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  1. Hi all, if anyone's looking to sell two tickets for the Men's FS drop me a PM. I'm hoping to upgrade from my back-row-of-balcony seats but really need two together.
  2. Ugh, what a roller-coaster night! I have to get up and go to work now, I'll be buzzing all day and no-one else will get why. So happy for Yuzu, and so glad to have this wonderful planet to share these moments with!
  3. So, I finally have my tickets sorted and flights booked... any recommendations for somewhere to stay? There'll be two of us on a student budget and only staying Friday and Saturday nights (couldn't get any more time off school )
  4. Thanks, my tickets look like this on the back so I'm going to try sending them an email to check. I've definitely paid more than the full-price child ticket for the same seats though.
  5. Hi all, has anyone else got print-at-home tickets? I just bought mine using the Christmas deal and they all have a 'stop child' sign on the back, I chose 'full christmas' but am worried I've got the wrong thing
  6. Here you go
  7. Skating on the Planet

    True, I'll have to see what time I've got. I'm off to a bit of a late start but I can always skip the food shopping, who needs to eat when you can skate!
  8. Skating on the Planet

    Thanks, I'm taking them in to get checked over and sharpened tomorrow, don't know if I'll be able to resist temptation after that. I'm supposed to be taking kiddo and a friend with me at the weekend and some alone-time on the ice first is sounding really good.
  9. Skating on the Planet

    Moving over from Random Thought Theatre: My new skates just arrived! They're the first I've owned in about 20 years, basic recreational skates because I have absolutely no illusions about reliving the glory days but so far I couldn't be happier with them. I have a long term foot injury that made the rentals at our local rink agony to wear but these are so comfy I don't want to take them off I'm stomping about the living room in them with no pain in my foot at all which just never happens (probably because they're boots which is what I'm supposed to wear all the time but, eh, it's summer...) I'm now busy calculating how mad kiddo will be if I hit the rink tomorrow while she's in school rather than waiting for the weekend like we planned...
  10. Random Thought Theater

    The first skates I've owned in nearly 20 years are due to arrive in the next couple of hours and I literally cannot concentrate on anything else. I've just started up Sims4 in an effort to distract myself but I know I'll be playing with one eye on the clock and all the windows open because our doorbell's so freaking unreliable and I can't miss this delivery!!! Edit: THEY'RE HERE!!!!!
  11. It's still available on the FujiTV link, you'll need to scroll up and click the 12:00 slot on 6/12. If the stream doesn't work for you videos will be up soon enough I'd guess, the show is 3 hours long and HD video takes an age to upload.
  12. Planet Hanyu Banner Contest: RESULTS!

    It looks awesome, so bright and funky! Thanks for all your work, I might have to rotate through them all for a bit before I can settle
  13. Planet Hanyu Banner Contest: RESULTS!

    Oh my gosh, I have been having the worst day and this just turned it right around! Thank-you so much to everyone who voted and congrats to everyone else, this place is gonna be so pretty now!!
  14. I'm travelling on Sunday too, actually changed my coach tickets this morning for three hours earlier so I can be not running to make connections during the stream! Also added a ton of data to my phone in case I can't find wifi that'll let me stream, totally worth it.
  15. Random Thought Theater

    Just submitted my last-but-one essay of the year. Never expected to find biblical archaeology so fascinating, I might have to pick these books up again over the summer. Now I just have to tackle informal learning, which makes me want to cry. Still, the sooner it's done the sooner I can chill and spend more time here!