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The video that led to the big bang that created this planet:

It's extremely difficult and time-consuming to do these kinds of videos so let's dedicate a thread to them.


Please feel free to post links to analysis of Yuzuru programs here; especially videos. There is already a thread for Yuzu related blogs in general (topic47.html) but it might be good to collect analysis posts here as well.

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To start this off

Here are frenchrabbit's analysis videos

frenchrabbit did GPF 2015 SP & NHK 2015 FS for Yuzuru:

(My chinese is terrible but from what I can understand seems like some in-depth and interesting analysis and would be great if they could be translated :))


YT channel Miles Tails Power posts videos that include the elements and scoring but not all steps. (ETA: channel got deleted :tumblr_inline_ncmif7esGm1rpglid:)

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We already have the idea that his transitions and step sequences are everything but simple, but when you see the names of the different elements flashing through the screen at lightning speed, you REALLY realize how complex they are :tumblr_inline_mqt4gqDerH1qz4rgp:

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