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Fantasy on Ice 2023 in Niigata

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So...uhm... thighs?


Ngl, it was funny to come back to see fanyus losing it😆 in the meanwhile my brain thought for a moment it was some super old pic of young Zu😅 (buf the steps? My gosh, delightful, I need to see more and also to know if it's in the new program or for group number)


ETA: the costume looks.....interesting😶 I'll wait for a full pic to see if it's interesting a la Flowy Do-S (which I love) or...something else:slinkaway:

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We haven't seen his knees since the early 20th century, and today Yuzu's knees and thighs were bigger news on my twitter timeline than the fact Boris Johnson has been found guilty of lying to the UK people and Parliament about the parties he had during Covid lockdowns!! VERY important knees/thighs/legs/shorts, obviously! Anyways, I think he is just preparing us so we don't go into shock (like he did with his bare chest, prior to fleeting dream see through costume...) so I am vey keen to see reports/drawings tomorrow of any new costumes! Yuzuru is nothing but thoughtful :peace2:

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11 minutes ago, Anni said:

From the FaOI brochure



Yuzu so kind hearted to Johnny Weir despite JW has been nasty in his comments abt Yuzu while praising to the moon abt Nathan Chen😏

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