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  1. NERVOUS I guess my panic period begins. Good luck to everyone!
  2. My brain automatically dysfuncions when tried to picture he using left foot to land 4A, cuz my brain doesn't distinguish right and left. If he is going to land an A jump by left foot, does that mean he need takeoff also by left foot, and from opposite direction....
  3. Dear quad loop goddess, please!!!
  4. Omg that's what I did few mints before. And when I rewatch Swanyu, I got so emotional. So I cried
  5. Random thought: At this time, I assume our cave boy won't go to Monaco for Laureus Award ceremony. BUT! What if! Laureus asks him to film one of his programs, for example, pinky fairy Haru Yo Koi!!!!
  6. OMG!!!!! What did I just see?!!!! Our lord sent a message!!!!! God bless you and me
  7. The baby Yuzu omg!!! I melted completely!!!
  8. So he won't go to Laureus right...at least Laureus shall give him the title!!!
  9. Skating gods please!!!!! Bless this boy to overcom all difficulties!
  10. If it's true I am glad at least US judges won't be there
  11. Yes that's true for sure. Now I am really contradictory, like being surprised by the broken record but also not totally out of my expectation. and I believe Yuzu can do good too in Worlds
  12. Omg...the King's FS record is broken by Shoma....197.36 And to be honest, he did a good job, but inflation is invitable, at least two UR are given credites and the goe is bit too high
  13. Gosh please let these two cuties stand on Worlds' podium!!!!
  14. Drought in a spiritual level, brain cells atrophy. but yes, we need have some typing activities as physical and mental preparation for the Words in approximate 40 days. I rewatched H&L few days ago, cried a little bit, and truly miss my Sakura fairy.
  15. Count down is horrific for me to maintain calm. I am not prepared physically and mentally.
  16. Today is Chinese New Year Eve, I hope everyone satellite be happy and healthy!
  17. Remember Javi's invisible hand tickling Yuzu's waist on 2012 Finland trophy (correct me if I misremembered please ) Since that Yuzu, any hands on waist won't bother him to say "no".
  18. The sounds the blades of skating boots make because of friction.
  19. Ok this perfectionist-badass boy literally cared about the sounds of his blades on ice would interrupt the music. So he is going to counter against physics again. Before it there is no gravity, now there is no sounds of friction. He wants to skate on ice like bird flies over the water. I offer my knees, you're welcome!
  20. I laughed so hard when seeing his distorted head on screen lol! Also, feel very emo as he says he knew how supportive we fanyu have always been!
  21. Thank God! God thank you! OMG! I love you God!
  22. I agree, what he said in commment is understandable. but he shouldn't mention how much he loves Yuzu after his disputable comment, which drags him into trouble again. Not wise, man!
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