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  1. I haven't been posting online for some time but I really wanted to drop by and say how much i loved this competition!! I was at the men's FS in person and seeing the comp live was so eye opening! I have to say that Shoma has made me a total fan, I am still weeping over how beautiful the FS was if you ask me, after seeing them all live id rank the skaters in SS like this shoma/jason > keegan/jun > boyang >>> vincent/bradie
  2. to be fair, didn't Lebron open up a school for underprivileged kids in chicago? Lebron is pretty up there in terms of philanthropy and legendary skills also we dont even know what that horse has done for its country. maybe he goes around volunteering at soup kitchens for homeless people
  3. you guys, if watching sports animes all my life has taught me anything, is that even the most unimpressive looking sport can be incredibly cutthroat and difficult. Every professional athlete works blood, sweat, and tears to write their name in the book of history so let's celebrate them instead of bringing anyone down ((completely OT - but while im on the subject of sports animes if you guys haven't watched Ping Pong: the Animation can you really say you have lived?))
  4. well not a bad event at all! TBH I agreed with the PCS overall - the GOEs were a little . . . . like giving shoma almost +2 for a long spread eagle i just have to laugh the important thing is that keegan didnt end up last and jun medaled so im a happy son of a gun
  5. surprise! the reason he went back to toronto today was in order to watch the always reliable CBC stream
  6. everyone's talking about nate and shoma meanwhile im still crying over Keegan's scores keegan you are my yeehaw king what HAPPENED
  7. even with the audio lagging behind, I'm liking his short more and more with each performance!! His 3A really is pretty good, you'll get the flip in the free good luck shooms!
  8. if shoma goes clean i suspect he'll get over 46 PCS seeing as how someone else got almost 45 with hands down and no combo . . . . . . .. . . . . . .. . . . . .. . . .
  9. hey guys there is the translations/media portion of the PH site. It already has every Yuzu performance listed on there and it does have many translations either from or about Yuzu, im not sure if that's the kind of conglomeration of media and translations you all were envisioning but if it is then ayyyy *finger guns*
  10. it's great that some people weren't offended by the video, I wasn't necessarily offended either... I just don't think it's a bad idea to critique these kinds of media bytes, especially when they are sometimes off the mark. For example, saying that all his followers are from Japan or Asia only sort of implies that it's a weird 'Asian' thing - as that stuff is unfortunately a stereotype a lot of westerners have against the Asian community. It's so disheartening and frustrating for your identity to be compressed into a two dimensional stereotype and i just felt that the video, while a great idea, was just a bit tone deaf. I don't think anyone is raging against CBC and trying to take it down or anything. Constructive criticism is important and shouldn't be taken too personally. I thought the piece had good intentions but poor execution of the journalistic elements. Hence: tone deaf also we're not all people who turn our nose away from anything negative written about Yuzu. I myself often find myself agreeing with other skating fans when they say they find Origin lacking. I'll be one of the first to say Yuzu has flaws. So I don't think it's fair to generalize all of us, who come from such different cultures and backgrounds, into people who are blind when it comes to our fave. I don't like Yuzu just because of how good he is at figure skating (well actually I DO!!) but because of the inspiration he exudes as a person. And that he reminds me that everyone has flaws.
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