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  1. I think there was an option for a credit, but I’m not sure. I’ll be getting back the money I paid (it’ll take 3 weeks, they say).
  2. I’m in the US & got a complete refund from Air Canada. It’s easy to cancel online. But, I’ve heard of Canadians only getting partial refunds.
  3. My friend is selling her all-event ticket. Section 116, row V. $600 negotiable. She can sell it directly with PayPal, or I can make the exchange in person in Montréal. Thanks.
  4. You should get to the event a little early in case there's a line to get in. The ticket or the website usually says how early the doors open. It's usually 1/2 or 1 hour before the event. If you arrive 1/2-hour early, you should be able to get in on time. Yuzuru will probably not be skating in the first group, so it shouldn't be a mad rush to get to your seat. If you are going to practices, you might have the chance to move down to a seat closer to the ice, but, if the person with the ticket for that seat arrives, you have to move. During most practices, there are plenty of seats near the ice. During Yuzuru's practices, the seats closest to the ice will be full, but you might still be able to sit substantially closer than your ticketed seat. It can be cold in arenas, but maybe not if you're sitting far back. So, bring layers of clothes to add, if needed. A portable charger for your phone is useful. You might want to bring binoculars. If you take screenshots or make printouts of the time schedule (which you can find on the ISU website for the event), you can know when the different skaters will be warming up and skating.
  5. For those looking for food options, I recommend this place. I went there last night. It’s close to the arena & not expensive. It’s wraps with regional specialties, vegetarian options, eat in or take out. Fratelli di Piada, Via Nizza 343
  6. Please add me in too for information. This is a great idea. If it works out, it could be done for other competitions. I would think the larger the group, the better, in terms of getting early tickets at a good price.
  7. Sorry, I didn’t see this until now (I’d been traveling since Worlds). Yes, feel free to copy it.
  8. I couldn't find the ticket sale thread, sorry. What is it under?
  9. Is it okay to post that I have 3 pretty good tickets to sell? My friend bought even better seats, so we’re using those. The seats I’m selling are in Section 101, row 5. They are VIP tickets, which include the swag bag. Anyone who’s interested in them can message me.
  10. Hello! Yes, @michlmint on Twitter & Instagram! I'm glad you enjoy my posts (but all credit goes to the skaters). Thank you for your kind emojis
  11. If you don't line up before dawn, you probably won't get one of the best seats, but all the seats should have good views. If it's easy for you to get to Montréal, you should go. It will be magical.
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