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  1. Maya

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Does this video have English sub somewhere?
  2. Maya

    Translation Requests

    Is anyone aware of any English sub of the following two-part video? I wonder what the commentator 町田樹 said in seeing Yuzu do only single jumps and one 3A without any runthrough in his first appearance on ice after the 3-months recovering period before PyeongChang.
  3. Maya

    Translation Requests

    Has this video been translated anywhere? Edit: found a summary of it:
  4. I never figured out when to use until now. I feel sorry for the girls under Eteri's care. Skaters are humans, not disposable machines. To reach their full potential, there needs to be some developmental process that involves physical and mental adjustments as well as overcoming adversities. Good coaches like Brian guide skaters in such adjustments.
  5. Thanks for sharing. What a great story! Like you, I started following Yuzu just before the Olympics this year, and since then I've been spellbound. I share your sense of aesthetics and appreciation for Yuzu as a person. Mr. Gallagher's reporting is refreshing, going way beyond the superficial Pooh focus seen among most western media.
  6. Maya

    GPF Cheer Project

    I'm not entirely sure about @Hydroblade's idea about what the deliverable might look like. With a concrete example of what the Sendai video looks, I'm more inclined toward this idea. And, it needs not be mutually exclusive. Regardless, let me know the parameters of inputs from people you'd like. For example, if you're thinking about making something similar to what's in the video by people from Sendai, would you like a specific length of video from each person? How about dimensions of the paper to write on? File formats of the video you can process? Whether or not people show their faces (I think another video by the Sendai people don't show their faces?) When at the latest you'd need each individual video file? Where to send or upload the file? Maybe I'm overcomplicating things here. But I thought some people might find it useful to have a clear guideline.
  7. Do you mean all-event tickets purchased from Ticketmaster all come with a voucher for the Super Fan Bag? Edit: I checked my inbox and found an email from Ticketmaster. Below is cut and pasted from that email. The email didn't have any attachment. I checked my tickets. No voucher there, either. "Voucher for Super Fan Bag: For those who have purchased in advance, please bring a printed copy to exchange the voucher for the bag as electronic copies will not be accepted. The table to exchange the voucher for your Super Fan Bag will be located at the end of the main concourse (follow the signs)."
  8. Skating and then having dim sum with fellow Yuzu fans ... and you will have a car! I'll be on cloud nine. I can't look at the pictures in the link now. They make me hungry. Can't wait!
  9. Maya

    GPF Cheer Project

    How will the messages be delivered? Printed and bound as a book? PDF file? Color? Or a video like this 羽生結弦 応援PROJECT video by his hometown people? I love the video, which is the most heart-warming thing I've seen.
  10. Count me in for dim sum. And ... hmm, some release of emotions with fellow Yuzu fans. Now I have a little visceral grasp of what you all went through a year ago. Gosh, it feels like a long time ago. I only started following him in Feb.
  11. Maya

    When will Yuzu land 4A

    Exactly! why couldn't they let us watch them practice? And, we need practice, too, on how not to faint seeing Haru yo koi live. I hope they will change their mind.
  12. Maya

    When will Yuzu land 4A

    We're not going to see GPF gala practice???!!! How come???!!! It's but ... but ... Should we start a petition?