal Worlds. If JSF don't send their skaters to WC and Japanese sponsors start pulling out - highly unlikely scenario given how JSF went ahead with NHK - then there's a better chance ISU will consider alternatives. A bubble is not foolproof since the PCR test gives a false negative early on especially for asymptomatic cases https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-55083091 It took up to 10 days before there was a positive test result for a player at the US Open tennis earlier this year even th
  7. Entries to JNats close on 24 Nov so I think we will hear soon whether Yuzuru plans to compete or not. Same tbh - it's not in the interests of large Feds or ISU to implement objective judging system.
  8. According to Noto-san's tweet, they opened pre-orders early since the book size is non-standard and they wanted an estimate of numbers for the first print run. You should be able to eventually order from Amazon JP if you don't need a copy immediately after the book's release! I also noticed this around mid-March. I think Amazon JP changed it's pre-order policy for international shipping 🤔 . Didn't have any issues with purchasing books after release date.
  9. Good luck with the tix! I believe fans are still clarifying with the organiser whether part of the merchandise proceeds will be donated to reconstruction efforts (as distinct from "merchandise sold at exhibition")
  10. Mao's Thanks Tour was around Y3000 (inclusive of fees) for the livestream. At the moment, it's not clear whether the PIA livestream requires a PIA account to purchase ticket - if it does then it will be difficult to access from overseas as you normally need a Japanese mobile to set up an account. Mao's livestream was sold through a different platform. Since DOI will be aired live on TBS CS channels, an alternative may be to take out a 3 day subscription to one of net tv providers. Depending on the provider you select it's probably about USD 5 for 3 days access and some provide
  11. First pic? that's a print introducing the exhibition! The painting is less than A4 size
  12. For two sporting events held in Europe where social distancing will be implemented that I'm aware of: - the general practice was to cancel all tickets and refund everyone - a reduced number of tickets were then re-sold - priority booking period was open to people who originally held event tickets - remaining tickets were sold in general booking period Much bigger (and therefore wealthier) sport than FS but I would hope that the above principles will be followed by Sweden. Neither event has been held yet so we'll see whether they go ahead in the social distance
  13. Thank you for the translations! Recently finished watching the anime and read the manga arcs following the anime season-end - really enjoyable, particularly the character development (dare I say better than YoI.....)
  14. Partly speculation and partly experience with other country's visa requirements: Rika would have entered Switzerland on a visitor's visa; Shoma would be wanting to apply for a work or study visa. If Shoma had started the visa application process before travel restrictions, he won't be able to enter as a visitor without invalidating the work / study visa application. The only thing you can do in that situation is wait for the original application to be processed.
  15. if i read the original information correctly it is sent with orders of the exhibition book (until stocks of sendai booklet runs out, first come first served). There'a another way to get the Sendai booklet - I think this is easier if you are based in Japan - the tourist centre will send it out to you if you apply and send in stamped self addressed envelope. The instructions are here: https://www.city.sendai.jp/contentsoushutsu/sendaimeguri_senyousaito.html The site seems to accept international credit card - at least my order was confirmed, so you may want to try Te
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