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  1. The fall at 0:28 in this video and the one after his gala performance at 4CC
  2. You're welcome. Jade is highly regarded in Chinese literature. It signifies virtue and treasure.
  3. "帝国" means empire or imperial. "双璧" means two pieces of jade. They symbolize a pair of perfect humans or things. Below are probably two earliest poems in which "雙璧" are seen in Chinese literature ("雙璧" is the traditional-character version of "双璧"). 1. 晉 傅玄 《乘輿馬賦》:“高顛懸日,雙璧象月。” This one was from the Jin Dynasty, which was from 279-420 AD. 2. 唐 駱賓王 《海曲書情》詩:“江濤讓雙璧, 渭水 擲三錢。” This one was from the Tang Dynasty, which was from 620-907 AD (Source: http://www.chinesewords.org/dict/56372-345.html)
  4. Adding to the "done on purpose" point, I'd say the fact that Skate Canada terms and conditions of the ticket sale stipulate that there is no refund makes the long delay in delivering tickets even more perplexing. Regardless, I hope all tickets will be delivered soon, if not already.
  5. Anyone interested in going skating during the competition? The rink Atrium Le 1000 (open daily) is a five-minute walk from Bell Centre.
  6. One extra P2-level all-event ticket (SECTION 102 - ROW R) for sale. The seat is opposite the judges, right next to the middle section (101) so it's quite central on the long side. Also a decent angle for seeing K&C. Please DM me if interested.
  7. He's much more flexible than that.
  8. "seld-dental care?!" I hope you're not a dentist.
  9. Many thanks for your nuanced translation and notes!
  10. I've only started following Yuzu since PC and going to competitions since 2018 ACI. I concur wholeheartedly (except for the teeth part).
  11. Thanks to all who have helped compile evidence of Skate Canada's deceptive practice. Has anyone successfully disputed the ticket charge with any credit card company? Regardless, if there is to be a class action law suit, I'm in.
  12. Can you add my name to your letter? If so, I'll PM you my full name and address.
  13. I think Yuzu will be more impactful after he retires than he is now. When ISU eventually takes in the notion that Yuzu ice shows are popular beyond measure, I hope they will realize they've gone too far in over emphasizing technical elements and return to what most fans would like to see. I personally would like to see him focus on ice shows before involving himself directly with skating schools, because by coaching he'd have to stick to ISU rule book and judging idiosyncrocies/biases.
  14. All good points. I'll just add that last year a nice satellite lent me a fleece blanket to wrap my legs. It's big enough so I could sit on it, too. Since the chair was hard plastic, the blanket really helped.
  15. If anyone is looking for an all-event ticket for Worlds next March, I have one extra.
  16. One of the ACI days last year I didn't have enough time after getting food from the grocery store nearby, so I just ate it inside the venue. I tried to eat it discreetly. No one seemed bothered. No one checked my bag. I think I carried the food using a bag from the grocery store (which serves decent cooked food by the way). The people at the gate didn't seem bothered, either.
  17. I was standing on the back most of the time. Security passed behind me all the time. They asked someone near me to put away her camera. I didn't see the camera, but the face of the security guy was pretty stern.
  18. It’d a gamble per the official camera policy (pasted below). Yup, those plexiglass panels obstruct views. That’s why I stood on the back much of the time. Camera Policy At Skate Canada events, spectators are permitted to use small point and shoot cameras for personal use only. The following guidelines will be enforced: No flash photography No camera bags in venue No use of professional cameras and/or detachable lenses Camera cannot interfere with other fans’ enjoyment Any resale of photography or posting photos on professional websites is strictly prohibited Absolutely no video recording is allowed. Only accredited coaches and team managers may be permitted to videotape their own skater/team from rinkside during that skater’s/team’s practice or performance. If athletes wish to obtain a video of their programs, they may purchase a copy from the licensed video distributor on site if applicable. Spectators not abiding by these restrictions risk having their camera confiscated by venue security staff. Additionally, Skate Canada staff reserves the right to restrict use of other types of cameras should they feel the quality and/or type of camera fail to protect the athletes’ and/or event’s interest
  19. I saw security guys issued serious warnings multiple times. There are plenty of cameras (such as Panasonic FZ 1000) with mega-zoom lenses. A lady standing next to me was using the said model the whole time last year. Security walked right behind us many times. No problem at all because the lens is not detachable or blocking neighboring people’s views.
  20. That’s their official policy. The enforcement was somewhat selective based on what I saw last year. If you want to be safe, bring a camera with a non-detachable lens.
  21. Who knows? Maybe we will end up finding a large crowd of Yuzu fans there. Would you like to join us?
  22. I booked a 4-bed hostel room (all bunk beds) in downtown Kelowna for Oct. 24 (check in date) to Oct. 28 (check out date). It's a 17-minute walk to the venue as the map shows http://bit.ly/2IrWaNr. If you're interested in sharing, PM me. There are two other girls/women who might share this room. Depending on how many people who end up sharing it, the total cost for all four nights ranges from USD$106 to $212 per person. The bathroom is in the hallway, and some reviews say the walls are thin.
  23. Do you know when men's practice normally is? The all-event ticket says practice for Thu. (Oct. 24). If it's usually in the morning, I'll book my outbound flight to either arrive the day before or just let go of it so I could have relaxed layovers.
  24. My fingers automate themselves in ordering a ticket before I could think it over Next step, plane ticket and lodging. Anyone finding a roommate?
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