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  1. If JNats end on the 22nd and Rusnats start on the 25th then Brian could do both
  2. Re the Ambesi thing, I do find it pretty racist and I also find him biased because he routinely ignores the overscoring the Eteri girls get, for example. I do 100% think Nathan is overscored but it's bc US fed pushes for him and because the ISU wants a new king under a new system.
  3. Re - Doug Haw - TSL actually said last season when there was some Evgenia drama that Brian had gotten mad at Doug for going on TSL and saying the usual gossipy stuff and he had asked Doug to stop (which he hasn't, but he's an adult and it's not like Brian can do much about it). However, since being scorned by Brian TSL has been particularly nasty towards both Yuzu and Evgenia
  4. Pretty sure they are actually trying to snatch him lol doesn't hurt them to try
  5. Brian's interview sounds a bit defensive but tbh who wouldn't be after what happened on his IG. People said horrible things to him, so it's understandable. It sounds like a miscommunication problem, I'm pretty sure they'll resove it without too many issues back at TCC. I do think they may be going through a slightly rocky patch bc of differences in their approaches (aka Yuzu wanting to jump 4A and 5 quads layout and Brian preferring cleanliness to very high difficulty), which is probably why Yuzu picked Ghislain. I don't think anyone is guilty here.
  6. Zhenya and Liza really brought it this season, between Britney and Ariana
  7. I think Zhenya can't afford to experiment and make bold choices next season - the field in Russia will be insane and she will need to feel comfortable from the get go. Yes, Exogenesis isn't an original choice but it can suit her well and next season that's what's going to matter the most. Contemporary with a classic feel is a good style for her so she's playing to her strengths. I'm neutral on Memoirs of a Geisha. The music is nice, a lot will depend on the choreography because it could be very boring\uninspiring if done wrong.
  8. My take is, like every year, Yuzu please do a TANGO!!!
  9. Yuzu, happy birthday! Thank you for inspiring us all a little more every year
  10. 128. for choosing to do what he loves over and over again despite the adversities 129. for his unimpressed face @ France's plastic GPF medal
  11. Yuzu, happy birthday! Thank you for continuing to inspire us not only with your skating, but with your courage and perseverance. I hope all of your wishes will come true, and that you will be able to be back doing what you love soon. From Italy with love
  12. Seeing him in cruches again just broke my heart. I have nothing but love, respect and endless admiration and gratitude for Yuzu. Like Raf said, God gave him a gift, and Yuzu is blessing us all by deciding to keep fighting and sharing his talent with all of us. Non mollare mai, Yuzu!
  13. I love this picture so much! *Pretty in Pink*
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