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  1. what time do you think they are opening the doors tomorrow? i was thinking of coming early to hang my banner as they only allow them hanged between 112 and 114. im not sure how big is that space and there might be a lot of people planning to hang their banners too.
  2. Hello! I'm giving out Yuzuru card/bookmark and photographs at SCI! I'll be in section 112.
  3. I don't know any manufacturers, but I thought this might help you a little bit. You can ask @romeoandjunliet from Twitter. She was giving out Junhwan instagram cards during ACI.
  4. Hello! Not Yuzuru related but could I ask anybody here a favor to buy me a Philippine flag if you ever drop by a flag shop? I ordered flag from our local shop but they told me it will be arriving thursday, and I am leaving tomorrow morning. I was going to bring it to cheer for our Filipino boys. If no one' is dropping by, then it's okay. Please cheer for them!
  5. It's okay. Although they might stop you at the gates because your camera looks a bit bulky. If they do, just tell them that its lens are not detachable.
  6. I don't know if anybody posted it yet here but they have updated the schedule.
  7. Anybody looking for a roommate? I was hoping to save a bit of money for SCI and it's my first time travelling alone. No guys sorry. 😅
  8. Seems like it, they just announced assignments for all team Japan skaters. I guess it's time to buy flight tickets!
  9. Ooop- So they're just saying ACI is his first usual competition (and no media day) . I'm sorry I misread it. I got too excited. Edited my first post.
  10. I'm still waiting for the list before I buy plane tickets. I have been trying my luck these past few years to see Yuzuru, only to find out he's not going to that competition or he got injured. I ended up not enjoying the competitions that much because I only support 2 other skaters aside from Yuzuru. And also, debt. I do not want my bad luck streak to continue, so I am waitingHopefully they release the list really early.
  11. Hello! Is there a group looking for a roommate? Most of the hotels near the venue are fully booked and my budget is really tight. If you are looking for one, quote me or PM me. Willing to share payments. I am planning on arriving on Sept. 11 and leaving on Sept 15. If Yuzu is not coming, then I will have to cancel. PS. I'm uncomfortable with guys sorry
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