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  1. friends... Toronto CURLING cricket club. They are sweeping the ice with the curling broom. I think... P.S. I would pay to watch them curl.
  2. I don't know where else to put this, but I came across it and had to share!
  3. lottery entered! thanks @SparkleSalad for all your guides, etc! SOO helpful!
  4. I am hoping there's still a box for gifts! I made a feather stain glass piece and even with lots of bubble wrap and a sturdy box, I'd prefer not to throw it onto the ice.... Re: the glass - I've seen hockey players go right up to the glass in order to throw a puck to the spectators - although a puck is nicely weighted oppose to flowers/plush...
  5. I'm still looking for an extra Saturday ticket for a friend! I'll be attending myself starting Friday so we can exchange/purchase the ticket in person. PM me if you're looking to sell!
  6. Now that the schedule is out - let's start figuring out which day we should all meetup!
  7. Thursday ACI ticket. Asking for $15 (purchased for $16) CAD! Please PM me if interested! Sold!
  8. Reminder there's also the 407 for the occasions when it's definitely worth it for the $10-$30 vs. the time saved Although, assuming you're going to every competition event (e.g., ladies, mens, etc), the traffic during the travel times should be low, assuming no accidents (e.g., before lunch and around midnight).
  9. I'm also looking for an extra Saturday only ticket.
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