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  1. I just got all my single day tickets refunded on my credit card. There were no exchange rate losses! I received the exact amount I paid in Japanese yen back in December when yen was a lot weaker. I saw a few Japanese tweets on twitter that said they got full refund after they called their credit card companies and explained that canceling the tickets were not their faults. This could be only Japanese credit card companies but maybe you want to try???
  2. It seems “Cleverin” is a very popular product but I hear negative things about it too. All the Cleverin products contain chlorin dioxide and I wonder if it’s safe to wear it around your neck in the long run. *Stand-alone type and stick type of Cleverin are specifically mentioned as prohibited items on board by ANA because chlorine dioxide can cause metal corrosion.
  3. I'd like to know what you all think about this. In an interview Yuzuru says (in my lousy translation): "It was 4CC that I won my 1st medal at a major international competition in senior and I have a special feeling for it. I’m glad that I won the gold at 4CC in the end/at the very end just like I picked up something I left behind. I feel it was meant to happen." 自分が初めてシニアの主要国際大会でメダルを取ったのが四大陸選手権ってのもまた思い入れ深いものがありますし、最後の最後に忘れ物じゃないですけどちゃんと取り切れたのは良かったなっていう、何かしらの運命をちょっと感じてますね。 Why "SAIGO NO SAIGO NI" (Japanese)? Did he mean it was the last medal to complete the super slum Or this will be the last 4cc for him Or he won this medal so that he won't leave anything behind in his career and he's going to quit competing after this season??? Even though he said that in Japanese, I can't fully understand
  4. Raf asked Yuzu for his autograph at a competition (I don’t remember which one). Everyone around them were surprised to see it and Raf said, “What? I’m his fun!” Yuzu himself said, “ Aaaa bikkurishita!” meaning “Wow what a surprise!”
  5. If all the people infected with the virus wear masks, you don't need to wear them. But if they are not, masks will help you reduce your chance of getting saliva splatters which may include germs and the virus onto your face, even if only slightly.
  6. -Addition to my previous post from a news on web. He chose Seimei and Ballad No. 1 to win worlds and to be “him” He skated Origin and Otonal out of respect to Plushenko and Johnny but he couldn’t skate in his own style in those programs. He couldn’t be himself. He needed something that flows from within him. Shae came to Toronto in January and brushed up the program. He aims to put 4A in worlds.
  7. Sorry for my lousy translation! Ghislain has arrived in Korea. He said that the change of the programs is Yuzuru's own decision to stay true to himself. He is skating for himself not for anybody else now. He plans four quads including lutz, Salchow and toe loop, no 4A this time.
  8. Do you know "Victory Project" by Ajinomoto, a Japanese food company? It’s a nutritional support activity for conditioning of Japan national team. They’ve promised that they will make every effort to provide food support for Yuzuru! Their tweet today says that they arrived in Korea and procuring foodstuffs for athletes with great care.
  9. If you live in Japan or have a friend in Japan who is going to 4cc, there are people who wants to sell tickets with original price in Japan. 2/7SP, 2/9FS, Gala... The sellers live in Japan and have those tickets with them. So they can send them to whoever in Japan. Postal mails usually arrive the next day you send it. And your Japanese friend can bring it for you to 4cc. One person is selling an all event ticket and can give it to you at the venue. They sell those tickets at OKEPI TCKET, https://okepi.net/all.aspx?key=keyword&value=%83t%83B%83M%83%85%83A%83X%83P%81%5b%83g I could only paste the rink as plain text😂
  10. They're not canceling, I think. It says the preparation is well under way
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