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  1. I think it's likely more of a practical reason: he doesn't need to spend the time doing choro for a new EX and instead focus on perfecting his SP and FP. Also, I doubt he wanted to do Haru yo, koi right out of the gate because he's already recycling the SP and FS from last yr. Also, I personally think it's just more fun to change at leats one thing in this case (by bringing something even older back - oh Yuzu!).
  2. slightly off topic, but if Yuzu is recycling his old programs as EX... Yuzu, LGC at World's*, please? *because I will be there (selfish reason)!
  3. This. I've always felt a little weird watching the 2014 olympics version because it felt like he was trying to channel the sexiness. But oh my, even compared to the Ciontu version, this really oozed sexiness (which as you said, is because he is the right age for the program). I rarely react like this, but
  4. thanks. I was just going by the 1st page links initially but found something that works.
  5. does anyone have a link to the full Q&A with the top 3 after the SP? many thanks!
  6. Hi everyone, I'm selling (ONE) FRIDAY DAY PASS for ACI 2019 at face value (I paid 36.65 CDN for it).First-come-first-serve! Paypal only. Will send the eticket once I receive payment. Please PM me! Thanks! The combination of work and possible flights means I won't make it in time for any event on Friday unfortunately. I will be there on Saturday so looking forward to bumping into friends on the forum! (Sorry, I haven't been active on the forum for months now cause I started a new job...).
  7. Megbus sells their seats this way. The first seat/ticket sold for one trip can be as cheap as $2 (I took one back in 2009 from Toronto to NYC. The return trip was $15). I've had cheapish tickets to Monty (Montreal) quite a few times too (maybe $35?). I haven't taken it since I've moved away from TO (2015) but I trust them.
  8. yeah, the worst part for me is that I knew exactly that's what the organization is hoping to achieve and still crumbled to the frenzy when I found out that I could now pick the specific section!
  9. fundamentally, the random selection and the attempt to block automatic/robot purchases are good ideas if: 1) all the seats are available (which is not possible given they have to reserve seats for general sale to be fair) 2) if they did reserve seats, they are just as open/upfront and transparent about which rows/blocks (e.g., instead of highlighting all of section 105, maybe only highlight the sections with open seats, a la livenation). but, to me, they failed at these things, so I ended up feeling frustrated/annoyed cause i am tyring to desal with a very time sensitive process, but without having info to manage expectations.
  10. i bit the bullet for the section 109, row H ticket as I found someone who I trust to share the landyard with me if thats the case (they must have a system in mind to share an all event pass as it is hard to expect everyone to be able to go all 7 days!). good luck to everyone, hope you get seats you will be happy with!
  11. arent the tickets for each day separate? like, i will get a stack of 7 tickets, one for each day?
  12. friends, seciton 104, row H, think i think a p3 ticket, think i should bite? please bare in mind that i can only go frid evening and weekend so i will need to sell the other tickets.
  13. I don't know where else to put this, but I came across it and had to share!
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