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  1. Do we have a thread of significant Yuzu-related locations in Japan? E.g. Olympics monuments at Sendai, seat bench statue at Tokyo station, seimei shrine, yuzuruha shrine... I'm sure there was one but I can't seem to find it! (Also if anyone is in Sendai tmr and wants to meet up, I'm keen!)
  2. Guys! I saw this sneaker at David Jones! Axel! Arigato! Someone needs to write a (4) on it and chuck it on the ice! (if anyone has AU$350 to spare... )
  3. Completely but I'm watching Swan Lake On Ice in Sydney at the moment (intermission now) - it's amazing even though the rink is tiny! Probably as close to a proper ice show as Australia will ever get 😂 (one day I will save enough for Japan!) Had to share my excitement - if not for my admiration for Yuzu I'd never have started watching figure skating and would've missed this amazing production
  4. I'm pretty sure we made a bid for a future 4CC... but I'm also pretty sure we don't really have the facilities for it (yet)...
  5. Here's the link! Quick, someone make a sig! (Though it sucks we don't know who the animator is) https://78.media.tumblr.com/ea0d17c875be39d8730e31feb760215a/tumblr_p49lf9y3EL1smsbheo1_1280.gif
  6. The floor is going-back-to-work-tomorrow...
  7. I'm a radiographer - I would totally take your xray Yuzu! XD (just need to come to Australia... Actually let's be real - I would pay to take his xray! XD) I wonder why he couldn't get an x-ray? X-rays are available in most places, even the Commonwealth games village has a facility...
  8. I want him to be healthy, of course... But I am also greedy and want WR Seimei
  9. Guys! Something momentous occurred in my family today! After 2+ yrs of subtle (and not so subtle) campaigning... victory! I got this on my chat group with my sisters: My reply was something like "Oh, so you liked it then?" - super casual, so as not to scare her off
  10. Just in time for this very un-winter olympics heatwave! The live TV coverage is quite disappointing - the emphasis is really on the skiing (where our chances of doing well are greater) and the skating gets sidelined as filler material But thanks for the tip about the app @SparkleSalad - that might be the better way to go! (except I don't have a lot of data on my plan... )
  11. I got my gift from @SparkleSalad today (finally! Booo Australia Post!) Thank you so much! The charm is now proudly attached to my phone, waiting for the next person to notice and ask "Who's that guy on your phone charm?" Just in time to educate them for the Olympics! And the fact that the photos and ghana leaflet came from Japan is so cool!
  12. Arigatou gozaimashita! Thank you everyone for participating and for bearing with a first-time organiser! Here's a summary of who had who (spoilers!): Some interesting facts about our inaugural Planet Hanyu Secret Santa! We had 24 participants About 1/3 sent physical gifts Physical gifts were sent/received from countries all over! USA, Australia, Mexico.... (So cool!) I was surprised by how many wanted to go down that route (even if it didn't work out in the end for some) Some people were luckier in the international shipping lottery than othe
  13. Is there anyone who hasn't yet received their gift (or heard from their Secret Santa)? (I thought maybe there was one person but possibly I've just missed the post or it was sent in a private PM...)
  14. Wow, that banner is truly a work of art! (And the sparkles were the icing on the cake!)
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