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  1. to be fair, didn't Lebron open up a school for underprivileged kids in chicago? Lebron is pretty up there in terms of philanthropy and legendary skills also we dont even know what that horse has done for its country. maybe he goes around volunteering at soup kitchens for homeless people
  2. you guys, if watching sports animes all my life has taught me anything, is that even the most unimpressive looking sport can be incredibly cutthroat and difficult. Every professional athlete works blood, sweat, and tears to write their name in the book of history so let's celebrate them instead of bringing anyone down ((completely OT - but while im on the subject of sports animes if you guys haven't watched Ping Pong: the Animation can you really say you have lived?))
  3. oh my god . . . . . if i got those predictions right then . . . . oh god keegan is gonna be gpf champion . . . . . what have i done
  4. hey guys there is the translations/media portion of the PH site. It already has every Yuzu performance listed on there and it does have many translations either from or about Yuzu, im not sure if that's the kind of conglomeration of media and translations you all were envisioning but if it is then ayyyy *finger guns*
  5. it's great that some people weren't offended by the video, I wasn't necessarily offended either... I just don't think it's a bad idea to critique these kinds of media bytes, especially when they are sometimes off the mark. For example, saying that all his followers are from Japan or Asia only sort of implies that it's a weird 'Asian' thing - as that stuff is unfortunately a stereotype a lot of westerners have against the Asian community. It's so disheartening and frustrating for your identity to be compressed into a two dimensional stereotype and i just felt that the video, while a great idea, was just a bit tone deaf. I don't think anyone is raging against CBC and trying to take it down or anything. Constructive criticism is important and shouldn't be taken too personally. I thought the piece had good intentions but poor execution of the journalistic elements. Hence: tone deaf also we're not all people who turn our nose away from anything negative written about Yuzu. I myself often find myself agreeing with other skating fans when they say they find Origin lacking. I'll be one of the first to say Yuzu has flaws. So I don't think it's fair to generalize all of us, who come from such different cultures and backgrounds, into people who are blind when it comes to our fave. I don't like Yuzu just because of how good he is at figure skating (well actually I DO!!) but because of the inspiration he exudes as a person. And that he reminds me that everyone has flaws.
  6. well, there was that time last year where the CBC twitter account singled out a fan who was crying after the event had just finished. They sort of mocked them and then a whole internet fire broke out between people defending her and people making fun of her. The fact that the CBC twitter account (so not the actual company, mind you, this is just a guy or a team who represents the cbc online) has now twice tweeted something out in poor taste, making fun of us fanyus is definitely a little bizarre. I didn't get too fired up about this whole situation because honestly why should we expect anything different? Coverage on anything regarding figure skating is always gonna be dumbed down here because in north america we're all stuck in the whole "figure skating's a girly, brainless, 'sport', do men even figure skate competitively?? LOL! how lame" not all of us, mind you, just everyone in charge of the news media outlets, it seems
  7. things seem dire now because Yuzuru is injured again, and even with each injury looking more final than the last I think it's important to remember everything Yuzu has given us throughout the course of his glorious career. He inspired me and picked me up when I was at the lowest point of my life. I know he's done the same for countless people. Let's never forget his legacy of kindness and competitive spirit. He not only pushed the sport of figure skating forward, but has also pushed a generation of people to work hard for their success and to embrace happiness and I think that that's just incredible.
  8. i read on twitter that Shoma captures the grieving tone of Moonlight Sonata very well and i was sort of ?????? at that. Like I feel his MS is maybe the most banal, baseline interpretation of Moonlight. Like if you had a STEM major listen to it and have them describe what kind of dance they're imagining they'd probably describe Shoma's? Does anyone have a different opinion? When I try to visualize his long program all i can come up with are slow crossovers and his left hand waving in the air. Is this good interpretation? Why do the judges think so? Do you think so? I think it's just that MS is such a strong piece of music that someone could be picking their nose to it and people would go, "oMG it's GeNiUs"
  9. ayyyyy im not a film major for nothin'
  10. okay so im late to the party but from my understanding - if you put together the pieces of the themes of Kojiki and what Shae Lynn said in her video about putting in little pieces of 'human touch' - i believe that Origin is the story of a god (not God or Lucifer or a Demon) who learns human warmth and becomes human. Here's how all these themes of tribute, origin, and story telling come together since i believe some of us are having a tough time not seeing Origin as all over the place thematically Tribute and Origin - Yuzu has said that he became truly interested in figure skating after watching Plushenko's Nijinsky so he is using his idol's signature piece of music to create a new story. Ironically enough, this piece of music was used to portray Nijinsky, a revolutionary ballet dancer who struggled with mental disorders and health issues that kept him from creating healthy relationships with the people around him. Nijinsky was a genius who kept himself isolated from the public to escape the pressure of being Russia's #1. Remind you of anyone? (minus the mental disorders of course) Storytelling - Otonal is the ice wasteland that Yuzu lived in up until he won the Olympics. I've mentioned this in the costumes thread before but this place was cold and harsh and lonely and you can see the image he produces when he's on the ice. He's all alone but he dances around furiously trying to keep himself warm. This interpretation of Otonal is perfectly juxtaposed to Origin in that regard. Even his costume in Origin looks like his clothes were burned off by the intense human warmth he has received. The Ina Bauer, his reaching out with his hand before the spiral, etc. are all choreographic touches to portray this god becoming more and more human with the help of the people around him. Where in Otonal he is alone, Origin is packed full of people skating with him and supporting him, that's the visual i think Yuzu's trying to give us ps: i get left cold by Origin too, and i honestly blame Shae Lynn Bourne for that i wish yuzu had had Kenji or Nanami choreograph this . . . . especially since it's about kojiki
  11. salty


    i feel like he needs to have the power of SEIMEI, the emotional commitment of R+J 1.0, and the swagger of Parisienne Walkways to pull this program off i also feel like he's trying to get all the jumps down before working on the performance aspect, honestly im not too worried i mean i didnt care for Otonal before this weekend and now i literally love her so im just praying and praying he goes to as many comps as possible to work on the performance
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