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  1. lottery entered! thanks @SparkleSalad for all your guides, etc! SOO helpful!
  2. bearsies

    General Yuzuru Chat

    It just occurred to me...Vadim = Piglet???
  3. I am hoping there's still a box for gifts! I made a feather stain glass piece and even with lots of bubble wrap and a sturdy box, I'd prefer not to throw it onto the ice.... Re: the glass - I've seen hockey players go right up to the glass in order to throw a puck to the spectators - although a puck is nicely weighted oppose to flowers/plush...
  4. bearsies

    ACI Tickets Market

    I'm still looking for an extra Saturday ticket for a friend! I'll be attending myself starting Friday so we can exchange/purchase the ticket in person. PM me if you're looking to sell!
  5. Now that the schedule is out - let's start figuring out which day we should all meetup!
  6. bearsies

    ACI Tickets Market

    Thursday ACI ticket. Asking for $15 (purchased for $16) CAD! Please PM me if interested! Sold!
  7. Reminder there's also the 407 for the occasions when it's definitely worth it for the $10-$30 vs. the time saved Although, assuming you're going to every competition event (e.g., ladies, mens, etc), the traffic during the travel times should be low, assuming no accidents (e.g., before lunch and around midnight).
  8. bearsies

    ACI Tickets Market

    I'm also looking for an extra Saturday only ticket.
  9. Burlington? Are there really not just as affordable hotels closer? I did a quick search and found this potentially useful list of hotels that is closer to the ACI venue (link here). I agree that PRESTO probably is the easiest, from what you're planning on doing. There is one GTA metro pass that I know of (link here). Note that it only works on the TTC, Mississauga, Brampton, and York Region transit systems (so no Oakville). I personally don't think it's worth the $63 for 3 days of return travel. I know for the Mississauga and TTC buses, cash to the driver is fine, just that they don't give you change (no ticket machine on buses). Unless you're in a hurry the day you arrive at Pearson, I think the easiest thing for you would be to just buy a PRESTO card at the UPExpress station there (know how much you want to preload, which should be more than the minimum of $5/$10), and go from there. Note: I'm not affiliated with companies listed in the any of the links provided. I think the ridiculous travel times for departure at 11pm is due to the fact that you won't be able to make it to the GO station in time to take the last eastbound regional train to get to downtown Toronto. Taking public transportation (except the TTC) that late in the day is a pain. I might have mentioned it before, but most people from outside the Toronto core that takes public transportation into Toronto are usually for work (e.g., business hours). Oakville is also historically a "richer" region, so the public transit system isn't very well developed...
  10. I didn't purchase my PRESTO card at Toronto Pearson Airport, but after some google-ing, travelers (this Feb) have mentioned that they were about to buy one at the UPEXpress station at the airport (this is the express train to take you to Union Station in downtown Toronto). The machine apparently takes CAD cash and credit card (major ones such as MC, VISA, AE). I think it's $6 to buy the PRESTO card itself, so to decide whether it's worth it to buy one or not, here are some pros and cons: pros: - convenience (no need to line up to buy a ticket if the card has enough balance for the trip, just tap the card once when you board, and once more when you get off) - good discount on the UPExpress (I think it's a savings of $3 each way?) and ~ 10% discount for all other transit systems that supports it (which is I think all the metro systems in the Greater Toronto Area). cons: - minimum load of either $5 or $10 dollars, which you can either do online (it's slow), at a machine, or at a ticket kiosk. This just means you have to be careful to leave Toronto with no/low balance if you don't plan to be back... - make sure to tap the card again when you're at your destination, otherwise PRESTO just assumes you took the longest trip possible on whatever metro system you're taking (this is most important for the GO train). I've done this a few times when I was in a rush. - I don't think there is a discount bundle, etc for unlimited travel between transit systems (this is probably applicable to those who have previously said they were planning on staying near downtown Toronto and taking transit to Oakville). I've only used the PRESTO card on the GO transit system, but when I was in Toronto last week, they had implemented the card readers on all the TTC subway stations as well (although I have read that as of last yr, the card readers were not at some side subway entrances - not a big deal, but just don't freak out if it happens). Happy to help if anyone have more questions, etc! On another note, I'm excited to meet all the fellow satellites at ACI! oops - didn't see that you have already responded!