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Competition Commentary & Translations (Spreadsheet)


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PyeongChang 2018 FS by NHK


Announcer: Takaki Toriumi. He has been working for NHK since early 90’s and done play-by-play announcement for NHK Trophy many times.

Commentator: Takeshi Honda. Former single skater. Two-time Olympian and World bronze medalist. First 4CC champion and six-time national champion. He is also the first Japanese skater who landed a quadruple jump in a competition. He is now coaching in Osaka. He had been training in Ice Rink Sendai in early 90’s with Shizuka Arakawa.


During 6-minutes warm-up


(The camera captures Yuzuru Hanyu standing-by at the rink side while people in the venue are waiting for Adam Rippon’s scores)

Toriumi: Finally, group 4 is coming up next.


(The camera captures Adam Rippon in the Kiss and Cry)

Toriumi: Adam Rippon’s scored… 171.41 for free skating and 259.36 in total. Adam Rippon is currently in 4th place after 18 skaters finished skating.


(The camera captures Yuzuru Hanyu at the rink side again)

Toriumi: Nathan Chen, Vincent Zhou, and Mikhail Kolyada (t/n: are ranked above Rippon) in this order. Now, finally, this moment has come.


(Hanyu takes off his blade covers and touches them with his forehead)

Toriumi: Here comes the time to fight.


(Hanyu hands the blade covers to his coach. Loud cheers go up responding to his image on the overhead screens)

Toriumi: Loud cheers went up when they showed this image on the overhead screens as well. The six skaters of the final group are now taking the ice! Yuzuru Hanyu will skate fourth in these six.


(PA announcer introduces skaters in the final group)

Toriumi: An Olympic athlete from Russia, Dmitri Aliev. He delivered his best short program. Boyang Jin of China, who scored his personal best yesterday. Patrick Chan of Canada, the silver medalist from Sochi. And now, Yuzuru Hanyu. Javier Fernandez of Spain. Shoma Uno of Japan. Anyone in this group can win a medal. These six skaters are competing at such a high-level.

Toriumi: Now, the six-minutes warm-up has started. Can Hanyu deliver his best performance and win two-consecutive titles?


(Skating order for group 4 appears on the screen)

Toriumi: Aliev, Boyang Jin, Patrick Chan, Yuzuru Hanyu, Javier Fernandez, and the last skater is Shoma Uno. Yuzuru Hanyu is taking the lead. (t/n: after the short program) His score was 111.68. He is now in the top position being ahead of Fernandez by 4.10 points. The point difference between Shoma Uno in the 3rd place (t/n: after the short program) is 7.51. Now, Mr. Honda…

Honda: Yes?

Toriumi: What draws our attention first and the most is how Hanyu will perform his FP.

Honda: Well, in the free program, they have to do more quads and skate longer, executing 13 elements in the four and a half minutes. So, naturally, the key is to minimize the point loss.

Toriumi: Judging from what we have seen in the practice sessions, his program will include two 4Ss and two 4Ts, four quads in total.

Honda: Yes. 


(Hanyu lands 3A+2T Rippon)

Toriumi: He landed a 3A now. How do you see it?

Honda: I think he is moving very smoothly. It looked like his usual 3A.

Toriumi: It is his specialty. He landed an exquisite 3A yesterday. Didn’t it receive full marks?

Honda: Yes, it did.

Toriumi: He landed such a 3A. In the practice session this morning, although he had 40 minutes, he cut it short to 25 minutes to get ready for what was coming up next. What do think about how things have been going so far?

Honda: Well, I guess that seeing his practice this morning, they decided that that was enough, that he was ready and left early.


(Hanyu lands 4T+1Lo+3S)

Toriumi: Oh… He did a quad now.

Honda: That was a quad+1Lo+ 3S combination.


(Hanyu goes back to the board to get hydrated and goes back skating)

Toriumi: Yuzuru Hanyu had been away from the ice for two months due to the injury in his right ankle, but in the short program yesterday, he delivered a massive performance and made us wonder if he had indeed been injured.


(PA announcer introduces Hanyu. Loud cheers go up in the venue)

Toriumi: Again, they are showing this image in the venue as well. Today, they opened this Gangneung Ice Arena to the audience at 8 in the morning, and we saw many ladies bringing Japanese flags. The official practice this morning was open to the public as well.


(Hanyu saves the landing of 4S)

Toriumi: Oops, Hanyu staggered a bit now.

(PA announcer introduces Fernandez)

Toriumi: Javier Fernandez is on the screen. Mr. Honda, I would say he is one of the biggest rivals. (t/n: for Hanyu)

Honda: I agree. Judging from the way he has been practicing, he must be in very good condition.


(Fernandez lands a 4T)

Honda: He is also an entertainer and capable of earning high marks in components scores, so naturally, he will get high score.

Toriumi: Right… He is a two-time Worlds Champion. This Javier Fernandez and Hanyu have been learning from each other under coach Brian Orser.


(Uno lands a 4F while PA announcer is introducing him)

Toriumi: Now, Shoma Uno. Although this is his first Olympics, he got very good score yesterday. His short program earned 104.17, which is very close to his personal best. What do you think about his conditioning so far?

Honda: I think he has been doing great. Physically, he is looking normal, and he is jumping quads as usual… Ah, he is trying to attempt a 4Lo now…

Toriumi: OK, let’s take a look… Well… he is planning to do 4Lo, 4F and 4T today…

Honda: Yup. Two 4Ts in the second half.


(Uno pops the loop)

Honda: He is attempting a quad… Hmm. He could not get in the rhythm of his jump.

Toriumi: He could not get in the rhythm this time. Shoma Uno is planning to do four quads of three types today. If he can nail these jumps, he will, of course, get in the medal contention, and he is capable enough to contend even for the gold.


(Uno fell on 4Lo)

Toriumi: (T/n: He went for a) Quad… Hmm. He got down on his knee. The warm-up will end in 15 seconds.


(The camera captures Kolyada, Chen, and Zhou in the green room)

Toriumi: Currently, Nathan Chen is in the first place. Vincent Zhou is in second place, and Mikhail Kolyada is in third place. Nathan Chen managed to land five quads today for the first time in the history of the Olympics.


(End of 6-minutes warm-up. Hanyu marks Salchow and skates toward the exit)

Toriumi: The warm-up has ended. Hanyu is going to skate fourth. Uno, sixth. How would they spend the time until their performance?

Honda: Well… After all, I hope they will take a bit of rest to calm down and boost their focus again.


(Hanyu receives his blade covers from Orser and put them back on, then goes to the backyard with his coaches)

Toriumi: Yuzuru Hanyu is going after the second Olympic title. If he manages to win, he will be the first one to accomplish the feat in 66 years.


FS [video]


(Hanyu standing by the board, doing his routine before his performance. When he shakes hands with Orser and Briand, a guy shouts, “Hanyu, gambare!” followed by loud cheers from others. The NHK announcer and the commentator remain silent until PA announcer calls Hanyu)

(Hanyu goes to the starting position drawing 士 on his chest, doing shu-pa, and going over 4S)

Toriumi: In the short program, Yuzuru Hanyu, the king showed his potential that was far beyond our imagination. Even though he has won an Olympic gold medal at Sochi, he has continued competing for four years to redeem himself for the mistakes he made in the FS there. The music he chose to win the two-consecutive titles for the first time in 66 years is “SEIMEI.” The soul-stirring four-and-a-half minutes begins.


(Hanyu starts his performance)

Toriumi: The first jump he is going to attempt is… 4S!



Honda: 4S. He nailed it beautifully!

Toriumi: Next up is 4T.



Honda: 4T, landed with ease.



Honda: 3F.



Honda: Combination Spin with a flying entry.



Honda: Step sequence.


(Hanyu finishes the step sequence and goes into the second half of the program)

Toriumi: The second half of the program. Does he still have the energy? (t/n: to skate through it) …Here comes another quad!



Honda: Quad Salchow… triple toeloop!

Toriumi: He nailed it! …Next up is the final quad…


(4T, stepping out)

Honda: 4T. 



Honda: Triple Axel, single loop, triple Salchow.

Toriumi: (T/n: He altered the plan and) He did 3-jump combination here.



Honda: 3Lo.

Toriumi: One more jump!


(3Lz, stepping out)

Honda: 3Lz!

Toriumi: Saved it!



Honda: Change-foot Sit spin from a flying entry.




Honda: Combination Spin.


(Hanyu finishes his performance)

Toriumi: This is the king! This is how a king skates! Overwhelming strength. He shone in his first official competition in four months. He fought through the four and a half minutes while fighting with his injury as well. He showed us what he needed to show on the ice!


(Hanyu takes a bow as the audience cheer for him loudly)

Toriumi: What an incredible guy.

Honda: He was so strong.

Toriumi: His technical score may fall short of Boyang Jin’s.

Honda: Uh-huh.

Toriumi: But when it comes to the components, Yuzuru Hanyu is overwhelmingly dominant.

Honda: He has the potential to score higher 9s, so I guess the score (t/n: PCS) will be over 90, 95-96, at least.


(Hanyu gets off the ice and hugs Orser)

Toriumi: He hugged coach Brian Orser.


(They start to show the highlights of his performance)


Honda: This is the 4S. Fully rotated. Had a nice flow after landing.



Honda: Now, this is the 4T. Had a good height. Fully rotated and done with ease.

Toriumi: In this competition, he chose to do four quads of two types, Salchow, and toeloop.



Honda: This 4S+3T combination he did in the second half of the program is beautifully nailed.


(Orser and Briand at the rink side applauding for Hanyu)

Honda: However, the 4T he did after that, (t/n: They start showing the 4T) he did two solo 4Ts here, so the base value of this jump will be reduced to 7.93, 70 percent of the original and it will also get negative GOE.

Toriumi: Uh-huh.



Honda: He did a good job saving this jump.

Toriumi: He fought really well.

Honda: And after failing to do 3-jump combination, he managed to do it with the 3A. I think the program contents showed his calmness as well.

Toriumi: Uh-huh.


(The camera captures Hanyu and Briand in the Kiss and Cry)

Toriumi: Now, if Hanyu scores over 186.10 in the FS, he will secure a medal. The score for Boyang Jin was 297.77. If he surpasses Jin, he will be medaled!


(PA announcer announces Hanyu’s score)

Toriumi: Yes, he did! 317.85! He is taking the lead! He secured a medal! It is confirmed that he will medal in two consecutive Olympics. What is still undecided is the color of the medal. There are two more skaters, Javier Fernandez and Shoma Uno.



Interview with Yuzu after FS [Video]


Interviewer: This is Hanyu Yuzuru senshu. Congratulations.


Hanyu: Thank you.


Interviewer: You’ve overcome.


Hanyu: Somehow. (Smiles)


Interviewer: How do you feel now? Would you let us hear?


Hanyu: More than anything, with the help of so many people supporting me, I somehow managed to… first and foremost, skate as you see, in this venue, so I am relieved, and… I am really glad that I managed to perform the way I can feel that I could give it all I’ve got.


Interviewer: The moment you finished your performance, you roared, “Ahhhhhh!!!” It looked like so many things were condensed into the roar.


Hanyu: Well… I just thought that my right foot endured so much, and… because of many things including the injury and of course the lack of training due to the injury, I think I had caused many people to worry, and in that sense, I guess they were probably cheering for me more than ever. I think I was truly blessed to receive such support.


Interviewer: Right after that, you were… um… touching your right foot for a moment, weren’t you?


Hanyu: (Nods)


Interviewer: Were you feeling pain, or…?


Hanyu: No, just gratitude. I was only feeling gratitude.


Interviewer: How clearly could you visualize where you are now before coming to PyeongChang? I imagine you had to fight against fear and anxiety, didn’t you?


Hanyu: Um… First of all, I wasn’t sure about my jump layout. People had been asking me, “What is your jump layout going to be like?” but I myself was not sure what would be the best and had been debating with myself, and because of that, it was a bit hard to have a clear image of my FP. But in the end, I could keep my focus and manage to land the jumps I wanted to land, so I am happy anyway. (Laughs)


Interviewer: The way you saved the Lutz was amazing.


Hanyu: I just have to thank my right foot. (Laughs)


Interviewer: With this, again, you are going to be the reigning Olympic Champion for the next four years. Can you tell us how you feel about it and leave a message for everyone?


Hanyu: I have been supported by so many people to come this far, to live this far. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart to many people for not about my figure skating but for having brought me up this far, as Yuzuru Hanyu. Thank you so much.


Interviewer: We are truly happy for you.


Hanyu: Thank you.



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