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  1. Ok I remember the ITA esp commentor Max or another one(I can't distinguish them right now) who once, after Yuzu's 2015 NHK Trophy, said to be a good skater you need first to learn how to jump. Clearly this young girl has been dealing with some difficult jumps and adding them into her program. But let me interpret Max's classical quot in this way: to learn how to jump is not just to nail it but to perform it with heigh quality, and there is no exception for landing a good jump without years of efforts. As I noticed, the new generation of figure skaters are trying different jumps and are able to do so at their really young age, which is a undoubtably good. However, being persistent to practice every jump until it is no way to be better and being humble to keep challenging your limit are the true spirits of skating behind your program, and that's never a easy job. So keep calm and carry on, young people have a long way to go.
  2. The guy with an absolutely straight mind...
  3. Does anyone feel he kinda gain some weight, at least some muscle on his arms?....
  4. Maybe a trailer of his new programs🙂
  5. I think he cut a little bit bang...or at least not INSANELY long.
  6. 3000cal....I only eat one third of the quota, but as an athlete this portion seems very standard.
  7. We need Mr. Kikuchi learn some barber skill right now.
  8. Some of skaters, if not most, follow the order of their coaches, doing what choreographs have taught them to do and merely performing other people's interpretation of the music instead of interpreting and feeling the music in their own ways.
  9. Totally agree! before the rule changed, the judges already inflated the score in WC2018...I mean look at Mr. Chen's programs and his overmarked score...seriously?! I am not criticizing but compare his execution and program quality with Yuzu's, I don't think there is only 4-point gap between them.
  10. This faux news is just so hilarious! I can't stop laughing, the announcement from the two-Olym-champion-badass was covered by some fliers, who did that and HOW DARE YOU! what the heck is Chopin let's go gravy on Parisienne walkway? the Victory Show of "all my shine custom with the end of purple sin"? Hahahhahahaha!
  11. try not to think about it cuz I will be overexcited and even unable to do my own stuff...
  12. Remember his EX Swan program in Olympic official edition? Awkward aerial camera plus horrible half-body biellmann spinning🙃
  13. Omg when I watch the Worlds Saitama, I probably already know the result of my phd application. This season might cross the most challenging time in my life. Hope everything goes well for both me and Yuzu🙏🙏🙏
  14. Life is vulnerable when tragedy happens. R.I.P Denis.
  15. Did you guys hear about the tragedy happened on Denis Ten? I am so shocked and feel so sorry for his friends and family 😢😔
  16. There is a song to describe the relationship between P Chen and Yuzu since the later one took over the lead in FS in 2015( maybe earlier?): We Don't Talk Anymore : )
  17. pooh troop occupied his bed already.
  18. Ahhhhhhh, I just realized I need to go back to Yuzu's previous competitions and ice shows again and again and again so I can go through the empty off-season period. 🙃🙃🙃
  19. Maybe because of the angle, but I also think he kinda lost weight.
  20. Hahahahaha! I also noticed this novice franatic Yuzu's fan boy. I bet he is already toxic and surrendered himself to Yuzu's charisma.
  21. Omg! That's a omg-hilarious color and please don't do that cuz it looks like a piece of grass suffered from the freezer of the ice rink!
  22. Omg, literally laugh out when imaging he dancing tango on ice. That's so hilarious:)
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