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  1. There are actually a lot of male stars/idols that got beauty contract in Korea and China. I am not sure about Japan though.
  2. He is not a spy. He is a researcher, already watched all of your programs since novice several times each and wrote an 50 pages analysis on both TES & PCS.
  3. Thank you for sharing this. This one is my favorite. Flying Yuzu.
  4. Knowing it would not happen but I voted for Stroking Exercises anyway.
  5. I like your idea 👍. I am still not over his cool down section in torino. 😊
  6. I think he choose 4CC so that he can perfect the new layout for world. I think it is not a bad decision.
  7. You should create a playlist with several videos and play it in loop instead of just playing 1 video only.
  8. Thank you. 😘 Btw, I think ISU would probably know about this in advance since they had to agree for Google to use the video?
  9. Really, Nathan is an example since the favoritism is not just about him. It's just now is all about Yuzu vs Nathan so his name comes up regularly. But the FS is bigger than just senior man field.
  10. A bigger question to add in here is whether Nathan got the same scoring for his "athleticism performance" if he has a different passport.
  11. They can only compete fairly if being judged fairly, no favoritism. By then, I am sure that all of Fanyu would congratulate on Nathan's win.
  12. I really hope that he can start coaching and continue making us suffered. We can watch him sitting in K&C (with Pooh of course), looking cute, unimpressed or kuyashii.
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