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  1. @Ladysci you are so lucky. Cheer for all of us who can't be there. Have a great time.
  2. In singles the top 18 skaters will automatically go straight into the main competition so they will only do the SP and one FS. The skaters below that will have to do a qualifying FS and the top 12 from that will make up the 30 skaters who will do the competition proper. It has been bought back so that smaller federations can get their skaters to Worlds. The minimum score will be the same as Euros/4CC so lower than the present Worlds minimum which is too difficult for a lot of skaters to reach.
  3. Very happy for you. Will expect a detailed report.
  4. Niko Ulanvosky. He was at Junior Worlds in 2015. Retired soon after. The commentator
  5. The show starts at midday Japan time.
  6. You certainly don't sound like you are lecturing. I love your translations and insight to the Japanese culture and learn so much from them. Thank you.
  7. So glad I was able to be there in person. Little did we know.
  8. I had yuzu salt on fish in a restaurant in Kanazawa and it was delicious. I couldn't find it in a supermarket in Japan though and neither could a Japanese friend.
  9. I live in kiwifruit country and my brother and nephew have kiwifruit orchards. Green kiwifruit got the PSA virus a few years ago so more gold than green is grown now. There is also a red one which we rarely see here as it's more for export. I wish they would grow yuzu too as it's very hard to find here. Yuzu ice cream is oishii. Sorry
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