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  1. Naonica

    Media Link Requests

    @Forcefield here you go
  2. Naonica

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I have so many questions! What is this?! Where is this from?! GIVE ME THE SOUND! Is this his swag song? A diss song to all his haters? An origin song about the hard times he had when thrown out of the rink? Is Keiji his manager? Is Keiji plotting his murder? What happened to the cameraman? Did he survive? What is the duality of this man? Why is he so cringeworthy cute? Why do I even love him more now? Yuzuru from within his cave: mic drop
  3. Welp. I've decided to sell my tickets... Helsinki is doable for me but I can't afford both. So, I am going to take my chances and try to get tickets for Helsinki. I was considering to still go to France and try to see Yuzu next year but I think my chances will be even slimmer as he will probably be back to his standard GP assignmens of Canada and Japan. Wails, the troubles of a desperate Yuzu fan on a tight budget...
  4. I'm very tentatively interested as well but for me, it will all depend on prizes for tickets and if I can get tickets...
  5. Naonica

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Here's the YT link. I don't know if it was secondhand embarassement that I felt or if I was just swept away by that cheesy smile at the end? To quote one fine Shoma Uno: "Typically Yuzu-kun."
  6. Naonica

    Media Link Requests

    5 years later .... but I've found a YT vid that has it
  7. Naonica

    Media Link Requests

    It's Together on Ice 2014
  8. Naonica

    Yuzu gif thread...?

  9. Oh god, I did not think this through. I've booked someplace 1,4 km away from the rink but I don't think there is a tram so I would have to walk... I mean, 1,4 km is nothing but if I have to walk alone at night.... ETA: I just changed my hotel and I'm now close to a tram stop as well . I'm glad I checked in on this thread to see how other people organise their trip! We might have booked at the same place, as my hotel is close to that tram stop!
  10. You're welcome! (If I may ask, where did you book? I also booked in the hope that Yuzu will compete )
  11. @dotsquare Huh? I've never heard of a system where they temporarily take money out of your account to guarantee a booking? How is that no prepayment then? I know that some sites/hotels ask for your credit card details beforehand but that's the guarantee during your stay. Does it explicitly say that they will withdraw money? Edit: just remembered! sometimes they do block an amount of money on your credit card, just to check how trustworthy you are and to guarantee the booking. It's like a test payment and is immediately nullified.
  12. Naonica

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Two pure and wholesome boys I would actually love to see Yuzuru having an in-depth conversation with Ohtani! Just them talking about their sports, carreers and just everything they'd like to talk about. Just imagine a giggly Yuzu trying to make eye contact with a blushing Ohtani Also, we all know that the segment will end with Yuzu asking Ohtani to throw him...
  13. I've let myself be caught up in the rumor that there is a sliver of a chance, Yuzu will be there... So. I've bought tickets....
  14. Naonica

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Yuzuru Hanyu Fantasy on Ice Kanazawa Rehearsal with eng subs!
  15. Naonica

    General Yuzuru Chat

    This is what irks me most about Hersh' article: the way he phrases it suggests an inherent disrespect, like Yuzuru was just a footnote or little checkbox that Orser needed to check off. It's so cleverly worded that I am convinced that he knows what he's doing. So, ironically he's a good writer but a scam of a journalist that kills the sport. It's such a waste of potential talent and a shame to real journalism, the sport, and the athletes.