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Competition Commentary & Translations (Spreadsheet)


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And here's the return of the YH Competition Commentary & Translations Spreadsheet (link), landing on the Planet *wiggles* *settles in* :yay:


It's a collection of all Yuzuru Hanyu competition commentaries, with a focus on highlighting the many excellent non-English commentaries (Max & Angelo? Russian Eurosport? Oh yes :)) available, all kindly translated by members of the community. This is a project started mid of 16-17 season and is constantly a work-in-progress. I'll be keeping track, but this is an open-edit document :) Meaning people should feel free to contribute new video sources, new translations, and updates. For the most part, the color formatting is automatic and will appear as you type in the relevant information. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions regarding translations/commentaries/how to work the spreadsheet!


When the new season starts, we'll have threads dedicated to each competition and commentaries can be posted there. For now, this thread is a good place to collect any translations of commentaries from previous competitions. 



May 24, 2017

*all links to GoldenSkate and Planet Hanyu should now work :)

*spreadsheet updated to include up to: https://planethanyu.com/topic/46-competition-commentary-translations-spreadsheet/?do=findComment&comment=20898


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excellent translations from Fay:, reposted here w/ her permission


Worlds 2017 LP | Arena |

Commentators: Alexander Grishin and Fyodor Klimov


Gr: Now all your attention to the ice, please – best of the best. Yuzuru Hanyu from Japan, World Champion and Olympic Champion, is only the 5th after the SP, but it’s the FP which is decisive. The music is by Joe Hisaishi for this season for Hanyu. Let’s start.

Kl: An immaculately clean 4Lo! 4S.

Gr: He flies somewhere to the skies!

(then they fall silent and keep silent for a minute after the skate is done – for sheer shock, I think)

Kl: I think this needs no comments. Any person, even if he/she is no expert in FS, understands this was a genius skating. Everything was done ideally – there’s nothing to commentate here, everything was the highest level. And we along with the whole audience give him a standing ovation.

Gr: Everyone who’s present gives a standing ovation to the genius of world figure skating. I think I won’t be mistaken when I say that we won’t see anything like this even in this group. The fight for the first place isn’t yet over, of course – Hanyu wasn’t the first in the SP. But surpassing this skate will be nearly impossible. And after the competition, at home – either in Toronto or Japan – Hanyu will have around 90 per cent of global Winnie the Pooh resources

Kl: Yeah, we joked with our friends yesterday that today it will rain Winnie the Poohs…

Gr: Yes, it has rained and is continuing to rain… Hanyu can give one Pooh bear a day to charities and he’ll have enough to last him three years. Love Japanese anime? You’ll have a golden collection from the various competitions of World Championship dimension… Four quads, each one of perfect quality – a loop, 2 salchows and a toe-loop – that’s what Yuzuru Hanyu jumped in his LP. Brian Orser gave him such hugs. That was very touching and just what Yuzuru deserved. No, world records weren’t over with Evgenia Medvedeva’s skate – what Hanyu has shown here – I won’t use too many adjectives here like divine – but it was brilliant. So now we just remember and try to understand the figures which will come up on the boards now. He overcomes his own record by 3.5 points – that’s a new world record. Not the accumulated score, but he’s best in the LP score. 223.20. 321.50. It’s the first time I’ve seen a Hanyu record in the arena itself. A historic competition.

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excellent translations from Fay:, reposted here w/ her permission

Worlds 2017 LP | Russian ESP

- The public has been looking forward to his performance.

- He usually skates not first, but closer to the end of the event – as the last or penultimate skater in the final group. Usually, he’s the one leading the field. But he’s currently fifth now.

- He does 4Lo, pristine and clean. He does 4S, also clean.

- I think it’s important now that he keeps his emotions under control during his step sequence. Now I think you can see he’s restraining himself, isn’t he?

- Well, he’s determined to have a 100 percent clean skate…

- … well, later he has two more quads planned.

- 3F. Clean.

- Now he has a crucial sequence of four jumps coming. He’s trying to control his emotions… There he goes!

- He does salchow… toeloop!

- Brilliant! He doesn’t let himself go yet as he’s got 4T coming. Come on, Yuzuru, hold it! Go!!! Well done!!!

- He does it. Clean.

- He can’t relax now either. Two triple axels.

- He does it. With a 2T with his arms aloft.

- And he doesn’t do it with his trademark entry, but with a conventional one. He doesn’t risk it, he’s skating safe.

- Oh, how determined he is… 3S

- Keep up! Atta boy! What a fighter! (What determination)! 105.78 and he has four elements left… You’ve got the last jump left, Yuzuru!

- He does the triple clean. Well, you can’t hear the music. He’s done what he was planning to.

- (laughs in disbelief) We haven’t seen such Hanyu for a very long time!

- He’s angry.

- Yes! He’s been wound up!

- Yes, he’s been moved.

- Well, he’s got an incredible ability to command his energy flow for 4 minutes and a half and not to control every single aspect of this most difficult programme in such a way! He’s just stunning!

- I remember Evgeny Plushenko at this moment - I told you: Don’t make Evgeny Plushenko, because that made him skate just as perfectly, he’d do everything up to the hilt.

- Yes, I’ve got the same idea because they’re alike – Plushenko and him – in that. They could both go out and crush everyone else by their dominance. Hanyu’s just like that. 126.27. I looked the WR up – 219.48, GPF 2015. Now he’ll get a crazy score, of course! It’s a shame his rival don’t get to see this skate…

- I think they can hear it in the changing room…

- They can, but after such knock downs and knock outs people don’t get up.

- He’s crying because of tension…

- Because keeping this string so taut for 4.5 minutes?!

- Ideal exits…

- Ideal! Everywhere. He didn’t slop a single step! He was calm… usually he gets emotional in his step sequence. No, this time it was just that - step after step, let them go, he has lots of jumps coming. He showed us the most difficult layout. In the second half he has 4S3T, 4T, 3A2T, 3A-1/2-3S – that’s a crazy layout. Why does he do it in the second half? Because the BV is multiplied by 1.1, so it gives more points. Oh, this 22-year old from Sendai, figure skating genius! Brian Orser, Tracey Wilson, the LP choreographer Shay Lynn Bourne, and a large group of unnamed people… So how much will he get? 225? 230? I’m afraid to guess. Now he’ll get an enormous amount of top marks! Well, he didn’t make it to 225 – 223.20. OH MY GOD (In quasi English). A new world record. 321.59. Remember these mark – 321.59. This is what the standard will be for next 40 minutes.

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I was going to ask where to post the translations of commentaries other than those of Worlds 2017.

Thank you for creating this thread!

Let me repost 2011 4CC SP here.


EDIT: I also updated the spreadsheet.



4CC 2011 SP




Announcer: Chizuru Kobayashi. She is a freelance announcer who has been working for figure skating programs on J SPORTS for years.

Commentator: Yutaka Higuchi. Former single skater. Two-time Olympian and three-time national champion.

Now coaching in Tokyo. He was a TCC member from 1968 to 1971 and helped Hanyu to transfer to TCC in 2012.




Chizuru: Next up is the reigning World Junior Champion, a Japanese skater you know pretty well.

Yutaka: Yes.

Chizuru: Here comes Yuzuru Hanyu. He is 16 years old, and this is his first senior championships.


Chizuru: He participated in two Grand Prix events and placed 4th in NHK Trophy and 7th in Rostelecom Cup.


Chizuru: He said his senior debut year has been very inspiring. Seeing Patrick Chan’s skating was especially a huge inspiration for him.

Yutaka: I know. Patrick is one of the fascinating skaters.

Chizuru: Indeed.


Chizuru: The music is “White Legend,” a transcribed version of Swan Lake.

Yutaka: Triple Axel. It was beautiful.


Yutaka: 3Lz-3T combination. The first jump looked slightly off-axis but he added the second jump with no problem.


Yutaka: His body is still very thin and so is his axis. It probably makes it easier for him to nail his jumps.

Chizuru: I see.


Yutaka: Triple Flip. It was a bit too close to the fence.

Chizuru: Yes it was!


Yutaka: Straight line step sequence.


Yutaka: Butterfly into Flying Camel Spin. He entered from a difficult position. He is very flexible for a man, so he can do a doughnut spin. It will surely be taken as a high level spin.


Chizuru: It was Yuzuru Hanyu, 16-year-old from Japan.

Yutaka: He skated very well, didn’t he?

Chizuru: Yes.

Yutaka: The Flip from connecting steps got too close to the fence so he might have been like “oops!” and unable to control his landing, but other than that, he did quite well.

Chizuru: This is his first 4CC.

Yutaka: He is strong.

Chizuru: Indeed.

Yutaka: A promising young skater.

Chizuru: Yes he is.


Nanami Abe: (To Hanyu) That was a good save.


Yutaka: This is his opening triple axel. He landed slightly on his back inside edge but I think this one is OK…

Yutaka: This first jump was slightly off axis but he regained his balance in his second jump.

Chizuru: Yes.

Yutaka: He is tenacious, isn’t he?

Chizuru: Yes.

Yutaka: Many skaters would change it to a double jump.

Chizuru: Yes.

Yutaka: But he hung on and managed to add a triple jump which had a straight axis. I think it’s amazing.

Yutaka: This is the jump he got too close to the fence.

Chizuru: Yes.

Yutaka: He’s trying to express his emotions. He’s a very sensitive skater. He’ll be a good skater through gaining experience at senior level.

Chizuru: He makes us look forward to his future.


Yuzuru Hanyu: (To the audience) Thank you so much!


Chizuru: Probably he himself wants to learn from everything to be a strong skater.

Yutaka: He surely does.


Chizuru: He placed 4th in Japanese Nationals.


Chizuru: His scores will be announced. It’s 76.43. He looks surprised. 40.76 (in TES) and 35.67 (in PCS). He is currently in 3rd place.

Yutaka: Good for him!

Chizuru: Daisuke Takahashi is currently in 1st place and Jeremy Abbott is in 2nd place. Yuzuru Hanyu is in 3rd place.


Chizuru: Shawn Sawyer was already in the spectator’s stand and watching the competition…

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Okay I'll repost my translations here.

There can be some differences from the ones I posted on GS, because I tend to edit my translations a lot afterwards :)

Enjoy !




First, SP at Sotchi on french TV : http://www.francetvsport.fr/le-record-de-hanyu-206493

more complete (with the scores annoucement) : https://tinyurl.com/z3xtba8


Original post with the translation by Yuzusan : http://www.goldenskate.com/forum/showth ... post926694

I took it as a reference but I completed it, added some storytelling because it's good fun, and changed some sentences in a way that I like better.:-)


Enjoy ! You're in for a loooooooong ride because they SPEAK A LOT. :grin:




The commentators are, as always on french national TV (France Televison), the three musketeers of figure skating comment, those whose lyrical enthusiasm can only match their tendency to talk ALL F...G THE TIME, the very unique Nelson Montfort (NM), Annick Dumont (AD) and Philippe Candeloro (PD). For those who don't know him, Candeloro is a former french skater from back in the days when figure skating was popular in France. He won bronze in Lillehammer and Nagano and is pretty famous here.


But first, in order to understand the translation, you must know that, while the competition was broadcast live on France 2, they chose to have the commercial break just... when Yuzuru was skating ! You can admire their sense of timing there :)

The broadcast was back just for the scores announcement – which they commented live – and they broadcasted Yuzuru's program just after. Sadly, they already knew the scores so there was less spontaneity than usual.


(my translation is after this video, which is the most complete one)



(in the beginning of the video, the host is speaking about Brian Joubert and Florent Amodio, and then about Plushenko's withdrawal and Jeremy Abbott's fall)


0:40 (Laurent, the Host) I think this is going to be quite an evening, don't you agree, Nelson ?


NM : Yes, I concur, Laurent. Now we're in the kiss and cry with the japanese skater Yuzuru Hanyu, who's just... Annick, please describe us...


AD : he's just (she's more or less speachless :) )... we're waiting for the scores-OH LA LAAA !!!


PD (hard to hear because the other two are.so.loud) : It's a masterpiece.






PD : … on a short program.


AD&NM : yes, on a short program.


AD : It's incredible ! He did a quadruple-triple combination... I swear, he skated faster when he landed the triple than when he entered the quad. He manages to GAIN speed during the jumps.


PD : He's trained by Brian Orser, who can't be in the kiss and cry right now because the skater who's going next is Javier Fernandez, who's also trained by Orser. I can tell you that Yuzuru Hanyu has set the bar really high in this second to last group. It's going to be quite a challenge...


(back to the host, speaking again about Brian Joubert (these olympics were his last competition) and telling that Yuzuru Hyanu (sic) 's program is coming next. He also mentions that Brian Joubert and Florent Amodio think that Yuzuru is the most likely to win the competition, or is their favourite skater in this competition, it's not clear. The formulation is ambiguous but in any case it's very nice to hear :) )


2:10 (Host) Now we're going to watch this absolutely magnificient program.


NM : Yuzuru Hanyu is entering in the rink for the Empire of the Rising Sun. Yuzuru Hanyu, who is a skater on the rise, a dainty and delicate skater, who is both a tremendous technician and an absolutely wonderful artist. And here it begins for the cheerful Japanese, with his is oh-so-endearing personality.


PC: You're scaring me, Nelson. You're saying he is in on the rise, but he is already at the maximum, and even beyond everybody else.


NM: Yeah, in any case we are now watching his program.


PC: This skater may do a quintuple jump one day, because it looks like he could do it (Quints ??? :eek::eek::eek: whaaaat Philippe FFS !!! ).


NM: Gary Moore, the Parisian Walkways, what a marvelous theme – which you know well (I guess he's talking to PC).


PC: It is a very good musical choice… the rythm of this program is perfect for the first part of an event with such high stakes as the Olympics Games.

Look at this, right now, the quad toe loop.


AD: Ohlala what amazing skating skills !...


PC: He's quite happy that the jump is clean, and he's celebrating.

And here, he earns also many, many points with his spins. With his flexibility... He's a skater who can bend and twist himself in all directions while keeping a perfect edge… But it's true ! It's not easy at all ! When we have a stronger musculature, it is harder to do this … Brian (Joubert) would agree with me on this. This kind of detail makes all the difference (for the win) …

(1:45) and now normally, he's got an innovative preparation for the triple axel, he's the only one to do it… Here, without any preparation.


NM: A little dance step, and then... triple axel !


PC: Exactly, and it earns many points regarding a percentage that Annick will perhaps be able to explain.


AD: It gives points on what we call “Transitions”. Each time you do a jump’s preparation that is not classic …


PC: And here (2:19) he does it again with the triple lutz, triple toe loop, a perfect combination…


AD: … (going on with her explanations) and so he earns points on what we call “Components” (PCS). A few years back, we called that “the second mark”, and we're going to keep on calling it like this because it's basically the same thing, and it's much easier to understand this way…


At 2:33 Nelson Montfort specifies something for French people. Because AD has pronounced “Components” in English, while in French, we translate “components” by “composantes” (different pronunciation). But she used the English word so it can disturb French who don’t know English.


(2:40) AD: Yeah and “Components” regroup five criteria of the second mark which are transitions, the choreography, the interpretation, the skating skills (the speed, the lightness of the skating) and the performance/execution. This system tries to make more credible what we (in France) would call “creativity”.


NM: So, Philippe are you ready for the test? (after this skating lesson by Annick Dumont ).


AD: I’m ready (laughing)


PC: He really skated very well this program, it was a very good choice (of music) and his order of passage has certainly made him more confident and disconcerted Patrick Chan, who has not been perfect but still stayed focused.


NM: So, we've just witnessed the program which is, at the moment, the best short program in all skating History, at least since the new ISU judging system has been adopted, ten years ago. Since Yuzuru Hanyu scored more than 100 points.


AD : He's had 101.45 points. He's just beaten his own record btw, since he was already the current world record holder. But he hadn't reached the 100 points bar until now, he « only » had 98-99 points.


PC : Yeah, we could say he had kept a little margin for himself. (laughing)


(then they speak about other skaters)




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The same three commentators, two years before, for

. As enthusiastic as ever, and even more ! :rofl:

(this translation was also done taking Yuzusan's one as a basis, corrected and completed)


You'll just need a little bit of context to understand their commentary : in 2012 in Nice, french skaters Brian Joubert and Florent Amodio were respectively 4th and 6th after the SP, and people were hoping one of them at least would medal... which would have happened without a very young japanese prodigee coming (almost) from nowhere :wink:





Nelson Montfort (NM) Philippe Candeloro (PC) Annick Dumont (AD)


NM: What a great afternoon, because what we are watching now and are going to watch in the 20 minutes to come is going to be crazy, and I mean it. Because today there is a real chance of medal, bronze or even silver, for one or two french skaters. We won't speculate more about this, that won’t be easy but it's still possible.

Now, Yuzuru Hanyu, young Japanese contender, who eliminated Oda at Japan Championship, which is quite an achievement in itself (ahem, Oda didn't compete in 2011 nationals, but, well). He was slightly disappointing yesterday (in the short program), but he could be doing great this afternoon.


PC: So, is he going to stay as gentle as a lamb? (It is a (bad) pun about the idiom « être doux comme un agneau » (to be as gentle as a lamb). PC loves doing jokes because lamb=agneau in French and the pronunciation of “agneau” is almost the same as the one “Hanyu”, in french, that is, where we don't prononounce the "h"). We are going to discover that now … this young skater has lots of qualities, look at this quad… it's clean.




PC: It's already the fifth quad of the afternoon … (1:19) here the triple axel, with an outstanding preparation, a great eagle just before. It is a very strong start … (1:33) triple flip, no problem, now let's go on (the tone he uses shows that he is in fact ironising about how easy it looks, while it is not easy at all).


NM : Let’s notice that this contender is seventh in ranking, just behind our French skater Florent Amodio after the short program. Amodio has managed to invite himself miraculously in the last group. It changes all but, but here we have to wait and see because, this skate here, especially regarding what happened yesterday evening, may put him close to a potential podium or a fourth place. Let's be careful !...


PC: Yes because he (Hanyu) may be dangerous -(NM : VERY dangerous) – for Florent.


(2:15) PC: Wow triple flip, look, what a flexion work !


AD: Oh …What a … what a sheer will … what a wheer will to hold this jump !!!


PC: Normally, this jump should have resulted in a fall on the ground.


AD: Of course, he didn’t put his weight where he should have at all !


NM: How did he succeed not to fall … I hope we will see better in slow motion.


AD: It is sheer will. Just sheer will.


NM: It defies gravity … I really hope we’ll see the slow motion …. [then a bit of uninteresting babble, NM is very chatty :) ]…


(2:55, Yuzu falls) The three of them : NOOOOO !!!


AD: This is unbelievable …


NM: What happened Philippe !...


AD: He has gone on the tip (of the skate)…


PC: Yes, yes, he toppled on the tip.


AD: … it is an edge mistake. A novice mistake …


PC: It is not serious, but it still costs 1 point…


NM: It wasn't even on a jump !


(3:09) AD+PC: … OooOOOOh triple axel, TRIPLE AXEL !!! ….

PC : he goes on without a pause !

AD : OHLALALALA TRIPLE TOE LOOP !!!! THIS SKATER IS FANTASTIC !!!!!!! (they're applauding I think :clap: )


PC: As I said yesterday, I've done a few galas with him in Japan last July, he was already really very impressive. (3:24) here triple lutz, double toe loop, followed by another double toe loop… (3:48) perfect triple loop, see, this is an almost perfect program.


NM: Despite his novice fault, oh … what a pity, I hope we will see that in a few seconds of course…


AD: I think even him could not believe it.


PC: I think his hand is injured, because of the way he looked at his hand when he went up after the fall. But the triple axel triple toe just after the fall was just fabulous… So now, (laughing) there's even more, look at this step sequence, he is a very very fast skater….

(4:25) and supported by the audience, especially by the Japanese. There are so many of them this afternoon at Nice's « Palais des Expositions » …

(4:47) he is quite light so he can hold the program perhaps a little bit longer, but we can feel he's becoming tired.


(4:57) AD: Ohlala, he's given everything, he's absolutely exhausted. Absolutely exhausted.


(5:10 (Biellman)) PC: and with spins out of the ordinary, in the men’s category.


AD: This is magnificent, this is a sporting feat !!! Really magnificent, oh he can be happy, I think he has no energy anymore, he pushed himself to the limit. I have the impression that he is injured … I don't know where but this fall that no one expected, even himself … he is exhausted. I told you, you can see it


PC: I think his hand is injured.


AD: I don’t know if it is his hand, or his ankle … I, I don’t know.


PC: Look at how much he is sweating, it's impressive ! We haven't seen that for any other skater this afternoon.


AD: I think he gave the best of himself, even beyond that. He may collapse before leaving the ice rink….

So many Japanese people in this rink.


PC : Now he's doing the ritual japanese salute (little laugh)


AD : in any case it's a program with two triple axels, including one in combination. Plus one quadruple jump, that I find absolutely extraordinary and deserving at least 2 GOE points, dear judges. This opening quadruple which arrives with more speed at the end than at the beginning really deserves at least 2 GOE points. As well as the axel by the way, the first one. And then, a fall on a novice mistake! In skating school, we explain that « be careful, there are big tips on the front of the blade and you always should be careful not to attach it into the ice !»


NM : The slow motion has begun, and we're very interested about it.


AD : Yes. One turn, two turns, three turns, four turns. It's beautiful. Just beautiful.


NM : I wish we could watch in slow motion this jump where he stood miraculously, you remember, Annick ?

AD : Yes, it's not this one. This one is the triple axel – and he does it with a great eagle just before, let's just say that he makes it even more difficult.

(the fall in slow mo) Oh ! He topples on the tip in the middle of a three-turn, in the middle of a counter rocker, to be more precise. And then just after, despite the fall, he goes on with a triple axel and that's particularly impressive.


PC : Yes because a little fall like that looks like nothing but can distract a skater in less than two second.

AD : Yes it would have distracted more than one skater, don't you think, Philippe ? Really...

PC : Oh were it be me, I would have stopped the program right away and then gone to the infirmary ( :rofl: ). I would have been to ER !


NM : I'm under the impression we won't see his spectacular save on the jump in slow mo.


AD : (seeing Nanami Abe with teary eyes) Ooooh this is so moving.

(seeing Yuzuru in close-up) Oh my god his face ! (she seems to be moved :) )

NM : So, normally Hanyu should take the lead or we don't understand anything anymore !


AD : Yes, I think so, of course, he should take the lead because... (the score appears) Ohlalalalalala what a lead he has !!! 251 points in total.


PD : Wow it's very high, thankfully he's not in the last group, as you said before Nelson, but he's dangerous, very dangerous for our french skaters.


NM : what is happening is dangerous for Florent, and dangerous for Joubert too, but we recognize this amazing achievement.

And here we see Daisuke Takahashi, his fellow japanese countryman, how lucky we are to see these backstage images.


(the end)





Epilogue : Brian Joubert ended 4th, Florent Amodio 5th... :grin:

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(Just a little note : you may have seen this surrealistic video of Nelson Monfort and Philippe Candeloro interviewing a very disconcerted but smiling Yuzuru in Helsinki - being in awe, talking more than Yuzu (typical :grin: ), and... saying he's an alien :rofl:

Perhaps Philippe could sign on this forum XD

It's here (thank you all the people who gave me the link ! ^^) : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7HTN ... XNHTENKRzQ

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Now, french Eurosport Commentary for Yuzu's LP at Helsinki. Gotta love this comment :love: :love:


The commentators are Alban Préaubert, Florent Amodio, and a third commentator I dont know, whom I'll call MrX :)

Florent's comments are interesting for me since he's r****d in 2016, and lived the begining of « the quad area », and of Yuzu's carreer (he was 5th in WC 2012 in Nice).

And I'm particularly happy that Alban (also a former skater) seems enthralled, since he wasn't sold on H&L at all for the rest of the season and sounded disapointed in Yuzu's performance this year. That is, until Helsinki.


(and on a side note : pleaaaaase french Eurosport, from now on keep Florent Amodio for the men's singles commentary, instead of Nathalie Péchalat ! Plesase pretty please !)



*** the warming-up ***

I like what they said about Yuzuru during the warming-up, it's not in the video but I'll translate it nontheless :


Florent: (speaking about Javi) he must be really careful, because skating last after all these gentlemen, is really, really not easy (that turned out to be prophetic). And another one who's going to have to handle the pressure is the one we're seeing on our screens, Yuzuru Hanyu, the olympic champion. He's got a lot to gamble here. He's won the world title only once. He's incredible, but he's got a lot to lose today.


Alban: It's true it's really incredible to think he's only won the title once, when you look at the high scores he can get. His World Records are pretty crazy, really much higher than any other, but at the same time he's often not been able to handle the pressure when he was close to get the gold.


MrX: Still, last year, and the year before, he was second, just behind Fernandez (he's implying it is still a pretty good result)


Alban: Yes of course, silver medals are great and all, but knowing Yuzuru Hanyu's talent you can't be happy with it.




*** the program in itself***

MrX : aaand it's beginning right now with the japanese skater Yuzuru Hanyu. Olympic champion in Sochi, World Champion in 2014, he's had to make do with the second place those last two years, behind Javier Fernandez. Yuzuru Hanyu, who was in 5th place after the Short Program, and presenting right now a free program on « Hope and Legacy », by Joe Hisaichi.


(they're completely silent during the program, bless them :bow: )


MrX : Exceptional ! He's got everything !


Alban : In-cre-di-ble !


Florent: WOW !!!!


(They're clapping)


MrX : Yuzuru Hanyu's got everything, including the mindset ! And it was not a given.


Florent : wow wow wow !


Alban : The first group is now launched :)


Florent : hhohohoho wow wow wow ! ( :rofl: )


MrX : What an equilibrium he's managed to find, between a really exceptional technique and a really successful artistic part. He's mind-boggling.


Alban : A world record, it's gonna be a world record !


MrX : and he's already the record holder, as you know, of the short program, free program, and total score.


Florent : wow ( :grin: )


MrX : what a pressure for the other skaters !


Florent : How powerful, how masterful, how pure ! * sigh *


MrX : all the jumps are clean, impecable


Alban : I think that when we'll see the protocols there will be +3 GOEs e-ve-ry-where, I cannot imagine another outcome ! (if only, Alban, if only!) The quality of execution is extraordinary, you just can't do better ! Well, we're going to say good luck to the other skaters, but he's raised the bar so high that they're going to need nerves of steel to resist. Well, yes, Fernandez is a bit more than 10 points ahead of him so you never know, but...


Florent : it's going to be very, very difficult. With only three quadruple it's going to be very, very difficult to compete with Yuzuru Hanyu. He's done such an elegant program, with such ease. Yes, ease is the word, because he flies on the ice, everything is ethereal, the jumps are majestic... * sigh *


Alban : There are transitions everywhere, even before the triple axel ! And they are all extremely complex (thank you Alban :clap: ), and sequences... (he's cut before finishing his sentence)


MrX : it's the most beautiful program of his career, and without a doubt one of the most beautiful programs in skating history.


Alban : Oh yes ! And yet, we weren't really sold on the artistic side of this program in the beginning of the season, but when the level of the skating is this high, of course, he manages to charm us.


Florent : Look at how high the quadruple salchow/triple toeloop is ! And here, the quadruple toeloop ! How masterful !


Alban : skating really goes into another dimension with those skaters.


MrX : he reminds me of Medvedeva, he's on another planet, in a class of his own,


Florent : and that's where he is remarkable. Because HE's been the one pushing the limits of skating (those last years). Really.


Alban : Yes, it's true that he's always been extremely ambitious, eventhough he could have had beautiful victories with only the two quadruples from back then, perhaps with adding a third one. But he goes on, he always wants to go one step further, to add new challenges, a new quadruple loop, a third, a fourth quadruple jump. Soon a fifth one, I imagine.


Florent : I think that people in Japan must be overjoyed right now. And Shoma Uno hasn't even skated yet.


MrX : he's already a superstar there.


Alban : he's already a superstar, and it will stay that way, and even more


MrX : 219 points is his own record to beat, which is going to be beaten today


Alban : The 220 points bar... reached for the first time probably


Florent : Are you ready ?

(the score appears)


Florent : WOOOW !


MrX : Yes, 223 points for Yuzuru Hanyu


Florent : incredible !


Alban : 97 in Pcs, of course, the maximum is 100, we're not far from it.


MrX : he improves his previous record by four points. And the total is 321.59 points !


Florent : incredible... (he's laughing nervously)


MrX : the total score record is not yet beaten. His record is 330 points, during grand prix final in 2016 (it was 2015, but well, they shocked XD). And of course, he's now in the lead, with a large advance !


(and you can even hear Florent whispering * put...n*, the swear words french people use to manifest a strong emotion, a little bit like *f..k*. Which shows that he's reaaaally shaken, because you don't swear on TV XD)


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Aaaaand last translation (for now) : the french canadian commentary of Yuzu's free skate in Helsinki :


It's fab ! I love the tone one of the commentator uses (Alain Goldberg), sometimes he begins his sentences quietly and finishes with a loud, excited voice, and he plays a lot with intonations (okay, some people might find that creepy :grin: ). And visibily, Yuzu tend to make french-speaking commentators turn pretty lyrical because some parts of the commentary sound almost poetic. It is quite literary, with some beautiful words, excellent choice if you're trying to learn some french XD. Of course I'll do my best but part of it will be lost in translation, sorry...

(and on a side note, I'm completely in love with french canadian accent :love: )


The commentators are called Jean Pagé and Alain Goldberg. I don't really know anything about them tbh, save from than their names – but they already loved Yuzu at Sochi, I remember their commentary very well (« quand il est bon, qu'est-ce qu'il est bon ! »;) ). I'll call them Alain and Jean.


Here we go :





Alain:… and how to put it, it's going to start quite strongly with Yuzuru Hanyu, from Japan (the « quite » is clearly meant as an euphemism). Fith, yes, fifth !, after the short program...

But what a remarkable skater.


(first notes from H&L)

Alain: And here we go...

Awesome skating...

Extreme run-up...

And he opens with the... quaDRUPLE LOOP !



C2: as if it was nothing.



… Once again, as if it was nothing.


Camel spin. Into a donut spin (french terms for those spins are much prettier than english ones by the way ^^ Pirouette arabesque cambrée)


Please admire the elegance, the ease, the casualness, the flexibility ! And the musicality...


A truly unique style.

Full of strength and lightness at the same time.


And there he goes AGAIN with steps – supple, effortless.


He's gaining speed...


Triple FLIP !


Watch out ... there's no room for errors...

Up to now, it's perfect.


And now we're halfway through the program.








There's not even a slight mistake.


TRIPLE AXEL ! Double toe-loop. With the hands above the head.


We're witnessing something incredible.


Once again, the TRIPLE AXEL ! half loop, double toe-loop. And the spread-eagle. (As if) He's saying : « look, and admire » ( :s_yes )


The spin. Long. (And ? Can't hear what he's saying here)


The step sequence. Huge flexion (or is flexion the french term for the hydroblade ? Idk) - then he calls some steps by their names but I don't know the english terms


And he goes on. Never losing focus. INA BAUER ! Triple LUTZ !!! Camel spin ! Outside edge (I think). And now the sit spin, it's great art.


(end of the program)


Alain: Gi-gan-tic Moment.


Jean (Yes, he talks too... a bit): What an EXTRAORDINARY performance ! YUZURU HANYU ! The supporting crowd is bursting into applause. What an extraordinary performance, Alain.


Alain: perfection on ice. Per-fec-tion :bow: . At a level, nobody before him has ever reached (he says that twice :) ). In spins, in steps, in jumps, in presentation. Everything was there.

What a unique being. (images of the venue and his very emotive fans) And thinking he has to handle the pressure. How difficult it must be to ignore it.


Jean: his first Worlds Championships participation was in 2012. So, in order, he's been : 3rd, 4th , 1st , 2nd , 2nd . He's welcomed and congratulated by his coach Brian Orser, who's saying to him « Awesome ! . It was marvellous ». And it's not just anyone saying this (of course they know very well who Brian is and love him)


Alain (lauging): Indeed !


Jean: and he's being congratulated by Tracy Wilson too. And it's worth being watched again in slow motion !


Alain: Admire the body language. The 4Lo. He's the only skater in this competition performing this jump (mmm not true anymore). The 4S-3T. 4T. And the way he glides, the landing, the way his movements seem effortless. He really owns his Art. Because when you reach this level it is, truly, Art. (about the ending pose) and here he's saying : « here it is. My gift to you. This program » :bow:


Jean: he's thanking his coaches. His « senseis » (lol)


Alain: it was... listen, I can't give you any commentary (as in : he's speechless).


Jean: there wasn't any mistake ! It was absolutely magnificient.

He's saying he didn't feel he had enough energy. (they laugh) Thank god !

Oh my friends. Listen. It's 223,20 points. (Alain is laughing)

223, 20 !!!


Alain: incredible.


Jean: it's his best score this season, he was at 206 this year. Of course he's first, but look at the total score ! 321,59. Yuzuru Hanyu !


Alain (still laughing incredulously): he's just taken the lead for the world champion title. A BIG lead.




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Posting on behalf of Fay


GPF 2015 SP | Russian ESP


- Yuzuru Hanyu is on the ice. The Olympic Champion, the World Champion. Not the current one – last year he lost to Fernandez. Fernandez will skate after him, but they’re used to skating one after the other – they train together and skate together. Frederic Chopin, a beautiful programme. It was choreographed by one of the most creative choreographers, Geoffrey Buttle, who was also World Champion.

- They’re alike with Buttle in something – a musical phrase and a turn of the head. Now it’s the turn of the arm. The harmony of soul and body. Now the spread eagle. Into a spread eagle from a quad. 4T3T. (clearing his throat) I think he’s repeating the NHK Trophy pattern.

- His goal is to exceed his own achievements, isn’t it?

- He’s never had such a goal.

- (after Yuzuru had finished) Well, is it a standing ovation? It is! How can you help it!

- We’re on our feet too! 56.66 – now it’s going to be 60! Is it – come on, computer, show us! 59.44 was the (previous) score, 61.59. We’re on the way to a new record, because Yuzuru Hanyu received 106.33 for his SP at NHK Trophy, surpassing his own previous achievement of 101.45 by nearly 5 points. Now his technical score is greater than his result at NHK by 2 points. There wasn’t a gap of two weeks, there wasn’t – I just don’t understand where they’ve kept him, what fridge in Canada Brian Orser kept him in to keep him in this fantastic form. I’m very curious what he does with them on his ice in Canada, Brian Orser!

- I think he just takes them away from figure skating, then he releases them and they just enjoy it.

- That’s why I started arguing with you during the skate – he’s never had a goal to break his own record.

- He didn’t have it before now – he didn’t have a record.

- No, he never wanted to do that. He doesn’t have that as a goal, no! The record was his -101.45! He only had one goal – to become one with music, with the choreographers’ ideas, his coach’s energy and talent so much, to become one with the audience for these 2 minutes 50 seconds and to produce such a gorgeous skate – that’s his goal, so that there was an absolute harmony…

- I think yes, you can’t say he’s trying to surpass some results, he just skates for his own pleasure.

- You can’t skate in this way if all you think about is just results…

- These are not long or high jump competitions – there are lots of jumps and spins…

- Look, there are two quads as a response to Boyang Jin: he starts with a 4S and then does 4T3T combination.

- Just have a look at the exits! And his arms, his arms…

- Exemplary exits! Please show us the exit from 3A, please! That was jaw-dropping – in the second half of the SP at that! There it is! Look – argh, Spanish cameramen didn’t show it until the very end, they get a D for that, they don’t understand the beauty of figure skating. But unfortunately, the time frame allotted for program slo-mo won’t fit all the masterpieces of Yuzuru Hanyu’s SP.

- And what an ending…

- Oh, that’s who a wunderkind is! Not Boyang Jin, but this boy who turned 21 a few days ago.

- And, Andrey, I’ll interrupt you, he always shows – give applause to my coach, not me!

- He does! Well, come on, 108? I’ll take your bets, gentlemen! He had 106.33, I think the final result will be 108, maybe with something else. 110.95!!!

- 110. There you are!

- And now I might agree with you

- And then he’ll have his LP, that’ll be over 340…

- What you said… Now he’s got carried away and wants more… 110.95!

- Now he starts breaking his own records! His own records!

- He couldn’t break that record of his for such a long time!

- He won’t just look at his competitors, he’ll compete with himself now.

- I just don’t want one thing to happen – the thing which happens to wunderkinds – when their fame and success produce so much pressure on them and drain them until they’re empty. That’s the most terrifying thing because…

- Turning them into show people.

- Or that, into show people. But so far Hanyu is the same Hanyu.

- Look, Hanyu cheering for…

- Sure, because it’s the same Yuzuru Hanyu who cheered and supported Javier Fernandez and showing in every way that he has to be Champion! And now he cries to him as always: Go, Javi!

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Posting on behalf of Fay ;)


GPF 2015 FS | Russian ESP Live |




- … besides Brian Orser, Geoffrey Buttle and Shae-Lynn Bourne worked with Yuzuru Hanyu, and now it’s the turn for Yuzuru Hanyu’s FS, Seimei, who’s a well-known magician, philosopher, visionary who lived at the turn of the 1st and 2nd millennia AD. They filmed a movie in Japan about his life and Yuzuru Hanyu took the film music score for his FS.

- The first quad – done. He has three planned with a combination.

- One more quad – absolutely clean. He gets 13.36 – this with the 10.3 BV of this quad – that means once again the he gets +3 from all the judges for his execution.

LONG silence

- (when Yuzu jumps his 4T3T) How well he does it!

An even LONGER silence

- (after Yuzu finishes) You know, we can breathe now, now we can breathe finally…

- That’s just madness! 120,72!

- Of course, he didn’t have a goal of breaking his own record, but he’s not given any other option but do it. I don’t know… the progress in figure skating!

- 120,68!

- 120 technical score!

- And there you have the skaters applauding on their feet! They understand very well the value of such a skate, the value of the whole program – they know how much it takes.

- And this is the second such skate within two weeks! There were just two weeks between the first one and the second one!

- That’s real figure skating!

- That means that he does such skates in his practice sessions…

- And, Andrey, how much time has passed since NHK…

- Two week! I said it was only two weeks!

- Where does he take such strength from?

- Forget strength. Where does he take mood for it?

- Forget mood, how about keeping his peak up (his form up or a functional toning up) in such a state for two weeks?

- Orser said that he went to Canada for two weeks and Hanyu stayed in Japan, he asked to stay, he didn’t go with him and he trained alone. Orser said that they didn’t see each other for two weeks. He said: “I entrusted him (with training) since he’s a very responsible young man.”

- That’s just unbelievable. And when at NHK the judges gave him 118.87 technical score and 216 overall, they put themselves in a situation when the program is executed the same way, they can’t give him anything more….

- No, they can’t…

- You know where it’s taking us? They’ll have to introduce +4 and -4! Now the judges have a right to mark within the range of +3 to -3, right? But with such a skating, guys, how do you grade Hanyu’s skating? +3 isn’t enough for Hanyu’s skating!

- Yes, you’d need a five-mark range, +5.

- What else can you do? Unbelievable, just unbelievable!

- Now, you have the BV+3 and you can’t get anything more!

- Now we have to add one more important thing – there was another historic achievement last night, apart from his improving his own record from 106.33 to 110.95. For one of his components, he got 10 – not separate 10s. How many 10s did he get? So there are nine judges, five components, so there are 45 marks, and I think he got 22 top 10 marks. But his performance component he got 10 from every judge! So the protocol shows 10!

- Once again, such a gesture of respect to his coach…

- Now they’ll give him some 30 10s here… and now we’ll get the result in the neighbourhood of…

- Oh, I’m afraid to guess… whereabouts?

- 220! We’ll get 220 now!

- Javier kneeling before him and Hanyu to him too… “You won!”

- “You’re a god, you are!”

- Two figure skaters, two friends – it’s so great!

- (when Yuzu gets his 219.48) Well, they didn’t make it by so little!

- So little, true! But some of his exits were…

- And Orser is looking at it… but it’s another world record! The previous one was 216.07, now 219 – just very short of 220. But I think Orser is going to have a huge problem now, because now he has to… I realise that Hanyu is unique in his psychology, but he’s still human. Being a god is very hard psychologically.

- He’s crying… that’s the tension!

- He’s crying, yes! Now Orser has to make him forget this state and prepare him for his Nationals and the World Championship, make him look for motivation…

- He doesn’t know where his tears are coming from – “I don’t want to cry, yet I’m crying!”

- He’s a one-off skater, just unique! I like it that he thanks his coach, thanks the audience, he’s so open, he’s got childlike openness. Orser says that he’s just a kid who loves playing with figure skating and is great at it.

- It’s not just a game when you break WR one after another.

(they speak about Patrick, Shoma and Javi having fantastic skates too)…

- I think they (Yuzu and Javi) help each other!

- They do, the fact they’re friends and rivals provide them with freedom to skate.

- And – that’ll sound idiotic – they’re just good guys! They live well, they train well and they have a right motivation. I think Orser plays a huge role in it – he know to motivate them in a right way for competitions. He was a top athlete himself, so he went through it himself and he knows it.




GPF 2015 FS | Russian ESP Replay



http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3kpy4 ... play_sport



- As for Yuzuru Hanyu, you can’t find enough adjectives to describe him.

- It’s like Swan Lake

- Hanyu? Well, not like back in 1991, during the Russian coup d’etat. (Something only the Russians would remember perhaps – when there was an attempt of coup d’etat in August 1991 – and all you could watch on TV those days was Swan Lake. It created an ominous and ambiguous aura around Tchaikovsky’s ballet – and changed the attitudes towards it).

- (then they speak about Russian skaters missing the GPF)

- Now we watch this masterpiece of Hanyu’s – the masterpiece called Seimei, a well-known Japanese character, magician, visionary, who lived at the turn of the 1st and 2nd millennia. Seimei, a film soundtrack about the well-known Japanesse wise man. And this is the free program for which Yuzuru Hanyu received 216.07 two weeks ago at NHK Trophy. No one had gone beyond 200 before that, Patrick Chan’s record was 196, Hanyu surpassed that record by 20 points by getting 216, and now he’ll surpass his own result.

- The first quad.

- Such jumps get +3 GOE from all the judges. Every judge shows that this is the excellence in executing 4T.

- A 4T3T combination in the middle of the program.

- This is a kind of magic, it’s just a miracle, something mystical – a magic of Seimei the great and enigmatic wise man on the ice!

- I’ve just paid attention to one thing – never saw it during the completion skates – how much gloves matter, the shape of the gloves, they’re wedge-shaped, and they also emphasise the choreography – he unbends his fingers, one, two, and look how they add up to the whole effect.

- I’ve also seen that he stressed the musical accents with his fingers, furling his hand into a fist and clenching his fist according to the musical phrases, just when he needs to do it. And this adds up so much to the character of Seimei

- Without the components, just hands bringing the character forth, it’s just as important – I mean, they don’t get tired…

- And that glare! The glare he skated with! The one he did his choreographic sequence at the end of the program – that’s just incredible. Yuzuru Hanyu, a 21 year old genius! He got 120 for technical side of the skate and 219,48 overall. Will he get 220 – he will, as he can improve some things, and I think he can! This is the result of the men’s completion.

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excellent translations from Fay:

NHK 2015 SP | Russian ESP Live | Link to come


… Kovtun comes 4th so far, but let’s wait – we saw how Yuzuru Hanyu skated at his first event, which was Skate Canada. Hanyu had a horrible SP there – he only got 28 points of technical score. He lost nearly all the elements, and he hadn’t received so little for his technical score ever since he was a little kid – only 28 points. But now it’s Japan and weeks have gone by – AND he’s Olympic Champion and World Champion. Frederic Chopin.


He isn’t doing much, but you can’t take your eyes off him! Oh, the way he kept his balance! He fought hard for it – there was a lean on his Salchow, but he was able to pull out of it.


Clean! Two toe-loops – 4-3!


Very clean! He gets a lot of GOE for this combo… 28! He’s hardly behind Boyang Jin’s technical score accumulation pattern, but he’s going to get higher PCS.


3A from such a difficult entry.


He was the first one to execute 3A with such an entry, when he doesn’t follow the classical pattern of going into it on his right foot and then jumping off the left foot. But there’s a little trick there he’s using, he helps himself a bit with his toepick.


As a rule at the end of the program they have a step sequence.


Well, he finished his musical piece…


… like a samurai! Not like it was Chopin!


… Yes, like Chopin! As if he were famous pianist or composer Frederic Chopin.


I said, not like it was Chopin!


Sorry I misheard you!


With a glare killing his rivals! Look, 59.07!


Well, he might go over 100.


Over 100? Of course he will! His personal record is 101.45, but that was in Sochi, during the Olympic Games, and it’s a well known fact that judges give more GOE at World Championships and Olympic Games. But in this case Boyang Jin’s score might affect Yuzuru’s score – Boyang Jin was generously marked in technical score and he was scored very well in components too – his components are on average just under 8: 7.82, 7.93, 7.89, 7.93 – nearly 8! If he adds a little more, Boyang Jin will start receiving components over 8 on average, and then skaters like Yuzuru Hanyu, Patrick Chan and Javier Fernandez will be threatened. That’s a subtle aspect which the judges feel very well, so Hanyu’s marks will be… well, his skating also deserves it, but his score will be high, very generous. Let’s look, that’s his Salchow – with a lean, a bit underrotated. Oh, will it be downgraded? No, they won’t…


There’s a slight underrotation…


There’s one, but it’s less than a quarter of a rotation!


It’s less than a quarter, that’s right. Let it be half a quarter.


Now they’re showing us his quad Toeloop, let’s look carefully. I want to see his 3A – he does it so gracefully and so cunningly. This one’s also clean, and this (about 3T)? It’s also clean. He’s such a fantastic skater – he’s got flexibility, extension, lightness, musicality, delicate, yet powerful skating… Look here, I think he helps himself with his toepick?


He must have! He needed to slow down into his jump…


No, he does accelerate himself with it! (Or assists himself into his 3A). But he’s the only one to jump 3A in this way…


… the right way is to jump off the toepick.


An excellent skate from the Olympic Champion.


Yes, this is excellent in every respect, he exceeds every skater who’s performed in his skating skills, very light gliding, and jumps too, he skated last…

… and in his glare!


Yeah, he just pierces with his glare! And there he is, smiling as ever, always thanking the ice, his coach, the audience… Well, how much? 100? I don’t there will be a record, he won’t reach 100… 106?! Oh, I’ve miscalculated that much!!! I thought they wouldn’t risk giving him that much! 106!!! In this case they’re telling Boyang Jin: “Get back in line! You’re too young!”


“Get back in line for now!”, and you see why – this shows the progress in figure skating.


Well, if he gets 106 now, what score should they give him at the World Championship?


He has to skate that well there and the judges will be different. There will be a different skate there, and it’s not soon.


Well, I think if Chan sees this, I think he’s incapable of speaking now!

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excellent translations from Fay:

NHK 2015 FS | Russian ESP Live | Link to come


- Now we’ll wait for Yuzuru Hanyu. If you saw his glare, can you imagine what we’re going to see? Well, finally, dear viewers, here we are – it could be a grand close to the evening. What will Hanyu show us – will it be a great close or a so-so close? In 2010, five years ago, this 20-year old – then 15 year-old – Japanese skater won the Junior World Championship, he didn’t get to the World Team first year he was senior, this is his fifth season. He was the third in his first season (in the WT), then he came fourth, then he won the Olympic Games and the World Championship, last year he lost the World Championship to his friend and training buddy, Javier Fernandez. Lets see what shape Hanyu is in today. After all, it’s Japan, it’s Nagano. He lost the Free Skate at Skate Canada to Chan, who had a stunning skate.


- A quad, absolutely clean!


- Wow! Quad Salchow…


- Quad Salchow, a school variant, clean! Quad Toeloop, clean. And he has a very good speed of skating, excellent edge work. Triple Flip.


- One more quad toeloop and a triple toeloop? Does that make three quads?


- And mind you, they’re all brilliantly rotated!


- 3A… oh, what a stunning combination – 3A and a 2T just after that with his arms aloft.


- Another 3A… and 3Sal, how great! What a combination!


- I’m waiting in awe for him to finish… I'm terrifed what we are going to see now!


- You know I had to restrain myself and stop commenting on his jumps, turns, spins and steps to let you admire and enjoy Yuzuru Hanyu’s skate…


- 113,99!!!


- … just to enjoy it. I think you did enjoy it!


- 118,59!!!


- How he… it’s difficult to find a correct word – performed? Fought? Put his soul in it? It looked so easy as if he could skate 10 minutes more!


- Well, he couldn't – he gave it all! Look at his face, look at the way he’s breathing! To be capable of performing to the best of your abilities for 4 and a half minutes just when you need it – up to the point of complete exhaustion!


- He pulled himself together like that in his own homeland! I think they’ll put up a monument for him in Japan!


- I think he’s already “raised himself a monument not built with hands and common folk shall keep the path well trodden”! The music comes from a Japanese film ‘Seimei’ – in fact, Abe no Seimei was a legendary person, a Japanese visionary who practised onmyoji – an ancient Japanese cosmology, divination, exorcism and defence against evil curses – sorcery, in short! Japanese folk sorcery, let’s call it that! And Abe no Seimei was one of those sorcerers and mystics…


- Folk medicine!


- Yes, he lived a thousand years ago, he was very famous… that’s why this music is full of energy, subtexts – Seimei’s personality had to be very strong and powerful, and Yuzuru Hanyu is as strong a personality as that! On January (sic!) 7th he’ll be 21.


- Look how he’s getting into the right mindset at the beginning! You can’t say there’s an awful lot of choreography…


- Is there little of it?


- It’s not that obvious, but it’s everywhere!


- He did everything! Look at the way he jumped! You know, 118,59 we saw at the end of the skate are scary, because yesterday he received 106.33 (and 101.45 was a WR before), now he already has a record in the technical score, and now the judges will shower him in the component score, and I’m scared to think about the score. The previous record was Patrick Chan’s and it was 196,33 if I’m not mistaken. What score he’s going to get now is just frightening. But he did everything immaculately – look, 4T – in the second half of the program, you see?


- Clean! And a triple – also clean!


- He’s got unique legs – they’re both rigid and soft when needed…


- Springy legs!


- Yes, they’re springy!


- You know, they’re like shock absorbers…


- Yes, rigid springiness! He’s a stunning talent, Yuzuru Hanyu, a university student, a modest guy, but his modesty conceals loads of ambition and drive and desire to win! But he knows how to rejoice – he was happy for his friend Javier Fernandez when the latter beat him at the last World Championship! He was happy because he knew it was just, Fernandez deserved to be Champion. I think he’s a greater idol in Japan than Daisuke Takahashi who was worshipped in the previous years. Now he’s applauding and bowing to Brian Orser!


- This Japanese tactfulness amazes and surprises everyone…


- And the good manners and the good upbringing!


- The upbringing too! That attitude to himself and his partners…


- 196,75 is Patrick Chan’s record in the free skate. No one has ever gone beyond 200.


- Will it go beyond 200?


- 216!!! I’ve also got my head between my hands now like he has – 216!!! 322!!!


- And what is next? 400? 500?


- No one has ever hit 300 – Chan’s record was 295! 322! 216! I think Orser is going to start speaking Japanese now – and it won’t surprise as much as this score does! Guys, this is World Championship, it’s just… 322,4!


- It's world ranking…


- Forget ranking, this is a world record which was unimaginable. It’s just as if Bob Beamon leaped his crazy long jump… Do they understand what they’re doing – and that Hanyu may not bother skating from now on? On the one hand, it’s a great triumph, on the other hand, it’s a great test for the psychologies of the people we can see on our screens. 322! I can understand if it were World Championship, but this is just an ordinary Grand Prix event! Though it was a brilliant skate, of course, I can see that he received 12 top 10 marks in the component score.

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Ahh, space kitten has improved so so so so much in stamina :')


excellent translations from Fay:


NHK 2010 FS | ESP Russian


http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xfn0l4 ... s-fs_sport


… Yuzuru Hanyu from Japan, Junior World Champion last season, Junior Grand Prix Champion. Music by Pablo de Sarasate with an unpronounceable title. Zigeunerweisen.


Well, clearly Pablo de Sarasate has absolutely drained the Japanese skater, it has! He skated last 40 seconds of his program with his mouth open with his tongue nearly lolling out and having difficulty breathing. But well done, Yuzuru Hanyu, anyway! He did everything his coach Nanami Abe told him to, he was very musical and good overall! But the most important thing is the thing he started with, great for a junior! There it is, 4T. Great! Then he fought hard for the 3A exit. Then he started skating in a more relaxed manner, there was a musical rest before another 3A in combination with 3T. He executed nearly all his planned layout, apart from one jump, on the whole, he was good, worked hard, but his musicality and everything he does looks trained and introspective, so he has trouble reaching out for the audience (not that he has trouble here, the audience here know him and love him and he gets a lot of support here). I thought that he wasn’t skating that much for the audience. But that’ll go – given his age, how old is he? He was born in 1994, he’ll turn 16 in December, so the most interesting and expressive years are still ahead for him, he might well start skating as well as Takahashi. Takahashi didn’t execute such difficulty at his age. 138 points, of course, he isn’t losing to anyone at this point, and he’s ahead of Mura by 16 points.

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