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  1. For those looking for food options, I recommend this place. I went there last night. It’s close to the arena & not expensive. It’s wraps with regional specialties, vegetarian options, eat in or take out. Fratelli di Piada, Via Nizza 343
  2. Please add me in too for information. This is a great idea. If it works out, it could be done for other competitions. I would think the larger the group, the better, in terms of getting early tickets at a good price.
  3. Sorry, I didn’t see this until now (I’d been traveling since Worlds). Yes, feel free to copy it.
  4. Is it okay to post that I have 3 pretty good tickets to sell? My friend bought even better seats, so we’re using those. The seats I’m selling are in Section 101, row 5. They are VIP tickets, which include the swag bag. Anyone who’s interested in them can message me.
  5. Hello! Yes, @michlmint on Twitter & Instagram! I'm glad you enjoy my posts (but all credit goes to the skaters). Thank you for your kind emojis
  6. If you don't line up before dawn, you probably won't get one of the best seats, but all the seats should have good views. If it's easy for you to get to Montréal, you should go. It will be magical.
  7. I 1st learned of Yuzuru from the livejournal ONTD skating site in 2010. Someone had posted a thread about men who did Biellmanns. I asked if there were any men who did layback Ina Bauers, which is my favorite skating move. Someone answered that there was a young Japanese man who did them & posted some videos. I liked everything about his skating & started taking an interest in Yuzuru from that point on. When I watched him on TV & saw Pooh, that really charmed me. I had tickets to the 2011 GPF in Quebec, & I was happy I'd get to see him in person. I was further charmed by the delightfully floppy way he fell during practices. I sat at the short end of the rink & got to see him do his Ina Bauer straight down the length of the ice toward me (he was really doing it toward Shizuka Arakawa, who was in the Japanese TV booth). Leaving the arena on the last night, I noticed the person walking by himself in front of me was pulling a wheeled suitcase with Pooh strapped to it! Yuzuru even gave autographs after practices at that pre-stardom time. But I was a fan & not a fanatic in those days, so I didn't freak out or bother him. I was thrilled I got to see him break the SP record at 2012 Skate America (& do his "Hello, I Love You" Ex) & I was happy he won the Olympic gold, but I also liked other skaters. I went to Skate America 2014 & I was very impressed with Machida. Then, I went to the 2014 GPF in Barcelona. I was looking down at Yuzuru doing his spread eagle in the Chopin SP. I thought at that moment: Machida is a great artist, but Yuzuru is magic. Since then, what I say is: I respect all skaters; I like many skaters; I love some skaters; and then there's Yuzuru Hanyu.
  8. I'm usually an extreme night owl (which is convenient for watching live streams from the other half of the globe). But I flex into getting up extremely early when I have to line up before dawn to get a good seat to watch Yuzuru practice.
  9. Thanks for taking & posting! I was wondering how they could prevent fans from using camera phones. Are there strict ushers? (I want to try to get tickets for WTT 2019, so asking for myself!)
  10. In the Full Editor, when you reply, there should be an option in the post formatting that says 'video'. I haven't tested it yet, but see if it works. Thanks, but I still can't figure out how to embed it. So here's a link to it on my Flickr:
  11. Sorry for my ineptness: How do we post videos & GIFs on here? I just made a small video clip (I like it better as a clip than a GIF, but it's as short as a GIF) that I'd like to post. Thanks!
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