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  1. Not sure if this is the place to post it but here's the translation of the Spanish commentary for Yuzu's SP Haven't found Javi's commentary but there's Susana and Paloma at least!
  2. Idk if this is the place to post it, but here's a quick translation of the Spanish Commentary for Yuzu's FS. They always praise him
  3. I would love for him to have a brand new FS (specially since he may have more time to work on it now that he doesn't have to worry as much for the SP). But my gut is saying that, since it's an Olympic season and he has seemed to really appreciate the importance of consistency, he might go for a recycled program. Perhaps POTO (because it's a well known piece of music, though after Mura said he would use POTO again I'm hoping Yuzu doesn't). Or SEIMEI, since it was generally well received and he managed some truly amazing performances with it. At least we can be sure the layout will be diffe
  4. These words warmed my heart. For some reason, sometimes people say non-Russian skaters do not like competing at Rostelecom. But I can't wait to see the amazing response I'm sure Yuzu will get once he is there (and not just from Japanese fans, looking at you commentators all over the world who assume that). Thank you Fay for these wonderful translations, and congratulations to the Russian fans for getting a chance to see Yuzu compete!
  5. Idk if it was shared already, but Yuka Sato was very complimentary of Yuzu in the new Scott Hamilton Show video. She said he has no weaknesses, he can jump and he can skate, he has beautiful edge work and flexibility which she sees in his creative spins. That 4 years ago when he won the Olympics he was still very young and the upcoming star and now he takes the ice with a confidence that is incredible to watch. High praise coming from one of the greats!
  6. I read somewhere that his dad does baseball so he probably inherited the skills. And he did say he like baseball :space: Judging by the Galas where they throw the signed balls, seems like he still has a good arm :) I thought he played it seriously (or sort of)? Didn't he have to choose at a certain point between figure skating and baseball?
  7. Quedó genial! Muchísimas gracias Hydro y a las administradoras que juntaros los resultados :bow:
  8. They never seem to be his size :sadPooh: although over time the mismatch has gotten rather cute Yeah, I should have said "a tux or suit that fits him". Though even with the wrong size of suit he looks cute :devil:
  9. [link=https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-22cuafSsWgw/VGTOg4upqAI/AAAAAAAAA1k/AxNaaZzSs30/s1600/shf-tuxedo-mask-mamoru.jpg]But he'd look so good.[/link] Well tbh he would look amazing in a tux or suit regardless of the context
  10. Sumire and Francis won't be able to compete at Olympics anyway due to his citizenship You're right! *facepalm* So, wait, which other Pairs team could be sent for the Team Event? Narumi Takashi found a new partner didn't she? Perhaps it could be them.
  11. Well, after not seeing him at any ice show last year, it will be nice to see Mr. Front and Center at FaOI again. It always seems like he enjoys himself and has a lot of fun :yes: and it's not that many stops so he won't be overstretching himself. I hope we get to see a new EX!
  12. I'm probably tied between Yuna and Zhenya :yee:
  13. http://rsport.ru/interview/20170505/1120015384.html I don't know if it was discussed in other threads (it's difficult to keep track of them all!), but Eteri made some small references to Yuzu in her new interview. From what google translate can tell me, it seems like she used Yuzu and his condition of training abroad as an example of how Japanese skating (skaters, Fed?) don't need to be closed within the country. The second one it's hard, but it sounds like she said he doesn't complain and just focuses and what needs to be done and skates. But if someone who speaks Russian could clear it up i
  14. LGC podría ser una buena exhibición :yes: La gente se animaría inmediatamente (¿y quién no enloquecería con el knee slide?) Lástima que no pudo tener un programa corto realmente limpio esta temporada, pero su programa largo fue tan buen que lo ganó en casi todas sus competencias. A muchos no les gustó, pero en lo personal, tengo H&L en el mismo nivel, si no es que un poco más arriba, de Seimei (que también amo). Que más quisiera yo que la siguiente temporada estuviera sólido en ambos, pero si estoy obligada a escoger, prefiero que sea el largo. Hay mayor potencial de puntuación y remontaj
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