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  1. Hi roller96

    i saw your posted answering you come from Taiwan!? If not, sorry to bother you. If yes, just like to say that I am so glad to see same nation people with same interests show up here. And I am going to ACI with friend too, hope all of us have a fun journey 😄.

  2. Has anyone looked at the ACI schedule? Anyone figured out when the practice times are? https://skatecanada.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/2019-ACI-Schedule-Aug-16.pdf
  3. Has anyone had a positive experience renting a car at Pearson Int'l Airport? I was gonna go with Avis but online reviews of most car rental services are overwhelmingly negative, only Enterprise and National made it above 70% in terms of consumer satisfaction, others are below 40%. While I am thinking having a rental car would be more convenient but really don't want to deal with nonsense from rental companies either. Should I just use Uber and forget about renting a car?
  4. Willing to help a Fanyu out? Is there public transportation from Oakville to Kensington market? My family and I spend a week in Toronto in July and absolutely love it. This time I am flying in with a friend for ACI and will be staying one extra day to do some sight seeing. Really want to go back to Ramen Isshin in Kensington Market and try ND sushi (recommended by the waitstaff at Ramen Isshin). TIA
  5. Does anyone know what day will the ladies and the men hold their practice sessions prior to the competition? Anyone who attended previous ACIs please share your experiences, TIA. (I am hoping the practice session for men and ladies will be on Thursday cuz I am thinking of flying in on Wed)
  6. For those who brought banners to competitions, is it best to have fabric banners for ease of transport, I assume you can fold it neatly in your luggage/bag? What about vinyl banners? How did you transport it (storage/poster tube)? This will be my first time going to any FS competitions, any insights will be greatly appreciated, TIA!
  7. https://skatecanada.ca/2019-autumn-classic-international/ under FAQ: If I have a gift for an athlete how do I get it to them? Gifts for athletes should be taken to the Skate Canada Ticketing table. No gifts should be thrown on the ice at any time.
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