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  1. watching once is never enough as his programmes are mesmerising!
  2. most ppl watched yuzu's fs and sp more than once!
  3. Thanks for posting this video....unfortunately, i couldnt understand Russian 😂
  4. Any ideal where i can see or read this Mishin's interview (English translation) about Yuzu ?
  5. Wow! sounds like yuzu and shoma gonna be team mates in training for WTT
  6. How Yuzu gonna to perform in top form when he cant even get proper rest esp after recent asthmatic attack
  7. First axel was landed by Axel Paulsen in 1882. Who will be the first to land the quad axel in international competition? 139 years (2021) is definitely a looong wait
  8. I think landing a quad axel successfully at olympics would be so cool for yuzu than an extra gold in his pocket (i do hope he win gold though).
  9. We just have to wait for the birth of this elusive quad axel ! I bet if yuzu lands 4A successfully at Beijing Olympics, the reaction will be much more overwhelming than winning gold there.
  10. Thats right! I thought i heard Roman said that before but i wasnt sure.This is definitely the video clip that i saw few months back
  11. I was real impressed with his gigantic 3As during gala and sp.His body line (with deep knee bend) was so beautiful when he landed and exit from the jumps.Well, he surely is king of triple axel
  12. If he manage to land 4A successfully at Olympics, give him gold! Some said its easier to land 5T than 4A because of the forward take off and keeping axis stable in the air while rotating.
  13. Nathan is not a performer.He is a jumping machine.I also just watched his fs, nothing special and it didnt touch me. I dont think i will watch it again.
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