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Junior Skaters of 2021/2022 Season

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44 minutes ago, Paskud said:

Nah, both equally trashy.

Unpopular opinion but I honestly do really like Aljona's "You should see me in a crown." It slapped all thanks to Aljona, but it slapped nonetheless. 


Adeliya's? Nah. Thanks a bunch, Daniil 🙄


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1 hour ago, Melodie said:



I saw, she had +COMBO. And probably edge call. I support judge who gave her +3 on StSq. Yes, J3, she is amazing.

Mana keeps having problems with axel.

Lucas attepted 4t, but fell.

And I'm worried about Sakurako. Iirc she rotated 3lz3t few months ago. Which was surprising, because iirc she didn't look comfortable with lutz before, so I was worried about short program 3-3 combo for her. But then she did. So now 3t3t<< is...:tumblr_inline_n18qr5AMus1qid2nw:

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