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  1. @sallycinnamon Hi, can I still be added to the chat?
  2. Naonica

    The 2014 Patrick Chan and Yuzu Situation

    I feel it's more like Wilson was the main choreographer at TCC when Yuzu first started? Yuna only skated to programs choreographed by him, just as Javier. And I can just imagine that Yuzu, being Yuzu, also wanted Wilson aka the guy who makes programs for (stars in eyes) Javier and his beautiful 4S (uwu uwu uwu)! But I've always felt that Wilson, at the time, did not fully understand the drive and hunger of Yuzu for both strong competitive programs that are highly artistic as well. I'm really curious to know if it was Yuzu who brought Shae to TCC? And even now, at TCC, she mainly works with Yuzu. I would love to know the story of how these 2 found each other POTO is either a hit or a miss for most Fanyus but I admit to watching his WTT performance at least once a month. If only that season wasn't cursed... Aannd to stay on topic. Oh, Paddy. He missed the bigger picture and in the end, he only cut in his own flesh so to speak. I wonder if he regrets that now? I'd love for the original top 6, to one day have a show together. And they watch footage together of the highlights of their careers ánd as a real treat: they all skate to each other programs. I want this so much that I'd consider robbing a bank to have the funds and make this happen.
  3. Naonica

    [2018] CS ACI Men - Free Skating

    I can't believe I will see Yuzu in this glorious costume and his glorious forehead with my very own unworthy eyeballs. What a time to be alive. Imagine 100 years from now, and you're only able to hear the tales of the Greatest Of All Time and His Forehead.
  4. Naonica

    [2018] CS ACI Men - Short Program

  5. Naonica

    General Yuzuru Chat

    See. I know this but still To my defense, I'm on medication but stating this on a forum dedicated to a madman who gets olympic gold on painkillers with a injured ankle feels .... (rolls out off the screen and into a pit of shame )
  6. Naonica

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I can't wait to hear Max scream, "Benvenuto sul pianeta Hanyu. Abitanti: uno! Solo lui!" while Angelo is making soft noises in the background. My favorite moment of them is at worlds 2017 where Max asked Angelo to comment because he was too emotional to talk to end up interrupting Max with his glorious rant how the judges needed to give Yuzu 100 for his PCS. Ahh! I'd love for them to have the opportunity to interview Yuzu. I can't imagine all that chaotic energy Edited because my frazzled brain switched the names
  7. Naonica

    Media Day 2018

    Something bland and monochromatic like most of the men's field.
  8. To my great surprise my boyfriend wanted to come along to Helsinki, so we've booked a little studio ^^ I am a bit sad though bc I think you'll have a lot of fun with everyone who will be rooming together
  9. Naonica

    Media Day 2018

    I want to say it was worth it to watch almost an hour of baseball to get trolled like that but (insert unidentified noises here) I am so whipped for him. And watching him glow was .... worth it .... Fanyus that watch together, gets trolled together.
  10. Naonica

    Media Day 2018

    I am contemplating how more relaxed my life would be if I'd just get on with my life and come back after a couple of hours. Someone will have uploaded his interview by then and I wouldn't be a stressed mess while anxiously waiting ... I say this while having 3 streams open in the odd chance one would fall out and I'd miss the very first seconds of new Yuzu content.... All for Yuzu I guess
  11. Naonica

    Media Day 2018

    He did say that he wanted to skate as a child again, in the sense that skating was just fun and he was skating only for the joy? In those snippets I've seen so far, that clearly jumps (pun intended) out! Both programs feels like Yuzu and all his uwus for the ice and skating and oh boy, isn't a magnificent sight to watch? Aside from the excitement of the competing, nessie and possible WR, I am most excited to just watch him skate like that. Seeing him having fun while he takes us on a rollercoaster of emotions.
  12. Naonica

    Media Day 2018

    Me too! Not the sandwiches (bon appetit btw :)) but the music. Since I didn't know the music, I first watched one of Johnny's performances and I wasn't feeling it. My emotions ranged from meh to well to more uhu noises. But then I listened to just the music and wow! One minute in and I was ready to open a bottle of red wine, swooning on my coach while collecting all of my tears in my special Yuzu-feels-vial because of all of the feels! I can just picture him now, smirking at me: "Challenge accepted." and I am so ready for it!
  13. Naonica

    Media Day 2018

    I've always liked the music of Nijinski and I can't wait to see his step sequence. It will be intense, dramatic and just a wee bit on the mad side