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  1. bearsies

    [Tv Broadcast] Fantasy on Ice 2018 in KOBE

    not sure if this has been shared yet, but cuteness overload!
  2. bearsies

    Yuzu gif thread...?

  3. bearsies

    General Yuzuru chat

    Pretty! Although my OCD self couldn't help by watch the the raw edges on the chiffon fabric during the program.... Hm, I'm starting to think the different "frills" on the FOI costumes are to test out ideas for his programs later.
  4. if this is indeed the rink, then I guess it's a matter of getting either amazing seats or reasonable seats? Here's a cool 360 view of the rink.
  5. That’s pretty far away! I don’t know what bus that would take you to the venue, but just as a heads up for everyone, some GO buses are commuters buses - so make sure you know the bus schedules as they can run pretty infrequently outside of typical business hours. The venue isn’t the most accessible by public transit coming from outside of Oakville itself. For example, my mom lives on the NorthEast end of Toronto and it would be a 2.5 hr trip by public transit (with I think 4 transfers, so no thanks!). Please feel free to pm me if anyone has questions about public transportation or the Toronto area. On this note, would anyone want the share accommodations within walking distance (max 45 mins) from the venue?
  6. And a place to stay. 😉
  7. Do it!!! If more heads are needed, please count me in!
  8. Keep trying! I was just able to buy for all 3 days!
  9. Argh. Wasn’t checking my phone and now the presale all gone. I need to reschedule a meeting to make sure I’m available when general sale begins...
  10. bearsies

    Fantasy on Ice 2018 in MAKUHARI

    yep, it does sound like an animal cry/call Edited: want to add that the GOE was for the cry/call.
  11. bearsies

    Fantasy on Ice 2018 in MAKUHARI

    At least the shirt’s sleeves are the right length!
  12. bearsies

    General Yuzuru chat

    Is this representative to what he eats on a regular basis (during training?). If so, I'm SO glad I don't have to prepare meals for him, that's a lot of effort for breakfast AND lunch (FYI: I have avocado and black beans on toast with a glass of milk for breakfast - I think it's quite good, from both a time and nutrition stand point). What if the non-Japanese food in question has tomatoes on/in it?
  13. This brings up a thought I had today when I was thinking about the potential meetup - that we should wear something like the "Hello, My Name is..." sticker but with the Planet's design and we write our user name
  14. I brought a ticket too! Row 3, WB! So many satellites going! Closer to the event, I wouldn't mind coordinate a meet-up/dinner/etc if people are interested!
  15. bearsies

    Let's show our gratitude to TCC (and not only?)

    So I'm from Toronto (I moved away 3 years ago), so I'm happy to answer any questions about the city for this project! Anyways, it's not clear to me who the gift certificates, etc are for? Is it to give the staff in TCC an opportunity to hang out outside skating, or? I don't recommend the Science Center, the exhibits are quite outdated. The Toronto Zoo was fun when the pandas were there (they left earlier this year, I think). Also, yes, there are MANY Starbucks in Toronto. I think it would be really neat if the gift is a box full of chocolates/candies/sweets that's from the home countries of the forum members (kind of like the boxes of mixed chocolates that are on sale at most airport duty free shops)! This will take some coordination - but it seems like there's a handful of satellites going to upcoming events, so these can serve as opportunities to consolidate these items!