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  1. This is insane! How can one choose between these three????
  2. Saw this on twitter. Too cute for words.
  3. Our boy is the Pooh king Continue with Yuzuru Award
  4. It was a hard battle yesterday but LGC managed to win Origin in a tight run. 😅 Today is the fight between the Olympics, RJ2.0 vs Seimei.
  5. The battle continues. LGC or Origin? It's not an easy decision.
  6. Apparently, we have our Yuzuru Award. Please vote!!!!!!!!!
  7. Thank you . I am on my phone and Giphy is not showing how to embed the gif at all.
  8. Welcome to PH. I made the gif but not sure whether it's working. https://giphy.com/gifs/hqy3tVYnNFOJzssrD4
  9. I actually like this one best among the cat fanarts.
  10. There are actually a lot of male stars/idols that got beauty contract in Korea and China. I am not sure about Japan though.
  11. He is not a spy. He is a researcher, already watched all of your programs since novice several times each and wrote an 50 pages analysis on both TES & PCS.
  12. Thank you for sharing this. This one is my favorite. Flying Yuzu.
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