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  1. Maya

    When will Yuzu land 4A

    I'd guess Helsinki (or Moscow, at the latest.) He's most likely landed 4A in practice, but he wants absolute confidence he could land it successfully in competition. 4A is so sacred to him I don't think he'd include it in a program if it's not perfect in his book. On the other other hand, he also wants his 4A to be the first to be rectified. Imagine his kuyashi if someone were to officially land it (no matter the GOE) before he does. Who knows? We may even see it at ACI. It's Yuzu we're talking about, after all.
  2. I set up a Doodle survey to find who is available when. You can fill it out here:
  3. Questions to experienced competition attendees: Is the arena usually quite cold? I remember seeing people in winter outdoor clothing around the arena in videos. Is that what you'd recommend wearing?
  4. It's possible the customer service person was giving me information that's not (entirely) correct.
  5. I just called Sixteen Mile Sports Complex. A customer service person told me they don't have restrictions on bag size, snacks, or beverages. She also said that if you're planning to bring your carry-on suitcase in, you probably won't be able to find space for it because the under-seat space is not big enough for it.
  6. Maya

    Translation Requests

    Is there an English version of this article?
  7. Maya

    Media Day 2018

    This "no need to stake it better than Plushenko" mentality might actually relax Yuzu and produce excellent results. Regardless, it'd be hard for him not to skate better than Plushenko by any standards except for his own. I've always been amazed by how deeply he fully owns his programs, from his involvement in all the details and choreography to his expression, etc. The fact that this FS and the SP have been percolating in Yuzu's mind for so long makes me highly anticipate the new season.
  8. Now that the schedule is released, do we have a time and place for a PH get-together? If not, I created a Doodle poll to see who is available when: . Meeting place/restaurant and other suggestions could be put in the comments area under the poll.
  9. Maya

    Media Day 2018

    I recorded the screen: . The resolution is low, and the recording missed the beginning several seconds and a few times when the screen was frozen.
  10. I think ours is. I called airbnb. An agent verified the registration status of our host and got back to me. All looks good.
  11. Maya

    Media Day 2018

    Doesn't Yuzu's leap here look reminiscent of a delayed single axel?
  12. Maya

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Seimei, Ballade, and Notte Stellata are immortal. Just like R&J I is, and the other programs Yuzu has done. Each of them occupies a special space in my heart. I have no doubt his new programs will leave their marks, too. What I like most about Yuzu is his range of expression and his devotion to really own his programs. The meaning he's given to the new programs makes me full of anticipation and excitement. I love this "skating as if I were a child again" sentiment. It's like a perfect full circle. It says so much about his journey and his character. I'm just glad that the weight has been lifted off his shoulders and he's given permission to reward himself. Way to go, Yuzu!
  13. Our airbnb host just canceled our booking. Anyone still looking for roommates?
  14. Thanks for your responses, @Floria & @dotsquare! My flight won't arrive until 1:30 pm on Wed. Should I reschedule it? Decision, decision ...
  15. Well, if you look at the event page, the schedule has been pulled out. You can locate it by searching the file name on the Web, though. I guess all these mean it's subject to change. Another thing about this pdf is: it doesn't say anything about the Wednesday (Dec. 5) practice. Can anyone with experience to previous GPFs tell us whether it's conventional to hold a senior men's practice the day before the formal competition kicks off? And if so, what time is it normally? (morning? afternoon?)