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  1. There is no MR men's practice on Wednesday and Thursday. You assume right. There is no public access to the practice rink unfortunately.
  2. I have been going to Worlds for many years and a lot of skaters don't show on the Monday. But if there is someone I really want to see I usually go.... just in case. It's such an early practice though
  3. I know no more than you but it is very likely he won't be at MR practice on Monday morning. He doesn't compete until Thursday and won't have jetlag to deal with so might prefer another day practicing at TCC than arriving in Montreal on the Sunday.
  4. Quite normal. Entries close next Monday and the schedule will come out after that.
  5. Works well. Thank you very much.
  6. He is based in Israel http://www.paulalster.com/about.html
  7. So the Youtube channel hasn't got commentary. You are so lucky. I have to watch on Sky as the ISU channel is blocked. We have the insufferable commentator from Euros.
  8. Yes and believe it or not at this competition he talked about half as much as he has in previous competitions over the years. His comments are quite inappropriate at times as well. He doesn't know the first thing about the technical side of figure skating so just prattles on and on instead.
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