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  1. Definitely, definitely frustrating result esp the PCS. I trust Yuzu to tweak his program to the max gradually. I am convinced he will not scrap it now, because he knows that Origin has it, Origin has been scored better PCS. So he will be frustrated but also curious of why? And as per his usual attitude, he will stubbornly go on. Btw, Yuzuru is the best in trash talking himself..
  2. The fact that the combo is done ON THE SILENT PART OF THE MUSIC is crazy! Such choreography makes audiences (and judges) watch it extra extra carefully!! It is a madman decision!
  3. Imo, I like Otonal 2.0 better already. It is more fluid.. less empty feelling choreography. And based on exp., Yuzu' recycled program never backfire.
  4. So he practice 5S and got ankle sprain in May... in order to improve his 4A? What kind of madman?
  5. It seems his 3A has become more and more perfect. Highest mean raw GOE of all jumping pass. So more than about tribute, it seems he wants to inprove his technique without having to memorize new choreo new timing etc. Btw, at this moment, Otonal 1.0 costume appeal to me more. But I ask my families and they prefer the Otonal 2.0 costume because it is more masculine.
  6. I could tell y'all that! He needs that quintuple rotation to optimize the air time for quadruple axel so he can land it perfectly!
  7. It is amazing. He does not lose determination and motivation to compete year after year even when things seem impossible. For 10 years, 5 years of which he is not in the top physical condition for half a year. And he does not even think to take a break.
  8. Well, I don't know with anyone else..... But Yuzuru certainly have: 1. Parisienne Walkways and Chopin Ballad for SP 2. Seimei and H&L for LP 3. Even his exhibition programs, most notably Notte Stellata, Requiem, Haru Yo Koi --> they are all masterpieces. I am convinced that all of those are programs of a lifetime and will forever be associated with him. These programs are perfection: layout, difficulty, quality, interpretation, and definitely execution. Distinctive choreographic movements too, that when somebody else use similar choreography, you can definitely note his signatures there. At the very least in his generation (which arguably starts the day he enter the senior race) you will find no one that can be on par with this achievement. I agree that it is exciting to have new programs every season, but there is no point if a skater cannot churn the best performance from those programs.
  9. I guess he must be feeling kuyashii because both programs have not been performed to the fullest. There are empty moments in Otonal, and as @Henni147 stated Yuzu is not happy about it. Personally, when I compare it to Chopin Ballade, even though it is also beautiful, Otonal feels a little bit stiff and empty, and I keep thinking that he should add this and that in that choreo, and it makes me grit my teeth sometimes. But I also think since it is already a WR performance, isn't it better to move on? With other skaters, one would dread recycling program that is already a world record. But... we know a skater who can break his own record multiple times. And when taking about judge scrutiny, what judges see nowadays is TES, right? It shows his drive to win the competition. At this point, there is no sense in talking about how much time left for Yuzuru as figure skaters. Even if the injuries and illnesses he got every year like a clockwork is worrying, there are so many skaters that is still competing in their late 20s even with bolts inside their body. Barring a very very horrible injury, I think Yuzuru is going to stay as long as he can. And talking about life, well, YOLO. As long as he is still alive, let's be optimistic about it.
  10. Oh okay. It is as we expected (thought not really as I personally hoped) I think.
  11. It is kinda subconscious thing, and judges need to judge, so they will subconsciously compare it to something that they already know as a point of reference. And I am sure that is how PCS for warhorses program are judged, "is it better or worse compare to this or that legendary program? how much worse? how much better?". There will always be a benchmark. And yes, for Origin, it needs to be a perfection to get full score. It needs to be clean, and maybe a 4A to reach that God-like effect Shae wanted. But eh, we must remember that both Otonal and Origin are initially programs that Yuzu wanted because he want to perform it, not because he thought he can definitely win with it. Of course, it is before he realized that more than anything else, he wants to be the absolute champion..
  12. Well, I agree that there can be some improvement done to Otonal, but it is already a World Record performance (unbroken). In a sense that for now, I hope he lets Otonal be, since it is a tribute program. It is already as good as it needs to be IMO. I dunno, it is up to him in the end, but strategically speaking, it is better to create a legendary signature performance that is purely his. Something that someone else can make a tribute of. What kind of foot twisting skating program will Rasputin be?
  13. From judge POV especially, since they are people who have been watching figure skating for a long time too, and following the history too, they will compare it especially to Plushenko's, which everyone know is a legendary performance. And choreography matching the music is just one step, to be able to influence the judges, the choreography needs to have something, a kind of confidence and inner energy. And it must be supported by good stamina and health to perform well. If Yuzu wants to win with Origin, what he needs to convince is the judges, and knowing the judges, he must make it so, that the judges will not have any reason not to give all to him. Don't forget, that some of Yuzu's perfect 3As and quad jumps got very low GOE just because, so as unfortunate as the situation is, the big jump won't be enough for him. He will always be put on a different standard by the judges.
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