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  1. The organising committee have said that the practice rink will not be open to the public.
  2. I have been to many World Championships and have sat on the short end or corner seats a number of times. I have friends whose first choice is those seats. Even though the choreography is directed towards the judges I find the judges, computers etc quite distracting and prefer sitting on the end/corners or opposite the judges. Good luck to everyone in the pre-sale.
  3. The Montreal 2020 site is showing more seats that seem to have opened up. You have to be on their email list by the 24th to receive the presales message.
  4. According to a post on another forum the organising committee told them details about a presale will be out a few days before the main sale on the 31st. You need to be on their email list to receive the details.
  5. People I spoke to went with a tour company but after the tour operator did a pre event visit and saw what the lower seats were like they went for the higher seats that were fine.
  6. I have never been to this arena but from what I have been told the front rows are like concrete benches with no backs. Not comfortable for all day viewing. Has anyone been there?
  7. Dan is from Christchurch which had a large earthquake a couple of weeks before the Tohoku one. A number of Japanese language students were among those who died. Japanese search and rescue helped in the search. Two weeks later NZ reciprocated. Like Miyagi Christchurch is still recovering.
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