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53 minutes ago, Anni said:


Update from Roman about his injury :huh:

Wishing him continued good  healing.




Seems like he is on a steady road to recovery🙏👍. Great that he has such a good team behind him and this water physio, so cool he has access to something like that.

Hope he is recovering soon and heals his ankle fully.....and I hope he won't get a mental block when trying to jump. I think we all know if something scary happened while doing something, this can leave a fear of doing it in the future.

Wishing him all the best💪💜

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12 hours ago, Anni said:

Roman's new SP:
"Unconscious” by Charlie Winston


I didn't know the song before. 

You can also listen to this on youtube.:music:





will be interesting to see how they cut the music for the program. but i think it fits him.

hope his recovery is going well and we will be able to see this program soon.

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On 10/26/2023 at 1:28 PM, Anni said:

Roman's first Quad attempt after 2 months

He should compete at Skate Canada, but of course a full revocery has priority. All the best for Roman.:smiley-angelic001:


Yes, he should take his time. Better safe then sorry (side eying a certain other person).

let this ankle and knee heal and come back strong Roman!

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53 minutes ago, rockstaryuzu said:

Skate Canada Instagram is reporting that Roman had to withdraw from the Warsaw Cup because he arrived in Warsaw, but his luggage did not... presumably that means his skates. That sucks royally. 


Oh no ... that must be very frustrating for Roman. :sad4:

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