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  1. You certainly don't sound like you are lecturing. I love your translations and insight to the Japanese culture and learn so much from them. Thank you.
  2. No public admission but he has arrived at the venue. I have no clue how to post a link but axelsandwich Twitter has a post about it.
  3. Also if you go back to December 20th at 1700hrs on Channel 64 there was a program on Yuzu. Nothing new but showed Nationals performances from 2006.
  4. You don't need a VPN for isakura. I'm all set up with a months subscription and it's been fine with no problems at all. I have used it in the past and although I have had some problems getting it set up it was very smooth this time. There is a build up to Nationals all week featuring various skaters. This afternoon Japan time it is Satoko and Yuzu. I also like the replay feature. The ladies are on too late for me so I will watch them the next day. I will ofcourse stay up to watch Yuzu's FS though.
  5. Everyone here goes into a managed isolation/quarantine hotel for 14 days on arrival and we get a number of people testing positive even on day 12 of isolation. A sporting team is isolating at the moment and although the entire team tested negative four times before departure six have tested positive on day one in the isolation hotel and the health department expect more. Yuzu would also have a long flight and probably have to transit through another European airport.
  6. So glad I was able to be there in person. Little did we know.
  7. I had yuzu salt on fish in a restaurant in Kanazawa and it was delicious. I couldn't find it in a supermarket in Japan though and neither could a Japanese friend.
  8. I live in kiwifruit country and my brother and nephew have kiwifruit orchards. Green kiwifruit got the PSA virus a few years ago so more gold than green is grown now. There is also a red one which we rarely see here as it's more for export. I wish they would grow yuzu too as it's very hard to find here. Yuzu ice cream is oishii. Sorry
  9. Thank you for streaming. Wonderful memories of the first time I saw Yuzu in person. A perfect Romeo and the happiest bronze medalist ever.
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