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  1. Done! That was fun, and also somewhat intriguing, there were some familiar sounding questions towards the end there.
  2. Aaargh! How could I forget Javi!!! Can we pretend his is the ball on the far side that's half cut off for now? I'll fix it up after I get all my work in.
  3. Sorry, but it had to be done (the image wouldn't leave me alone and I have essays to write). Happy for Zhenya that she's happy and so proud of the way she's handled this.
  4. True, I'll have to see what time I've got. I'm off to a bit of a late start but I can always skip the food shopping, who needs to eat when you can skate!
  5. Thanks, I'm taking them in to get checked over and sharpened tomorrow, don't know if I'll be able to resist temptation after that. I'm supposed to be taking kiddo and a friend with me at the weekend and some alone-time on the ice first is sounding really good.
  6. Moving over from Random Thought Theatre: My new skates just arrived! They're the first I've owned in about 20 years, basic recreational skates because I have absolutely no illusions about reliving the glory days but so far I couldn't be happier with them. I have a long term foot injury that made the rentals at our local rink agony to wear but these are so comfy I don't want to take them off I'm stomping about the living room in them with no pain in my foot at all which just never happens (probably because they're boots which is what I'm supposed to wear all the time but, eh, it's summer...) I'm now busy calculating how mad kiddo will be if I hit the rink tomorrow while she's in school rather than waiting for the weekend like we planned...
  7. The first skates I've owned in nearly 20 years are due to arrive in the next couple of hours and I literally cannot concentrate on anything else. I've just started up Sims4 in an effort to distract myself but I know I'll be playing with one eye on the clock and all the windows open because our doorbell's so freaking unreliable and I can't miss this delivery!!! Edit: THEY'RE HERE!!!!!
  8. Just submitted my last-but-one essay of the year. Never expected to find biblical archaeology so fascinating, I might have to pick these books up again over the summer. Now I just have to tackle informal learning, which makes me want to cry. Still, the sooner it's done the sooner I can chill and spend more time here!
  9. I don't know about the bottom picture but the Getty Images one is from 2015 so no idea.
  10. Some more last minute entries...
  11. I use this name pretty much everywhere online. I've always been in multiple fandoms so i never wanted to use anything too fandom-specific and I hate my birth-name, it's too common in every sense of the word (but equally too much hassle to change right now). Ahlai is biblical Hebrew, it's gender-neutral and means something along the lines of 'a heartfelt wish'. When I first chose it I was in a bit of an emo phase and just thought it sounded cool but as time goes on it fits better and better and I've really come to love it.
  12. I think that's one of the first videos I saw too! I was introduced to Yuzu only late this season and am now regretting letting life push me out of FS fandom for so long :cry: Skating isn't really broadcast here (we get the Olympics and maybe Worlds highlights) and I had no internet access when I first left home so it was easy to fall away. More recently I'd watch the occasional vid on Youtube but wasn't interested enough to put the effort into getting my head around the new judging system. Then, being the responsible parent I am, I'm watching Youtube over my daughter's shoulder when she clicks away from yet another Yuri on Ice crack!vid to a clip of this skinny Japanese kid simply owning the ice and I was hooked. Then I come across clips like the above, and the dreaded Cup of China incident, and learn about the Tsunami and... what can I say, this boy has stolen my heart and I ain't even mad. :embSwan:
  13. Hello all, I just made my first and last post at the other place so figured it was time to stop lurking and introduce myself properly here. I'm Ahlai, or Lai. I've been a figure skating fan as long as I can remember, competed as a child but sadly we moved away from my rink and couldn't find a new one, the old familiar story, eh? Figure skating isn't really broadcast here outside the Olympics but I have fond memories of staying up way past bedtime to watch what occasional snippets we were granted. Life, the universe and lack of a TV led to me falling away from skating for a long while but I'm back for good now thanks to Youtube and my daughter's persistent gushing over Yuna Kim and some kid named Hanyu I fell in love with Yuzu's skating pretty much at first sight (he makes it look so easy :cry:) and then discovered what an adorable little dork he is off ice as well and was done for. Now I'm back to staying/getting up at ungodly hours to watch streams in languages I don't understand from places I can only dream of visiting and I'm loving every minute. I'm something of a chronic lurker but I'm looking forwards to being part of this fab, crazy community in my own quiet way. :wave:
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