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  1. Have any of you guys have the courage to watch NC on jimmy fallon yet? Bet my as*, he is only invited there as a courtesy of being an olympic gold medalist(and his big agency pulled some strings to get the iv), not because he is super popular /influential or anything and i personally think Fallon has no idea who tf he is before this iv/beijing2022.😅
  2. Helsinki 2017 , Pyeongchang 2018 and 4cc 2020. These are def my top3 atm.
  3. I miss yuzu already🥺😭 the pain of being a new fanyu is real. Yuzu, if you or whoever knows you personally are lurking somewhere in here, please let him know that i miss him and rest well, take care 💕💕💕 see you soon 🐐
  4. Just for fun, what do you guys think about the chances of him going to milano for a redemption skate? and possibly a third olympic title. (With the assumption NC will be retiring soon before 2026 and he will drop the 4A dream)
  5. Any chances of yuzu joining the closing ceremony ? Tbh, i don't think he will amidst this covid but i'm already missing him🥺
  6. This olympics is one hell of a roller coaster ride at least for me. Being my first olympics as a fanyu, the first 10 days of beijing 2022 was the toughest and soul consuming. I was basically filled with various emotions. Then,the last 6 days before GALA, on the 14th, after seeing him so poise and calm at the individual pc, i was able to pull myself together and be strong. One thing this olympics taught me is that he is beyond any gold medals combined. He is after all THE yuzuru hanyu, the two time olympics champion. Thank you so much for this forum and the rest of y'all fellow fanyus for keeping me sane these past two weeks. 💕💕💕💕
  7. Cctv ended already the moment bdd skates into the rink🥺🥺😭😭now i need to wait for someone to share the bdd clips🙏
  8. It works too in malaysia. Tq. Can't wait for the GALA💕💕💕🌸🌸🌸
  9. Congrats sui/han💕💕💕💕 finally 2nd best thing that happened in this cursed event after yuzu's princess lift🤭
  10. Yeah but when you're yuzuru hanyu, you can get away with anything.😉 JK. if he does skate to HYK, i'm totally fine with it because HYK is 💕🌸💕🌸
  11. So it's official then, he's coming to the Gala? *Sigh* well,if he insists on doing that, i'm fine by it but stay safe and take care of yourself yuzu.
  12. OMG!! Bouboo from street dance of china. The one in wang yibo's crew . Never knew he's a fanyu
  13. Yes like the one he had during 4cc 2020 FS press con. The woman with glasses. Def my fav yuzu's translator so far.
  14. This will be the biggest plot twist ever.🤣🤣 Imo, Whether marriage/retirement /take a break competitively for a period of time/worlds 2022 WD/etc. I don't care, i will always support him and his decisions. Finally, another yuzu updates. Boy i really do miss seeing him🥺
  15. I miss yuzu already. 🥺 Is he still in beijing? There is still no recent sightings of him in Beijing?
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