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  1. I had come very late to post about this but came a few pages back in case it was already posted but I see my tweet was found and shared It seems based on the reply I received that they will take the same procedure as 4CC. Those apply to everyone including the audience attending
  2. Ah the nude/transparent cards. Yes I know of them and have had some produced. I personally used a korean company when I had some made but ive seen some listings on alibaba.
  3. Hello i'll be taking a few gifts to the competition! It will be the same items I gave at ACI with the inclusion of a new button! Hope to meet many there and gift it to you
  4. Hi Thanks to the kind help from the group shomaunofr on twitter, i'll be sending over some shoma buttons so if anyone here is a shoma fan and would like one, please do go to their account for more information
  5. I'll have him with me for you I have my buttons made with company here in the U.S called purebuttons. Their website is down at the moment for maintenance in case you try to go on. They have affordable prices and work fairly fast. They also have a promotion where they make 100 buttons for free and you would just have to pay the shipping and taxes which aren't that much. Hope this information helps you a bit
  6. Hello everyone So I decided to get some bag/luggage tags made and unfortunately I had a bit of a misunderstanding on some stuff purely on my end so yuzu came out a bit tanned..but if you do not mind it and would love one do let me know and i'll take one with me to aci for you
  7. Hi everyone So I will have some yuzu buttons with me, around 50-100, to give to fanyu's at aci! Hope to be able to give to as many planet users as I can Here is the link to my twitter post so everyone can see the button preview
  8. I commissioned a piece a few days ago so I can have a new icon and the artist did so amazing! https://twitter.com/Ccat_art/status/1121755234496393216
  9. These shots are amazing and very adorable shots of his smile!! Thank you so much for sharing them!!
  10. Ive purchased some and am now just waiting for it to arrive to me. Hopefully while doing my routine, the aloe helps me. I used to carry some aloe when I am out in the sun but I've gotten lazy in carrying so now I am paying the price
  11. I never had any issues with my skin until i turned 22. With much trial and error, especially since I have very sensitive skin, I found a routine that works fairly great for me. I like to mix the products so my skin doesnt have the chance to get used to them. I currently use a mixture of innisfree and the face shop products. I do cleanser>toner>exfoliator 2 times a week> face mask>serum>emulsion>cream. At times when I want extra moisture, especially during the winter, I use a butter cream from the face shop. At night after the same routine after the regular cream, I apply a sleeping mask cream. As for sun cream, I am using 2 different types of sun creams. I am currently using Sunprise from etude house and the daily uv protection from innisfree. Both dont feel greasy/oily and have a nice scent to it....though im close to running out Like I said, this routine has worked fairly great for me but I have slight issues after a trip to texas left me with very badly sun damage especially around my neck and arm/hand area. I still am trying to find a way to fix this but have not been successful😢 if anyone knows a way id be grateful for some guidance
  12. I enjoyed reading that so much. Thank you so much for translating this!
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