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Found 2 results

  1. The idea of a page for Yuzu on Wikiquote is taking concrete shape now, so I created this discussion thread here on the Planet to share quotes and exchange opinions. Here is the latest update on the page: Yuzuru Hanyu on Wikiquote The two main purposes of this project: - Bring some structure into the wild potpourri of famous Yuzu quotes, so that fans can find them easily with the exact source and proper translations. - Introduce Yuzu to the world, not only as a successful athlete but also as an eloquent speaker with impactful and iconic words. What needs to be discussed: 1. structure and sorting of the quotes (chronologically or sorted by topic, type of source, etc.) 2. relevance of a quote (should it be included or not?) 3. translation(s) of Japanese quotes 4. reliability of a source These are the manuals and guidelines on Wikiquote: Manual of style Layout guidelines Quotability Limits on quotations Sourcing Threads with quotes from and about Yuzu here on the Planet: Translations (folder) Yuzuru Hanyu famous quotes English translation Yuzuru Hanyu quotes Interesting comments thread If you share a quote, it would be great, if you provided these information: 1. Exact wording in the original language 2. English translation, if the original language is not English (preferably from an official source) 3. Exact source with publication date Request board More quotes from Aoi Hono I & II Quote Book: Original Japanese wording, English translations and original sources Quotes from Yuzu: from his novice/junior years (about his career/life goals) 'Versatility is my selling point' (from FaOI 2019 Kobe) about the impact of the music and concept of a program Quotes about Yuzu: from Tarasova and other coaches, skaters and choreographers (---> interesting comments thread) from athletes of other sports (Uchimura, Ohtani, Osaka, etc.) Carol Lane: There are good skaters, there are great skaters and then there is Yuzuru Hanyu. A masterclass in how to be a champion
  2. And here's the return of the YH Competition Commentary & Translations Spreadsheet (link), landing on the Planet *wiggles* *settles in* It's a collection of all Yuzuru Hanyu competition commentaries, with a focus on highlighting the many excellent non-English commentaries (Max & Angelo? Russian Eurosport? Oh yes :)) available, all kindly translated by members of the community. This is a project started mid of 16-17 season and is constantly a work-in-progress. I'll be keeping track, but this is an open-edit document :) Meaning people should feel free to contribute new video sources, new translations, and updates. For the most part, the color formatting is automatic and will appear as you type in the relevant information. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions regarding translations/commentaries/how to work the spreadsheet! When the new season starts, we'll have threads dedicated to each competition and commentaries can be posted there. For now, this thread is a good place to collect any translations of commentaries from previous competitions. --------------- May 24, 2017 *all links to GoldenSkate and Planet Hanyu should now work :) *spreadsheet updated to include up to: https://planethanyu.com/topic/46-competition-commentary-translations-spreadsheet/?do=findComment&comment=20898
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