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On 7/13/2018 at 1:57 AM, sweetwater said:

Yuzu is probably a nickname given by those who are close to him when he was a child because we can hear his ex-coaches call him Yuzu in old documentaries and news clips. His old friends (e.g. Ryuju and Keiji) also calls him Yuzu.
In this press conference held 3 years ago when he receive an award, he refers to the nickname as a name people call him as a person, not as Hanyu senshu. (See from 3:14)


Rough translation of the relevant part (from 03:14)

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Akiko: Akiko Suzuki from CBC's "Gogosuma." (A news show produced by a Nagoya-based TV station) Congratulations on your receiving Chunichi Taiiku Award. I think everywhere you go, people tend to see you as Yuzuru Hanyu, the figure skater. Do you have any moment you can be just you, an ordinary 20-years-old, not "Hanyu senshu"? 


Yuzu: I think Ms. Akiko Suzuki knows the answer pretty well...(laughs)


Akiko: (Laughs)


Yuzu: If I should answer the question, I would say in the backstage of an ice show, where I am with many skaters who are close to me.In such occasion, I feel... how should I say, I can feel that I am Yuzu, not "Yuzuru Hanyu." I can rarely be my private self when I am on the ice putting my skating shoes on, but when I am taking part in ice shows, there are many senpais who are soooo nice to me and kohais who I can depend on. Only in such occasions, I can be just a university student while being a skater. So I have fun in ice shows and I owe it to you, my senpais. (laughs)


*At this time, Akiko went there as one of the press without telling Yuzu about it when they were doing FaOI together a few days ago, So Yuzu looks surprised when he finds her.



On 7/13/2018 at 6:04 AM, BWOZWaltz said:

Are we talking about Yuzu and yuzu related topic now?



Japanese fanyus came up with another hashtag, this time is #砂漠期を乗り切ろう (#surviving the drought season / off season).

When I looked at this Yuzu photo, I thought wth...


On 7/13/2018 at 9:40 AM, Iknirg said:


I never saw this version of PW before.  :tumblr_m9gcttgdYF1qzckow:

The initial choreo changed so much. :grin: This is from THE ICE 2012.


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On 7/15/2018 at 7:08 PM, lazuliblade said:

I'd meant to post this last night but real life happened and then I was out all day today. Since we were talking about allergies, I thought I should link a helpful small article for reference:
(It's usually the histamines and sulphites that trigger the reaction, but if he had a bad reaction to an ethanol disinfectant in the hospital, I doubt ingesting it would be smart - even if the ethanol content isn't too high in the drink.)
Someone I'm close to is asthmatic and allergic to certain types of alcohol - and if it's cider, then it's specific enough to certain brands that it's like playing Russian roulette if she wants to try out a new type. She had an attack a while ago because of this, so this is still fresh in my mind. Alcohol and asthma don't really mix well, but of course it's a case-by-case basis. Just because one type of alcohol doesn't affect Yuzu doesn't mean another won't throw him into an asthma attack. If he was really determined to drink anyway, then I'm sure he would proceed with caution while exploring which alcohols he can and can't drink, but he did say he doesn't really care for drinking in the first place.

Multiple people have been citing the times Yuzu mentioned the alcohol allergy/reaction, so I went and found the links for easy reference :tumblr_inline_n18qr7hmfk1qid2nw:

  • Here he talked about how bad the reaction in the hospital was - a rash where the strong disinfecting alcohol was used + hives from the antibiotics that were injected. He talks a little more about his hospital experience in the full Aoi Honoo II pages, but this is the majority of it.
  •  This is the Asaichi moment people are referring to, where he noted that he was allergic, citing the hospital case, and stating that it's probably for the best anyway since he's an athlete.
  • I don't remember that anecdote about drinking with his father and grandpa though, so if someone could find that, that'd be great.

Yuzu wouldn't have had alcohol on the coming of age day itself (Jan 12th that year), because he was in the hospital during that time (2 weeks in the hospital; New Year's Eve was the day after his surgery <-- these are stated in Aoi Honoo II). Unless they smuggled alcohol into a hospital room....


And now I really want to go rewatch Haru yo Koi because of the recent posts here. :tumblr_meh7vxvIUd1qdlkyg: (if only there was a sakura emoji)


On 7/15/2018 at 7:30 PM, Peony said:


If he took his shirt off, he would have to be the one sitting because the boy on the end is wearing a necklace but that looks like Joseph. I think she pixelated the people in the background as a courtesy because she didn't have their permission, and added the "I'm not telling you that #Yuzu is on the pic too" because she knew everyone would assume he was in the photo since he was in their class. It was misinterpreted because of the emojis and I think the excitement and reposting caused her to delete the photo and the other ones she took with the stars.



It was in the June 2016 Yuzu Days マイレピ by P&G (https://www.myrepi.com/tag/yuzu-days). It requires an account but here is the relevant quote: 20歳になって仙台に帰った時、成人式のお祝いで祖父と従兄弟と一緒に初めてお酒を飲みました。後から父も仲間に入ってみんなで飲んだのですが、ろれつが回らなくなりました。日本酒はおいしかったけど、体質的にあまり向いていないかもしれないと思いました。アスリートとしては、お酒が飲めなくてちょうど良かったです(笑)。His family celebrated his coming of age day after he was released the hospital. I remember because he wore a hakama and it was well-received. :tumblr_inline_mzx8xsVPrg1r8msi5:


9 hours ago, Erin said:



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3 hours ago, katonice said:



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On 7/19/2018 at 3:50 AM, monchan said:

I hope he can train and prepare for new ss in peace. Btw, who "reported" thou? :war:


14 hours ago, MrPudding said:



10 hours ago, monchan said:

Seems like my wish of Yuzu's clone to compete after he retires isn't all impossible=))


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On 7/20/2018 at 2:53 PM, Sammie said:



23 hours ago, Sammie said:



18 hours ago, LadyLou said:

some good news! :7938863:

I envy all the satellites who're going to enjoy Yuzu's skating live, first pancake or not:10742289:  we're lucky to have him :grouphug:


Also, adding to this

this tweet with further details:tumblr_inline_ncmifaymmi1rpglid:





10 hours ago, ralucutzagy said:



10 hours ago, getsurenka said:

Some good news to brighten the recent days with.


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2 hours ago, katonice said:

Yuzu!! His hair is so long 



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1 hour ago, xeyra said:

@yude at GS translated an article from Taisuke Goto published on July 19. Here the author talks about Yuzu and the People's Honor Award as well as his example set through efficient practice, which he has to have to compensate for his shorter practice time compared to other men. 



Translation at GS




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