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Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron: “We don’t want it to be easy, because it’s not exciting, for anyone” [Inside Skating]

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5 hours ago, xeyra said:


OMG this is so amusing. He's just in his own little world, doing choreo I don't even know of what. 


Looking at this arms movements.. I'd say it's hope and legacy. :tumblr_inline_mg15qnUpxW1qdlkyg:


1 hour ago, sallycinnamon said:

I love his shuuu paas in the video :smile:


OMG! He actually mouths the shu-paas! at 0:57 particularly..

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Yes his should've been at the FD open practice which was on Friday before the free skate, so he's doing image training for Hope and Legacy and I foolishly decided to sleep in and skip watching dance practice that day!

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On 17/05/2017 at 00:15, wildstrawberry said:


The video is over 2 hours long, but cuts to around 2:07:30 when P/C starts. Yuzu is near the boards (right side of the screen). He wasn't there before and he left after he finished (people are also mentioning this in more detail in the yt video comments). So obviously, I concluded that he is their fan :Big smile:


I know I'm "a little late"  :biggrin: since 2017, but I wasn't on this planet and there : good discovery that Yuzu practices by looking at my G&G (I saw the video below showing it up close) and I'm not surprised, because G&G have their own particular style and were FINALLY rewarded this year  :heartpound:and that must help Yuzu in his programs where he does a lot of tricks on himself (sorry I don't know the right nomination) : already that I am fanyus, then Yuzu is my best friend :peace2:

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