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  1. At Worlds a proxy could apply for you in your own name for the lottery, it's required for accommodation - I'm pretty sure by law they have to see ID for check-in. I don't know whether the situation has changed about proxy applying on your behalf for tours of NHK given the change in ticket laws. I would almost say that if a proxy had been willing (I don't know, I didn't check), it would be preferable since everything would be in your name. You don't really spend much time with the "tour group" - just the shuttle to/from the hotel to venue and maybe seats. The seats are not necessarily together for the entire group - I talked to a Japanese couple on tour group in Helsinki GP and they said they didn't really see their tour group much, just a few members seated nearby. Generally, they are really kind to foreigners - I used to join local Japanese day tours because it was they only way to travel to out of the way places and they were really helpful making sure I understood everything although I do speak passable Japanese.
  2. Yes, you can use app without data or wifi as long as you have downloaded the ticket in advance onto the app. Screenshots are definitely not possible for entry. Iirc if you are successful, emtg sends you a message closer to event date that your tickets are available for download in the app. That's the time you need data/wifi. You can test out the app in flight mode once you have tickets to be certain. I had a workaround to pass my locked android phone to another kind fan for a ticket trade at worlds but suspect it won't work for nhk with ID checks
  3. It is possible to set up 2 accounts with different mobile phones by changing the name slightly e.g. adding middle initial to the name. However, as mentioned in earlier post, they may cross-check the system for birth date and names so I would still consider whether you want to take the risk. Hope this helps and good luck!
  4. Don't know about NHK but Worlds did allow proxy to apply for international fans in your own name. Not sure whether proxies will still offer this service.
  5. 29 August 18:00 Also it looks like Cloak service (resale, returns) cannot be used. It will be interesting to find out how they will manage resales iirc both NHK and Worlds allowed resale for Japanese residents after the lotteries. Source: https://va.pia.jp/index.jsp?slcd=VG032&n=1521192208
  6. JCT re-directed to a proxy who replied the following "Yes, we can help you but we cannot guarantee that you will not be denied entry into the venue. We can apply on your behalf and also attach a note to explain that I bought for you but refund will not be given" and that if there is a name on the ticket, it will be the PIA ticket account holder's name (the proxy). Hope this helps!
  7. They've broken the ticket links from previous years... but I really don't recall seeing list of passport, ID, alien registration... unless they can give up their mobile phone for 4 days for all-event single event tickets mobile ticket transfer is likely to be only available to japanese phone numbers (if it follows Worlds), paper tickets are safest but, this year, not sure whether they are really implementing ID checks at entry.
  8. Anyone recall previous years' NHK website ask for ID? This is the first time I've seen them talk about ID checks at entrance / list acceptable forms of ID. ※ご入場の際にご本人様確認のため身分証明書をご提示いただきます。 身分証明証は必ず原本をお持ちください。画像やコピー、有効期限切れ、借用したものは無効です。
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