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  1. General Yuzuru chat

    According to this JT article, it's the BoBo Calorie mask (?). It's suppose to train your respiration muscles, which I can see why Yuzu uses one... I do research in air quality, so from my understanding, yes, CupidsBow is right - the masks, which have many layers of meshing, trap particulate matter (without knowing the materials of the mesh, my hunch is that gas pollutants such as ozone won't be trapped). I'm actually curious if Yuzu actually uses the masks for his asthma in Toronto as the air quality is prettyyyy good for a major city (for the record, I have pretty bad asthma too, but never had an attack when I'm back home in Toronto, but have attacks most recently when I visited Rome). Most of the pictures that I have seen him wearing one is when he's travelling, which makes sense too...since the air quality in airplanes are horrid!!!
  2. General Yuzuru chat

    If it's a summer camp/workshop, I think Misha G did a workshop with BOrser recently (maybe two years ago? AND I was pretty sure that both Javi and Yuzu were also training at the same time), so this situation (having another competitor training with you, other than Javi) isn't new. Granted, you can't compare Misha with Boyang in terms of their "competitiveness" with Yuzu. Whatever it is, I am sure that Brian will have a convo with Yuzu - if Yuzu's fine with me, so am I! Although, I'm glad that BOrser and team's talent are getting recognized!
  3. General Yuzuru chat

    If throwing is not allow, then just bring pots of honey. Then just wait for the POOH to come to YOU!
  4. The only thing in my way is my schedule - tentatively I have to be travel right before and right after ACI for work (as in, fly to DC from Atlanta, then to Toronto, then back to Atlanta to head out to South Africa for a few weeks). The main pro for me (other than the comp ofc) is that I get to visit family in Toronto at the same time (and get to have some of mom's cooking!).
  5. [2018] Continues~with Wings~

    I'm seriously considering getting the Aizen book and a face towel using a forwarding service (Tenso). It's a little different than White Rabbit Express, which is a proxy service (as in you pay them to buy, have the items shipped to them, following which they will ship you the items, while a forwarding service do not buy the item for you). I have never used Tenso before, but online reviews seems to be good (they are not responsible for any damaged items) and they are more reasonable price wise if you're not buying big and heavy items! Edited to say Hello Planet Hanyu world! Lurker finally decided to post...! *waves*