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  1. I had yuzu salt on fish in a restaurant in Kanazawa and it was delicious. I couldn't find it in a supermarket in Japan though and neither could a Japanese friend.
  2. I live in kiwifruit country and my brother and nephew have kiwifruit orchards. Green kiwifruit got the PSA virus a few years ago so more gold than green is grown now. There is also a red one which we rarely see here as it's more for export. I wish they would grow yuzu too as it's very hard to find here. Yuzu ice cream is oishii. Sorry
  3. Thank you for streaming. Wonderful memories of the first time I saw Yuzu in person. A perfect Romeo and the happiest bronze medalist ever.
  4. I agree. Didn't see anything about hand sanitizer on the brochure but hopefully they will have plenty for everyone Of topic but after being on this forum from when it first began I am trying to became something more than a mushroom. Will this post do it.🤞
  5. From what I have seen from another tour company there is a dedicated entrance and fan bag in the premium ticket price but no sandwich this time Certainly not worth these outrageous prices. For those wondering what the sandwich refers to is in Milan for a price there was an option that included a dedicated entrance which was helpful a lounge which didn't have a lot of seating but was very useful toilet wise as there was no or very short loo lines and a sandwich lunch which was mediocre.
  6. Works well. Thank you very much.
  7. Yes it is on the back of that magazine.
  8. Dan is from Christchurch which had a large earthquake a couple of weeks before the Tohoku one. A number of Japanese language students were among those who died. Japanese search and rescue helped in the search. Two weeks later NZ reciprocated. Like Miyagi Christchurch is still recovering.
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