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  1. Fantasy on Ice 2018 in MAKUHARI

    The costumes grew on me as they always do. I legit saw another photo and i just started clapping without even realizing what i was doing at first. The power of Mr. Hanyu😂
  2. Fantasy on Ice 2018 in MAKUHARI

    I should have not open this while on the bus because i laughed a bit too loud that some people turned to look at me😂😂
  3. I was thinking of making some photo cards or post cards to give away but i was wondering if those attending, would you be interested in receiving either of them?
  4. I enjoyed reading that so much. Thank you so much for translating this!
  5. Hotels nearby are booked already?!😢 i have yet to find a hotel decent enough thats not too far away from the venue
  6. Can entrance to the gala be purchased separate or does that only come with the all event package?
  7. I noticed some tickets say obstructed view while others dont.... i am seriously thinking about purchasing one or not because of how high up they are as well but if im not mistaken, these are tickets to all the events on sale correct? I cant see that well since i am on the train and while it goes underground i lose connection and i closed the tab and now it wont load again
  8. I saw just now the west bleachers of tickets are up for grabs. While i wait for more tickets to be available, im thinking of purchasing one ticket there for now
  9. [TV Broadcast] Continues~with Wings~

    We can download it from fuji? I downloaded that app for ios.....i hope i can download it later
  10. [TV Broadcast] Continues~with Wings~

    I jinxed myself...it stopped working just now why😭
  11. [TV Broadcast] Continues~with Wings~

    Everyone seems to be having issues with fujitv, i had some in the beginning but thankfully it started running smooth for me after the talk segment with the children
  12. [TV Broadcast] Continues~with Wings~

    I once showed my sister, who knows nothing of skating, a clip of yuzu and plu and she said the asian boy looked so in love😂