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  1. Montreal is not far from some major cities in the US either and with how rapidly this thing can spread, no telling how quickly the cases will add up. US had roughly 49 a week ago and now 624 and climbing!
  2. Any Italian fans here? With the entire county in lock down now, what are your plans regarding WC?
  3. Just emailed the Health Minister of Quebec re Montreal#2020. Hope she has more common sense than @ISU @skatecanada
  4. I know as fans we all want to experience/witness the greatness of our favorite skaters live especially when we've been preparing and looking forward to it for so long, however, due to the unforeseen current situation do you think Yuzu would want any of us to take on the risks of travelling from all over the world to see him live? Knowing how kind and considerate he is of others, I tend to think he would worry for us and would feel terrible should any of his fans end up getting sick at the event. Just my humble opinion.
  5. Can anyone verify if this is the correct twitter account for the Quebec health minister @MinistreMcCann? Perhaps we could voice our concern with her since ISU/SC does not seem to hear us or responding to us?
  6. Praying they will choose health/safety of all mankind over the root of all evil.
  7. Or ISU/SC knows they will have zero income once certain goat retires, so better fill up their own pockets first, brilliant business tactic or pure selfishness? Just a thought.
  8. What's more important? Risking their own health because they have trained so hard for this competition or be disappointed not being able to compete this time but still have their health to compete at the next competition? What's more important? Are fan's health and safety worth more than non refundable travel plans? I would think so, at least my health is. What's more risky? Two or three hours of red carpet with fans screaming and yelling and cheering or a week long of fans screaming and yelling and cheering during the competition? (My humble opinion, both are risky).
  9. Taiwan is not on the list and should not be on the list. Although they were one of the first ones to have confirmed cases similar to Hong Kong Taiwan has managed to so far contain covid-19 with aggressive contact tracing and with the entire public in full support of preventing the spread. Taiwanese govt thus far has done a tremendous job educating the public and being transparent with the public. The public health team gives daily updates to keeps the public informed. I believe the key to their success and HK's is being proactive rather than being reactive. New cases in Taiwan and HK are increasing as other countries but at a much slower pace which helps to provide better care for those in need and to slow down the demand of personal protective equipment. As of today, there are a total or 45 cases. That's reall good considering how densely populated the country is. I believe USA has already past the stage of containment, the best we can do now is to mitigate and pray for the best.
  10. ISU/SC exempt from abiding to the PHAC's guidance? HIGH RISK---persons attending the event coming from regions where there is community transmission of COVID-19 See affected areas list. To date, the following are considered to be affected areas: China (mainland) Hong Kong Iran Italy Japan Singapore South Korea
  11. It's not just the Asians you should be worried about, as of today, Covid-19 has spread to 104 countries out of the total of 195 countries in this world we live in. Coronavirus has now spread to every continent except Antarctica. Although it seems like Montreal only has 3 confirmed cases, it would be unwise to think there aren't any more cases. Look at the USA, only 49 cases last week and now more than 400! Why? Because we did not have enough testing kits and were not testing people who had symptoms, we only tested a few of the people who had traveled to China. AN oversight? NO, pure lack of preparation and being reactive rather than proactive. Not saying that's what's happening in Canada but looking at the trend, there is no way that there are only 3 cases in Montreal. This https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ gives you updated info daily of Confirmed Cases and Deaths by Country, Territory. The more we learn, hopefully the more we can help to prevent this from spreading further and infecting more people. I think we are all in it for the long haul. Take care and stay healthy y'all.
  12. I have emailed ISU/SC/PHAC more than a few times last week and the week before pleading 2 postpone/cancel/hold event w/o spectators 2 minimize risk of outbreak & ensure health & safety of athletes, community & the entire human race. All I got back was "thank you for your concern, your email has been forwarded to the proper authorities." I firmly believe going forward with WC as planned is not only reckless but irresponsible. Hope and pray ISU/SC will do the right thing for the sake of all the people on planet earth.
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