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  1. S/H had a fall. She looked as if she hurt herself but all seems ok. Just done a beautiful throw.
  2. At practice. I got here at 0915 and there was no line. Plenty of good seats available. Lots of ice on the paths but sun shining.
  3. NHK also had Yuzu's arrival and Rika practicing at the venue yesterday on a few minutes ago.
  4. Brief bit about Yuzu and NHK Trophy was just on NHK. Nothing new that I could tell but I didn't understand more than a few words. Few words from SC interview.
  5. I guess you need a Japanese phone number for that too?
  6. Arena seats are on the South side opposite the judges
  7. @Muralla17The FAQ page says gifts can only be thrown from arena seats. I always take a small blanket to skating events but I tend to feel the cold more than most. My tickets show up on the app when the wifi is off. Can food and water be taken into the arena from outside?
  8. Thanks @SparkleSaladI remember that. You were my saviour then
  9. There is no practice ticket lottery for foreigners is there?
  10. The organising committee have said that the practice rink will not be open to the public.
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