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  1. Quite normal. Entries close next Monday and the schedule will come out after that.
  2. He is based in Israel http://www.paulalster.com/about.html
  3. So the Youtube channel hasn't got commentary. You are so lucky. I have to watch on Sky as the ISU channel is blocked. We have the insufferable commentator from Euros.
  4. Yes and believe it or not at this competition he talked about half as much as he has in previous competitions over the years. His comments are quite inappropriate at times as well. He doesn't know the first thing about the technical side of figure skating so just prattles on and on instead.
  5. You are quite right. This is the sixth year we have had him commentating on Sky. He is a journalist based in the Middle East and a past boxing and horse racing commentator. He hasn't bothered to learn the rules or anything about jumps etc in the six years he has been commentating. He can only call the jumps once they appear on the monitor and in the gala often refers to them as ""that big jump" as he has no prompt to tell him what it was. If a skater misses their combo in the SP but still has the axel to do he has several times stated he can't understand why they didn't put the combo on the axel. He wouldn't know the difference between a downgrade and an UR. Hence his downgrade call. As someone said he doesn't get Yuzu's costumes although he does praise his skating and him as a person. I could go on and on as I have been wanting to rant for years. However at this competition he is much quieter than usual and has obviously been told not to talk so much. Previously he used to read the whole of the ISU bio page throughout the program. Every competition result for seasons would be recited. I found him tolerable at this competition whereas in the past I would have to mute.
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