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Yuzuru's CM videos


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Ghana Commercials:


(the tokimeki / Ok Desu one)

Making-of video from

(full making-of, no interview) (quite a lot of LGC in red costume, including 3A)

Other versions (partial making-of, interview):


Translation of the Fieldcaster video by Angelic Yuzuru


(the red shoulder ruffle)

Making-of video from

(doing *the* bleacher split-stretches :"> and helping to move the camera around on ice, parts of Seimei ChSq)

Interview from


Translation of interview, by Angelic Yuzuru

Other versions:

(parts of making-of + interview), LotteChocomotion TV

The 360 degrees skating video:



niconico news video containing some making-of footage starting at 00:53 (aww he was helping to clean up at 02:10)


Ghana Valentine's Day events:


2017 Valentine's Day (chocolate tempering)


2016 Valentine's Day (cake with tiny yuzu + interview)


2015 Valentine's Day (receiving chocolate-written messages from some girls)




Ghana promo events:


August 2016


scene) (talking about
) from MAiDiGi

Partial video from

with translation by Angelic Yuzuru

Q&A from

, translation by Angelic Yuzuru


August 2015


(the part about being able to


, both from MAiDiGi

Partial version from

with translation of Yuzu's parts by Angelic Yuzuru


August 2014


(he appears at the beginning of the second video, from inside the box)


, both from MAiDiGi
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P&G December 21,2013


bad quality


NTT Docomo May-June 2014



MH4G September 27,2014





Ajinomoto October 2014



Shooting date: August 2016/ Nationwide On Air: October 17,2016

Green Ver. CM

Orange Ver. CM

Pink Ver. CM



Source>> https://www.bathclin.co.jp/sp/kikiyu/cm/

^Download link in the bottom right corner

Translation yuzusorbet




Bathclin CM Febuary 2015






P&G November 11,2016


P&G January 9,2017


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Japan Red Cross Society "Hatachi no kenketsu" Campaign (Blood donation campaign targetting young people who would be coming of age at the beginning of next year)



2015 (CM+Making+Interview)




*In 2017, Suzu Hirose became their new ambassador, and Nogizaka 46 has been appearing in their campaign ads in 2019 and 2020.

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