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  1. so nice to see yuzu after worlds! what a way to start holiday! Hope he stay Sendai with his family some time.
  2. Yeah, mixed and irony feeling.. Want to see his other quads and programs for both himself and me. But don't want to see his pain and losing. He's not young, he's prone to injury... But he wants to be competive. As he said, life is really unstoppable up and down moments. But everything is his life, his choice. He's really different to any skater or person. I like his looks, skating, attitude but his most appealing is strong willingness which I lacked. I don't know how his career will end, but really hope there will be no regrets.
  3. I see.. But I'd love his that honest aspect, too.. Thank you for advice!
  4. This interview with Shuzo is really good. Best ever post wc interview. Yuzu is really honest about Chen and shows his eagarness to develop. What a sports man..really anime himself.
  5. So, this season is really over. About result, mixed and bit unfinished feeling season. But after OG seeing yuzuru at competition is pure respect and joy. I really liked all of Otonal, Origin and Haru yo koi. Thank yuzu for performance I will repeat forever. Take care your self and see you at Faoi. Maybe he will go back to Canada and keep ninza mode until Ice shows. Already miss him. After waiting 121 days and 5 days gone so fast.
  6. One word. Thank you. I love your skating and your attitude. Keep shining
  7. Following him since Sochi, every year's late march sakura season was different feeling for me. After 14 WC, I felt joyful and expectation for futrure years. After 15 WC, I felt relieved and some regret. After 16WC, I felt bitter and some frustration. After 17WC, I felt heavenly and catharsis. I don't how I'll feel after tonight, but really life goes on whatever.
  8. Obession for winning and perfection makes you nervous and bitter.. Obviously yuzu wants to win but can't always deliver and win all time. I really admire Nathan's ability and his sportsmanship. Sure yuzu does too. It's simple Nathan has high BV and consistently delivered and judge reward to him. Yuzu is not in ideal situation. He injured and comeback with his unstable new jumps and unfamilar programs after 4 months. I don't think I hope miracles but pay off for yuzu's effort at practice. Even if neither winning or clean performace. Post Oly season is always difficult for champions. Because everyone expect their win. But I believe up and down is inevietable for long term perspective.
  9. I secretly hoped back to 3quads, two 3a(no loop)layout for his injury and consistency... But since today, I have a feeling this won't happen.
  10. I think pcs gap is not too big deal right now.. Chen has gotten 88-91ish pcs with his close to 100 tes aka not completely clean with incompelete short. I think two perfect scores with huggge tes will boost his pcs too. Like yuzu's 2015 nhk. Of course I don't see international judge will give 98 pcs but 94-96 is verry possible. Yes every theory is up to clean skates like today. But It's easier for me to prepare my poor heart imagining his rivals gonna clean, not explode.lol I don't think he's ultimate artists but has quite good skills and abliity to deliver.
  11. Chen is defenitely something else.. I admit I'm not his fan, but this competition is big big achievement for him. Even with pcs inflation, his tech is so dominat. Maybe post Olympic season is good boost for him both mental, physical condition. Especially second half season. He has tech and reasonable pcs. Personally I don't care if he's clean and his tech is too dominant,it's OK to give WR or huuge score. Sport always move forward and men's skating has infinite possiblity to up scores. It's too rare to imagine perfect scores until we see whole clean skates. We saw yuzu's biggest rival's possible clean score right now. I'm curious what yuzu's reaction to this. Yes, right now I 'm afraid to say but I hardly imagine yuzu's gonna win ( with his injury, lack of competiton..) but otonal&origin pair is soo good and precious so I only holpe we can see close to perfect performance no matter results.
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