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  1. honeytea

    [2018] GP Rostelecom Cup - Gala

    I really love his origin costume.
  2. I saw today's Origin again. Still so good... How he can land those quads that quality? With zero run through... Second half's axel miss is not that distracting.. Because we know he can do it easily. And I prefer this lay out... First jump fit 4 s very well... I hope he reconsider his layout during rest. With 3quads and 2axels I think it can be competitive.
  3. I think today's Origin is not that level.. quite good first half and some good points. And he won fairly. But I don't think other quads try except 4t and 4s is going to traumatic to see.. At this point, I can't imagine 4a..and don't want.
  4. I know his feeling.. Russia is special country for him more than any country. His idols, many traditonal and famous big names.. Sometimes it really don't go well if you really want to do well... He admires them and wanted to show his commitment...
  5. Nobody has everything. No pain and no gain. I don't blame yuzu for reapted injury. It's just inevitable. No matter how he cares , it still happens. I hope he or Brian don't blame themselves. Some people say, why he's prone to injury? Isn't he enough professional to control his body? I only can say it's just cannot be helped. Fs is such a cruel sports.. Especially, mens single is like a survival game..
  6. I feel calm stragely...felt hurt my heart but I know something regarding hardship will come...since following him. Every year, whatever happens..As he says , this is also part of his life. And I accept it, too. Things are much better than last year.. No olys. less serious injury I guess. It is best to not happen this, but these time is better timing than else.. 4months to Worlds. 3months to 4CC. And he has highest score, too. I don't care additional medals. It's a shame not to see his programs more often.. As I said ealry season, this season is a bonus for fans. I really thought he should rest for just more than one season when PC oly was over. It's too much tired for him.. I know this winter will be long and cold.. but time will go on.. Yuzu , please rest well and come back strong. Without you, FS is nothing for me.
  7. honeytea

    [2018] JGP Richmond (12.09 - 15.09)

    Can gogo go to Jgpf still...? Shocking result....
  8. honeytea

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Yeah, I think many viewer find 4lz is more approachable to skaters ( not the best technic is needed to approve) than 4lo, 4f. About 4a point reduction, I guess judges and ISU don't want to promote this jump. Since it's hard to judge and cause potential injuries.. I don't think his lay outs are easy content. (* he only clean 4 quad lay out once cough cough*) and I still believe clean yuzu can beat everyone. But consistency is a key. I also really want 4a will be his signature thing!
  9. honeytea

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I personally think 4a has been his old dream since his mushroom childhood. Not to win ot not to make a new world score... Just absoulte dream..first ever landing in history itself...Diffrerent with 4lz or 4lo.. He thought other types of quads to win olympics or to be competitive with top guys. 4a isn't necessary to win gpf,national and worlds. Even too risky for injury and not enough point worthy. I'm so realistic person...so I can't imagine perfect and consistent 4a in beautiful clean program right now. But I'm almost sure his main goal is 4a landing other than winning competition. We actually don't understand how big his desire is. I personally think the reason he keeps comptition is mainly 4a...
  10. honeytea

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Seriously, this season feels weird to me.. Last season, I was so focused every competition, tes, pcs, bv, consistency, SB, PB etc.. But this season, I feel some emotional distance about competition. maybe too long time since serious competition and post Olympic emptiness. the biggest difference is maybe yuzu's attitude about competition. Still, I have really unfamiliar feeling that he rarely show his eagerness to win. ("絶対勝ちたい") of course, word record, too. I always have thought his willing to win a.k.a competitive spirit is his biggest weapon. At the same time, I totally understand his feeling. though. others (chen, uno, boyang and other young guns to 2020 Olys game) are new start stance for another 4 years. they experiment their ability in new scoring system . And they will have to upgrade their technical bv (more various quads, success rate)+ pcs. but yuzuru... his motivation 4A and his tribute to his idol skaters. Through various interviews, I think yuzu knows this skating world much like no one else. Maybe he predicts young skaters will surpass him with high bv . If not, he realize he always can't win..umm I don't know . maybe too many thinks. I really hope his calm mind set leads good performances and no -regret season for fanyu. I always think "You have to accept that you can't have everything." myself. Anyway can't wait for ACI! I 'm curious about his sp which was revealed 5 seconds... I almost imagine first pancake though
  11. honeytea

    Media Day 2018

    I know I have zero expectation and trust to Fuji...but still waiting
  12. honeytea

    [2018] JGP Kaunas (05.09 - 08.09)

    I really like trusova.Since yulia, my favorite lady skater. She is a innovator and pioneer. I love her unique quality. Also, love that costume and programs. She has a strong charisma at such a young age. If we think her first jgp performance, we will see amazing progress through season. Quads are Big risk, but in case you have extremely consistent triples, you can challenge.
  13. honeytea

    Media Day 2018

    7 seconds otonal steps..really....? Fuji I really hate you.... But I felt his calmness and composure through all media day clips. It's really good to see that.
  14. honeytea

    Media Day 2018

    Typical fuji yeah Idon't trust them
  15. honeytea

    Media Day 2018

    Oh, really? maybe I missed it. I only saw only scene. he said that was unbelievable and so special and etc after/during his run-though.