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  1. "considering how little I actually care about the two people he is paying tribute to with both programs this year, no, I want new programs from him" Exactly how I feel. I'm glad this season is done, Cherry blossom is on the way, and Yuzu and we all can move on. Wishing him a healthy and glorious 2019-20 season!
  2. Anyone has the link to the Finnish live stream? I found the link on PH and used it for men's SP. The connection was smooth throughout and image quality excellent. And, it's the fastest compared to the Canadian and Japanese ones I was using at the same time.
  3. Maya

    General Yuzuru Chat

    An interview with Nanami Sensei about the evolution of figure skating in Sendai and Japan overall. Yuzu is briefly mentioned. With Google Translate I could understand the gist of it.
  4. Can you please post the OS and browser you are using?
  5. Sometimes I marvel at the level of detective work fanyus do ...
  6. Maya

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Yuzu: Going all the way to London for something totally not skate-related!?
  7. Maya

    General Yuzuru Chat

    If you look at the personalities on Japanese TV programs, young or old, anchors or guests, you'll find they generally wear much better fitted suits. One clear example of an ill-fitted suit on Yuzu was the light-colored one he wore after winning his first Olympic Gold. In that case, the primary reason why it didn't fit was (I think) his special body type. He is just too slender for most suits to fit him unless it's made based on his measurements.
  8. Maya

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I have the same question about his often ill-fitting suits. He could afford having his suits tailor-made, and I have no doubt there are plenty of excellent tailors in Japan. Hence another hypothesis: he simply doesn't care. For things he cares about, he is a perfectionist; for all the others, it's just "whatever." I'm surprised, though, that mama Hanyu who has made several cases for his water bottles that went with his costumes, hasn't seemed to paid similar attention to the suits he wear in public. Or, could Yuzu be resistant, like, why do I have to care about it?
  9. Maya

    General Yuzuru Chat

    My hypothesis: No, he is not human. He just once in a while seemingly casually does something that resembles us to trick us into thinking he is. This is the only explanation that makes sense to me for the things he does and the way he thinks and behaves. Anyhow, we could still aspire to be more Yuzu-like.
  10. Maya

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Yuzu looks better than the instructor from the get-go. His awareness of his own body, including how to move to look graceful, is mind-blowing.
  11. Maya

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Do we have a compilation of various ways his name has been mispronounced somewhere? I think this one tops them all.
  12. Maya

    General Yuzuru Chat

    You nailed it. Taking full ownership of his programs is one major thing that sets him apart. He is so obsessed on this to the point an aura can’t help but hovering over his head. His purity is like 24K gold. Nothing could touch it. It just shines. I’m always in awe when I watch him even if it’s “just” some practice.
  13. Maya

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Does this video have English sub somewhere?
  14. Maya

    Translation Requests

    Is anyone aware of any English sub of the following two-part video? I wonder what the commentator 町田樹 said in seeing Yuzu do only single jumps and one 3A without any runthrough in his first appearance on ice after the 3-months recovering period before PyeongChang.