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  1. I think for 2018 the most popular girl name was Yuzuki!!! And 2nd and 3rd start with "Yu" too xD Source
  2. Still on 2018 but Happy New Year everyone xD Waiting for yuzu...
  3. Lol yuzu's legendary troll practice
  4. Well he is the original Eteri-girl, pretty little quad monster,stuffed tissue box holder and backloading pioneer xD
  5. Getting lost on this otoñal tag: https://twitter.com/hashtag/Otonalのここが好き He is so beautiful
  6. That's something I find so endearing about him. He always acts super confident and unashamed but when someone compliments him he gets super flustered and shy. Happy birthday Yuyu, may all your wishes come true, goals achieved, more records and gold medals!!! (And now to get a strawberry cake!!)
  7. I always assumed it was a fan gift (since brian laughed) but thinking about it now it doesn't look like a gift, gifts are almost always wrapped or on a bag (except plushies sometimes)
  8. Some yuzu b-day celebration ideas, (bake a cake and share a photo)
  9. Yuzuki??? XD And yuzu is tumblr 's top athete 2018!! https://fandom.tumblr.com/post/180590843679/2018-athletes
  10. Yeah, these are not fans ,comments like that just create unnecessary animosity against the skaters And people forget they all are very competive and want to win against the best. fortunately all boys are class acts and always wish the best for yuzu, and turn off the rude questions they get
  11. LOL wonder who would he cast as the villain xD https://yumeyuriy.tumblr.com/post/180514263889/javi-planning-his-biopic-with-vodafone-yu-the
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