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  1. The fall at 0:28 in this video and the one after his gala performance at 4CC
  2. You're welcome. Jade is highly regarded in Chinese literature. It signifies virtue and treasure.
  3. "帝国" means empire or imperial. "双璧" means two pieces of jade. They symbolize a pair of perfect humans or things. Below are probably two earliest poems in which "雙璧" are seen in Chinese literature ("雙璧" is the traditional-character version of "双璧"). 1. 晉 傅玄 《乘輿馬賦》:“高顛懸日,雙璧象月。” This one was from the Jin Dynasty, which was from 279-420 AD. 2. 唐 駱賓王 《海曲書情》詩:“江濤讓雙璧, 渭水 擲三錢。” This one was from the Tang Dynasty, which was from 620-907 AD (Source: http://www.chinesewords.org/dict/56372-345.html)
  4. Adding to the "done on purpose" point, I'd say the fact that Skate Canada terms and conditions of the ticket sale stipulate that there is no refund makes the long delay in delivering tickets even more perplexing. Regardless, I hope all tickets will be delivered soon, if not already.
  5. Anyone interested in going skating during the competition? The rink Atrium Le 1000 (open daily) is a five-minute walk from Bell Centre.
  6. One extra P2-level all-event ticket (SECTION 102 - ROW R) for sale. The seat is opposite the judges, right next to the middle section (101) so it's quite central on the long side. Also a decent angle for seeing K&C. Please DM me if interested.
  7. He's much more flexible than that.
  8. "seld-dental care?!" I hope you're not a dentist.
  9. Many thanks for your nuanced translation and notes!
  10. I've only started following Yuzu since PC and going to competitions since 2018 ACI. I concur wholeheartedly (except for the teeth part).
  11. Thanks to all who have helped compile evidence of Skate Canada's deceptive practice. Has anyone successfully disputed the ticket charge with any credit card company? Regardless, if there is to be a class action law suit, I'm in.
  12. Can you add my name to your letter? If so, I'll PM you my full name and address.
  13. I think Yuzu will be more impactful after he retires than he is now. When ISU eventually takes in the notion that Yuzu ice shows are popular beyond measure, I hope they will realize they've gone too far in over emphasizing technical elements and return to what most fans would like to see. I personally would like to see him focus on ice shows before involving himself directly with skating schools, because by coaching he'd have to stick to ISU rule book and judging idiosyncrocies/biases.
  14. All good points. I'll just add that last year a nice satellite lent me a fleece blanket to wrap my legs. It's big enough so I could sit on it, too. Since the chair was hard plastic, the blanket really helped.
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