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  1. [TV Broadcast] Sendai Parade 2018

    I can't believe I woke up at almost 6 am just to see Yuzu wave for an hour but here I am Hi everyone!
  2. General Yuzuru chat

    I'm praying for a rock song for new season. ..............I'd really like a POTO 2.0
  3. 2017/18 Retirements

    Cappellini/Lanotte probably too, but they have not officially announced anything yet. They only said they're taking time to think about it but they've been hinting about a retirement since the start of the season, so I think they will most likely retire.
  4. General Yuzuru chat

    I have really little free time to be on this forum and write, took me a lot of time to catch up all the pages I had to read but I made it! I could be able to see CiONTU live on FujiTv too, even if it was at an ugly hour (and I had to ask for a free Sunday at work) but it was so worth it! After that I literally had to watch again (and alone) all Yuzuru competitions from the beginning and my feels were all over the place So sad I don't have a friend to share this fs obsession with... If I ask one of them to watch a video they always say "not figure skating again!" I was so emotional after CiONTU that I booked a room in a Hotel in Saitama for next year World Championships and I don't even know if I will be able to go and, most important, if I'll be able to buy tickets (and I still hope ISU will assign Yuzu to IdF ) I hope Yuzu will do some ice shows in summer or I don't know how I will survive this year off season Maybe I have to detoxify myself from him
  5. 2018/19 GP Assignments

    I could go to France, I'm on leave from 19th to 25th of November! I'm waiting impatiently for the announcement of the assignments (I can not deny that I hope to see Yuzuru there )
  6. [2018] World Championships - Gala

    I've uploaded my video of the ending of the Gala if anyone wants to see it!
  7. If anyone wants to see it, I've uploaded my video of the Men Small Medals Ceremony
  8. [2018] World Championships - Gala

    I'm so sad for no Boyangman I was so looking forward to see that and then World disaster happened... And I would have really loved to see Kazuki too, my love for him multiplied after this competition. I'm still amazed at what he did like 4 days after he finished another competition! But at least there will be Misha, I'll have so much fun!
  9. Rip Shoma. Or maybe I was hallucinating and he was never here
  10. Just saw a promo video about the World Championship on my train to Milan. There was Yuzuru too in there and after that the sun came out from behind a cloud. I take it as a good sign
  11. General Yuzuru chat

    He's so precious and adorable I wish I could go and understand Japanese
  12. General Skating Chat

    I'm pretty sure Yuzu can still be one of the top skaters for the next 4 years but even if the junior circuit is not so impressive right now, we can't forget that skaters like Shoma, Nathan, Boyang and Vincent are still young and have a lot of potential, so they can still be a threat. In particular Boyang, in my opinion, has a lot of potential. He is so understimated, everyone forgets that he is a jumping bean like Nathan, his jumps are great (still think his 4Lz is the best) but unlike Nathan, he's actually understood that jumps are not everything, that he needs to work on his artistry and pcs. I still feel that this is what Nathan is missing, that he's thinking too much about all the jumps and not enough about everything else... So if Boyang works hard on everything I think he will be great in the future. Shoma, on the other hand, is already balanced between technical score and pcs, he has enough stamina to be competitive with jumps and just need to work harder on improving his goe and pcs. He just needs to STOP BEING THE SECOND lmao I'm so excited to see how everyone will evolve in the future under the new rules.
  13. [2018] WJC Men SP & FS

    So proud of Matteo! Go Italy!
  14. General Yuzuru chat

    I remember this, so beautiful. Almost a different Seimei but great anyway! Seimei is one of my absolute favorite programs, I would really like to see it with my own eyes in whatever form. It would be perfect for Worlds in Japan. I really would not be surprised if this happened