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  1. if i read the original information correctly it is sent with orders of the exhibition book (until stocks of sendai booklet runs out, first come first served). There'a another way to get the Sendai booklet - I think this is easier if you are based in Japan - the tourist centre will send it out to you if you apply and send in stamped self addressed envelope. The instructions are here: https://www.city.sendai.jp/contentsoushutsu/sendaimeguri_senyousaito.html The site seems to accept international credit card - at least my order was confirmed, so you may want to try Tenso which is a forwarding service giving you local Japanese address and phone number. It might work out cheaper than proxy. Disclaimer: I haven't used Tenso for a couple of years but it worked fine in the past. Happy shopping!
  2. The situation will be more clear when they announce whether the Australian Open tennis will go ahead or not in late January 2021 (or how it will go ahead) - 100x more international visitors and $$$ involved than 4CC. Even if the tennis is allowed to go ahead, unless Yuzu goes to 4CC - my expectations are low - I wouldn't be surprised if Australia FS decides to cancel due to the cost involved of staging the event.
  3. If the ISU Awards doesn't get enough views, dare I hope they don't repeat it?!?
  4. ISU and the govt were responsible for letting the event go ahead; research shows the areas where much bigger events held in the same week did have more Covid cases https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-52797002
  5. For those people thinking about cancelling but are hesitating due to non-refundable flights / hotels or have cancelled, please please contact your airline, booking agent, hotel or airbnb about the possibility of refund no matter what the original cancellation policy stated - travel providers are being incredibly flexible and responsible at the moment with refunds and cancellation fees despite their own losses. Not to do with Worlds, but many people I know have cancelled their upcoming travel plans and managed to get full refund or rebooked for later in the year after contacting the airline or booking site.
  6. [SALE] All ­Event Ticket SECTION 105 (near Kiss & Cry Area) ROW FF P1 TICKET CAD 2105.75 (original cost) Electronic ticket. Paypal or Revolut accepted Please DM if interested.
  7. I don’t usually post personal comments – rant coming…. GPF organisers / ISU left a really bad taste with their money-grabbing attitude and total lack of respect for their paying audience and the athletes competing at the event. Personally observed examples: Thursday practice 7am junior men warmed up in partially lit rink, full lighting was only switched on part way into the warm up – this was dangerous for the athletes “VIP” seats had a view of the back of the K&C and the temporary stage constructed for opening ceremony. “VIP” entry had one person scanning the tickets / checking bags most days compared to more staff at the general entrance. Most people have already commented on the debacle of men’s practice on Saturday at 7am. Suffice to say that they gave up on scanning tickets on Saturday. If the organisers are selling tickets as “VIP”, the least they can do is treat these customers as VIP. (Full disclosure – I did not have a VIP ticket but was given a VIP tag on the first day of practices as the staff did not seem to know or care who purchased VIP ticket as long as you entered from the VIP entry, yes, even after checking ticket details) Judges side seats were sold to tour groups despite organisers stating the seats were reserved for family, guests, ISU – no objections to seats being sold but why not tell the truth at the outset that those seats were reserved for tour groups? Judges side seats had obstructed views from high tv cameras – these fans paid €10,000 (hearsay) to move their heads to get a clear view. The Japanese auntie I talked to was more resigned than angry, if organisers are going to target tour groups, the least they can do is forewarn them about the restricted view to make an informed decision about whether to pay such exorbitant prices Security near seats of skaters entrance – conflicting opinion on this, staff tried asking people not to stand at the glass barriers thus blocking the views of the seated audience and were being ignored, then older, burly security guards were called in to herd people out of the area if they didn’t have a ticket in the section. Maybe security were less polite than they could’ve been – I saw them yelling at some people - but seeing the number of people crowding the flimsy glass barriers before and after practices for ice dance, ladies and men, it felt like security staff were doing the best they could in difficult circumstances. This all went to hell after the gala, total chaos... Judging –this is not even about Yuzuru, the games the judges / ISU are playing is just showing total lack of respect to athletes who dedicate their lives to FS. Others have posted more eloquent comments so I will just leave it at that. I’ve read complaints about Worlds Saitama organisation earlier this year about ticketing, medal ceremony, disadvantages for foreign fans, however, Worlds Saitama never felt like the organisers were trying to take advantage of skating fans whereas GPF Torino from start to finish felt like a money grab from fans. To end on a more positive note, nothing can take away the magic of watching or supporting Yuzuru or seeing the scary 4A attempts, or the wonderful people I met at this event or the enjoyment of visiting Turin again (my third time) or watching Notte Stellata live. These are the things I will take away with me now that I’ve finished the rant.
  8. Thanks everyone for sharing your experience on the ID check process. To summarise, it looks like: paper tickets - ID checks were implemented e-tickets - emtg app + uploaded photo, no ID check Hopefully it worked as intended to reduce the ridiculous scalping practices although it meant less opportunities for foreign fans to purchase tickets
  9. The lucky ones with tickets, have fun! Anyone who bought their tickets via proxy / friend AND if the ticket was not in your name (mobile or paper ticket) AND if you didn't enter with the original purchaser, I would be really grateful if you could share your experience about the ID checks at the venue. Future planning....
  10. At Worlds a proxy could apply for you in your own name for the lottery, it's required for accommodation - I'm pretty sure by law they have to see ID for check-in. I don't know whether the situation has changed about proxy applying on your behalf for tours of NHK given the change in ticket laws. I would almost say that if a proxy had been willing (I don't know, I didn't check), it would be preferable since everything would be in your name. You don't really spend much time with the "tour group" - just the shuttle to/from the hotel to venue and maybe seats. The seats are not necessarily together for the entire group - I talked to a Japanese couple on tour group in Helsinki GP and they said they didn't really see their tour group much, just a few members seated nearby. Generally, they are really kind to foreigners - I used to join local Japanese day tours because it was they only way to travel to out of the way places and they were really helpful making sure I understood everything although I do speak passable Japanese.
  11. Yes, you can use app without data or wifi as long as you have downloaded the ticket in advance onto the app. Screenshots are definitely not possible for entry. Iirc if you are successful, emtg sends you a message closer to event date that your tickets are available for download in the app. That's the time you need data/wifi. You can test out the app in flight mode once you have tickets to be certain. I had a workaround to pass my locked android phone to another kind fan for a ticket trade at worlds but suspect it won't work for nhk with ID checks
  12. It is possible to set up 2 accounts with different mobile phones by changing the name slightly e.g. adding middle initial to the name. However, as mentioned in earlier post, they may cross-check the system for birth date and names so I would still consider whether you want to take the risk. Hope this helps and good luck!
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